Saturday, July 29, 2017


When it comes to food... there are perfect pairs. We Filipinos cannot eat dinuguan without puto;  Didn't Anthony Bourdain himself said... "hot, sizzling crispy, sticky, delicious sisig is the perfect match to beer?"  The TV chef and author recognizes food pairing as an exciting gastronomic experience.

Speaking of an exciting gastronomic experience... Burger King recently introduced the perfect pair -- the Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch with their Thick-Blend Milkshakes!

The Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch is made with Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno and 100% beef patty, bringing a cheesier, beefier, tastier and hotter burger experience.  Sharing the spotlight are its other ingredients, which include mozzarella, swiss cheese, american cheese and cheddar cheese sauce.  You should try this one in your favorite Burger King outlet.  Mrs.Wise doesn't recommend this for takeout, because the cheetos can get soggy. You should enjoy it while its hot  :)

A burger as tasty as this deserves the right partner -- introducing the Thick BLend Milkshake in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.  When I say thick -- it is REALLY thick.  You need to wait for a few minutes to sip it or if you can't wait to taste its creamy goodness, you can scoop it!

"Burger King is keen on implementing efforts to reinvent our products. One of the many ways is to add new variations to satisfy the cravings of our consumers. And as Burger King continues with these efforts, we hope to bring milkshake in the Philippines this year, to complete that indulgent American burger experience."  aid Jo Anne Tan, Marketing Head of Burger King Philippines. 

Burger King's Thick Blend Milkshakes will only be available to the market, if we want to. Do I think these milkshakes are great additions to Burger King's menu?  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


When it comes to tea, I have very limited knowledge.  Aside from the fact that I use commercial tea with honey and lemon when I feel weak and a bit under the weather.  I also make my own herbal tea, using turmeric, honey and lemon.  I also tried my hand in serving my family healthy tea, again... using commercial tea, brown sugar or honey, instead of the usual unhealthy-aspartame-filled instant sweet tea.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to the Chinese Tea Appreciation Session, given by Ms. Rocel Valeroso-Leoncio of DulceTierra Tea Station.  It was an intimate affair. But in the 4-hour sesh I learned a lot about Tea. 

Ms. Rocel is a Certified Tea Master and Affiliate Trainer of the International Tea Masters Association (ITMA).  She took the ITMA Course in Hawaii in 2014.  She trained in tea production in Hawaii and in Yunnan, China.


True tea comes Camellia Sinensis, a species of evergreen shrub or small flowering tree that can grow to a height of 50ft.  The leaves and buds are harvested and used for tea.  Not because a beverage i labeled as tea and prepared the way as you would a tea, you can call it TEA.  If it doesn't come from Camellia Sinensis, then is is called a TISANE or herbal infusion, or simply an infusion.


We were welcomed by Ms. Rocel to a very elegant chinese tea setting.  Check out the delicate tea essentials below:


For brewing, we used the ceramic tea pot.  Why?  Clay teapots can improve depth, flavor, body or the sweet aftertaste of tea, but since it is porous, you usually pair a pot with a single type of tea. The flavor, over time, is left in the porous material. It is also important to have a thermometer to get the ideal water temperature and a timer. Temperature and time are essential to tea brewing.


Ms. Rocel promised that each of us will be able to experience how to brew.  But she needs to show us how it is done.  Watch the video and see how delicately she handles the tea for that perfect brew!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Lifestyle bloggers like me are always excited to get pampered.  Especially a hands-on-mom like me.  But when you are told that you will be pampered for half a day, with three different beauty treatments -- whoa!  That's a real treat!  

Last July 14, I was invited to the opening of three premiere pampering and grooming destinations under the R2 Group of Companies-- Nailaholics, Ooh La Lash and Hey Sugar, Greenhills Unimart branch.

Nailaholics offers distinct nail and spa services performed by genuinely caring nail technicians with doors all over the country.

Ooh La Lash is in charge of elevating the standards of beautiful lashes using only FDA approved materials, free collagen treatments in all services performed by Expert Lash Technicians certified by Tesda.

Hey Sugar, the only one 100% sugar, all natural and organic waxing salon in the country.


"My sexy eyelash at Ooh La Lash" 

I started my day with a "first".  For the longest time I wanted to have eyelash extensions but I was afraid that it might hurt a lot.  Yes, I have heard horror stories of eye allergies and painful procedures.

Ooh La Lash staff greeted me with warmth and happy vibes.  The colorful interior of the salon exudes the same happy vibes.  They carefully explained to me what eyelash extensions are.  Lash extensions are individual strands of synthetic lashes attached to your natural lashes one by one using a special glue. The procedure may take a minimum of one hour.

So I finally chose my extensions. I opted for classic (51-85 lashes) at 10mm.  I would have wanted the diva  (86-130 lashes), but I thought it might not look good on me.  Plus, Ooh La Lash suggested to choose classic, because my eyelashes were not that long.  

Friday, July 21, 2017



Let me start this article with this amazing video of the Tupperware Click Series Peeler Set.

I know what you are all thinking... it is an exciting product isn't it? It really is!  And here is my story....


Peeling and slicing are my kitchen tasks.  In our family, it is the hubby who cooks.  But I don't totally abandon him in the kitchen. I usually help in the pre and post food preparation. That is -- washing, peeling and slicing of ingredients, and washing the pots, pans and utensils after cooking.  Hey, that's real kitchen work, you can ask my hubby :)

I've always used knives in peeling.  Why?  Because I have worked with substandard peelers that have caused me numerous cuts in my hands. Because they usually have smooth metallic handles na delikado pag dumulas sa kamay. 

That is why I was super happy to receive the latest innovative product from one of my favorite brands... TUPPERWARE!  The Click Series Peeler Set.  



The Click Series Peeler Set came in a black stylish storage box.  I loved the fact that I can easily access each blade, by simply pressing the one-release button.  The storage box also include an anti-skid feet on each corner for counter stability. 

After using, you can put the blade with its handle on a standing position on the storage box so it can air-dry. See? Storage box pa lang, multifunctional na!    

The blades were also very impressive.  

The VERTICAL HEAD is for peeling hard fruits and vegetables, or for making shavings from chocolate of cheese. 

The UNIVERSAL HEAD has a straight blade for harder fruits and vegetables, and serrated blade for ofter foods and a small spur to remove "eyes" from potatoes.

And the WIDE HEAD for slicing.  Great for making thin slices of potato chips or zucchini for salad (both are my family's fave).  

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Growing up, I always hear my nanay telling me, "wag kang galawgaw. pag nadapa ka, magkaka-peklat ka!  Hindi na yan matatanggal."  I have heard these words too many times, but the child in me has always prioritized playing in the streets, even playing rough games. End result: scars on my legs.

Now as a mom of a 16 year old teen... I have heard myself saying the same words... "ingat sa soccer game. Pag nagalusan ka, papangit legs mo!" Of course, my teen did the same thing. She played rough resulting to several minor bruises.  End result:  scars on her legs.

But now that she is slowly transitioning from soccer girl to senior high school, and becoming more conscious of her appearance, particularly her skin, she asked me what can we do about her soccer scars?  And I recommended her this product:  CLEARASCAR.


Clearascar is a scar solution in a tube.  It is the ONLY 100% SILICONE containing scar solution in the market.  Silicone is considered the FIRST LINE THERAPY for scar management as recommended by medical practitioners, since it is proven effective and safe, with no side effects, non-toxic and easy to use.

Clearascar is CLINICALLY-PROVEN to improve the appearance of scars in as fast as 8 WEEKS.  It can lighten, flatten, and soften mature (old) and immature (new) scars.  It can improve the appearance of all types of scars most especially the elevated scars such as Hypertrophic scars and Keloids. Hypertrophic scars are red and raised scars usually caused by burns, surgeries, injuries, and wound.

      Clearascar can be applied on the face and other sensitive areas. It is non-comegogenic, which means it does not block pores.

      If you are wondering if it can be used for acne and stretchmarks. The action of the silicone on Clearascar is to soften and flatten scars. If the scar is depressed then the action of the silicone may not work to treat the depressed scar.

Clearascar is safe to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Clearascar is made of silicone which does not get absorbed into the blood stream but it is always best to consult your doctor before using any topical creams during pregnancy and lactation.


  1. Begin using  Clearascar once the wound has completely closed
  2. Make sure the affected skin is clean and dry
  3. Clearascar can be used as early as 5-7 days post surgery to prevent worsening of the scars
  4. Apply  a thin layer of Clearascar on the affected area 1-2 times every day. The 6g tube will last up to 60 days for a 1-2 inch scar. The 15g tube will last up to 60 days for a 3-5 inch scar.
  5. Do not  massage the gel on the wound
  6. Allow  to completely dry (approximately 2-3 minutes)
  7. Use continuously for a minimum of 3 months, or until you no longer see an improvement in your scar
      SRP:  ·       6g tube is P418.95 and 15g tube is P761.20
      Available in all leading drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, South  Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, etc.  It is also available online for ordering this LINK