Thursday, July 28, 2016


The Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines remains heavily challenged.  Up to now, we have yet to wait whether it will really reach its full implementation under the Duterte administration.  All we know, based on the State of the Nation Address held last July 25, 2016, the President said, "the implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law must be put into full force and effect so that couples, especially the poor, will have freedom of informed choice in the number of spacing of children they can adequately care and provide for, eventually making them more productive members of the labor force."   

But as we wait.... the SAD facts still remain:

source:   cnn philippines

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Meet Katniss.... my 18-month old terrier mix Aspin.  We got her from a rescue center in Cavite.  I remembered how small and quiet she was the day we met her, and she just slept on my son's lap on our 2-hour drive back to QC.


She adjusted fast to our home environment.  She got my temperament.  Doesn't trust anyone easily, quiet most of the day, her idea of "lambing" is simply lying down beside me or just touch my feet with his body while I sit in front of the computer.  Not the demonstrative type of dog, but when in play mode, can be so "makulit" and noisy.


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Admittedly, I grew up as an SB.  Spoiled Brat!  Because I am an only child, I am not exposed to household chores when I was young.  Now that I am a mother of two, it is important for me to delegate chores to my two teens.  My belief (especially because we don’t have a household help for since 2010), if your teens know how to operate a celphone or manipulate a computer, why can’t they learn how to use the mop, vacuum and washing machine?  Hehehe...

Everyday, after dinner, ate and bunso are in charge with washing the dishes.  During weekends and on summer vacations, ALL dishwashing chores are equally split into two.  Literally.  With plates, mugs, spoons and forks being counted, per piece. Oh my, my millenial kids  :)

So you can imagine my delight, when the team behind CUSINA natural antibacterial dishwashing liquid sent me a gift.  I learned about this product when they followed me on IG.  It caught my interest and I immediately researched on what the product has to offer.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear Mrs.Wise....

You are 6 months old now.  How time flies.  I remembered the very first post.  It was about my love for turmeric.  It was 6 months ago when your name was still “Happy Turmeric”. 

Oh wow, I can’t believe it.  You survived 6 months. When my other blogs became stagnant after a few posts, you are still here... alive and kicking!

You are slowly morphing into something....

I must admit, you started as a journal so I can preserve the memories of the BACKPACK SQUAD.  I just feel happy remembering and writing about the good times spent in the different parts of the country. 

But you Mrs.Wise has brought me to more destinations.  I re-visited Baguio and met Bencab.  It was a first time for me in Corregidor.   

You also introduced me to different events.  But you Mrs.Wise will never be content on just presenting the events.  You will always put in your two-cents worth, or relate everything into your varied experiences in parenting and raising millenial kids.  

You, Mrs. Wise rekindled my love for Pinoy Products.  SME’s will always have a spot on this blog. A big shoutout to Lokal, MNL Growkit, My Furry Baby and Cusina  :)

Mrs.Wise would loooove to review more Philippine made products and Pinoy businesses! 


And on my Mrs.Wise 6th month... there’s a new category on the blog. There will be regular blog posts about Celebrity WoWMoMs, that I have worked with through the years.  Find out what they learned about parenting and motherhood.

Thankful also for the friendship and

Here's to more travels, foodie discoveries, events, product reviews, celebrity features, gardening and DIY projects!  Life is not perfect, but it sure is exciting and happy when you are WISE about things :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This is a true story:

I woke up on one October morning, to the persistent ringing of my phone.  I pulled myself up from the bed, with eyes half closed, when I suddenly heard my daughter’s voice on the end of the line.

“Mama... nabangga kami.”

I felt like I was jolted by a dozen lightning, in an instant, my sleepiness gone and I was on a panic mode. But I tried to be calm while I bombarded my daughter with these series of questions.

“Where are you?  Are you ok?  Is Kristan ok?  Where is papa?  Can I talk to him?  What happened to the car?”

My daughter passed the phone to my husband, who is in a middle of a conversation with a traffic enforcer.  According to my husband, they were just slowly cruising along Commonwealth Avenue, when this delivery truck came and cut them from the left side.  
He was driving at the 3rd lane from the sidewalk when the delivery truck on the 4th lane which is at his left, made an abrupt right turn. His reason was for doing the right turn in the middle of the road was he was going to the entrance way of Shopwise.

Driver apparently had no sleep yet and looked overworked.  What irked me the most, according to the traffic enforcer’s report, it was really the delivery driver’s fault, but the driver did not want to admit it.  

Shots from the traffic enforcer's camera

The owner of the delivery truck came after 3 hours.  We settled everything in the police station. Owner said he will pay for the damage. 

We got our vehicle a month after. We suffered by losing our lone service vehicle for one month.  The day we met the accident, me and my husband didn’t report for work, my son missed school.  It was such a headache.

Up to now, whenever my phone rings in the morning.... I remember this incident and I still panic a bit.  

This post is not only for you my dear readers, but this is a a reminder for me too. Especially that my teens now are dropping the hints that they want to take some driving lessons already.  I just want our roads to be safe for our children's sake:

So as a mom, these are the things I learned from this experience.  

  1. Always have a camera or a phone with a camera when you travel and drive. When the accident happened, there was no available camera on hand to document what transpired.  My husband's phone was camera-less.  A dashboard cam nowadays is really a necessity!
  2. Always wear seat belts.  Good thing my children were wearing seatbelts and they were not injured in the process.  Although, they were injured emotionally because my daughter cried after the accident, when she reached school.  It traumatized her a bit.  She’s ok now.
  3. Always be alert on the road.  You will never know when accidents may happen. No to texting or calling while driving.  You will never know when and where you will collide with a driver who have not slept for days or under the influence of drugs. You just have to be alert and be on guard.
  4. And because you don’t know when accidents may happen, you should always be ready.  How?  Get a car insurance. So you will not panic, in case you get into an accident and need financial assistance.  I admit, we do not have a comprehensive insurance coverage.  But as we are planning to buy a new car, I might as well do a lot of research on insurance.  I found a valuable tip on  
"Choose a cheaper car.  Insurers consider the make and model of your car as indicators for repair and replacement costs. The more expensive your car is, the higher you pay for your premiums. If you are yet to buy car insurance and wish to lower the cost, you might want to consider buying a more economic vehicle." 
  1. And lastly, in hindsight.... I learned that I cannot control everything. Being the control freak that I am, what I really control in life is very limited. It taught me that as much as I might try to plan things out and be in control all the time, sometimes things won’t go my way. I need to be better about accepting the things that come my way that I didn’t plan for. And still be a better person after.

And I want a BETTER road and driving life, for me and my family that is why I am entering in this's Dashboard Giveaway".   For all your concerns on car insurance, money matters and loans, please visit

Thursday, July 14, 2016


July is a critical month for me.  I remember spending my 7th month in the hospital last year for some mysterious infection, that up to now, I have no knowledge of what really hit me. And its July again, so my being a hypochondriac mom is being magnified, 10x!!! 

So when I received an invite to this event, “Allied Against Dengue”, I did not hesitate and confirmed right away.  Any information to shoo away any disease and keep my family healthy, is a welcome treat.  I am open to digest in new things related to health.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

MAC enters the OFFICE

Last June 28, I braved the Makati traffic to attend this exciting event that I know would benefit me as a mommy blogger.  I have been using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint as a TV writer, on my PC.  But this event will teach us, finally, how to use the Microsoft Office 365 -- for Mac!

Before going to the event, for curiosity's sake, I searched the internet, of course on my Mac :) for websites that would explain to me the difference, if there is any, between a PC user and a Mac enthusiast.  Are they different, really, in terms of personality.

So I guess... Mac users,  are undoubtedly, creative!  My peers from the TV-Events field, I know will very much agree  :)