Friday, July 31, 2020


NOVUHAIR®, the country’s leading natural hair loss solution, supports the nation in highlighting the importance of a healthy and balanced nutrition amidst the ongoing health crisis.

NOVUHAIR® partnered with Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen and cooked up something, literally. Consistent with the brand’s advocacy, the “Food for the Hair” mini-program shall offer four (4) video demo episodes on how to prepare practical, nutritious and easy-to-do meals at home, focusing on ingredients that support healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

The initial episode features VIP Nutrition Coach Michelle Co-Huertas’ Chicken Afritada with Boiled Egg, a Filipino staple recipe loaded with nutrients and vitamins essential in achieving the best hair growth goal.

Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen prepared with TLC 100 packs and donated them to the hospital medical staff of the Philippine General Hospital in the city of Manila.

Try this healthy bite recipe and make happy faces at home:
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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


The National Nutrition Council (NNC) sets the theme “Batang Pinoy, Sana Tall. Iwas Stunting, Sana All” for this year’s nutrition month. Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) joins the nation in celebrating the National Nutrition Month this July to bring to light the ill effects of stunting and how to prevent a child’s healthy growth from being stunted.

According to the 8th National Nutrition Survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), 3 out of 10 Filipino Children (5 and below) are stunted. Stunting or “pagkabansot” in our native tongue is a manifestation of long term occurrence of malnutrition. It is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) “as impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation”.

How Stunting is Stunted

Growth failure can start from the womb and progress after birth. The effects of stunting, if not immediately and properly addressed, can be permanent and irreversible. There is a window of opportunity to reverse or prevent stunting through effective interventions for children 5 years old and below. Unfortunately, there is no cure to stunting, so prevention is critical for young children to have healthy growth and development.

It is imperative for parents to track their child’s growth. The National Nutrition Council provided a simplified and more understandable Child Growth Standard Table based on WHO’s Child Growth Standards (WHO-CGS) 2004 and WHO’s Reference Data, 2006. These information can be access through

Importance of Proper Nutrition to avoid Stunting

Women of child-bearing age and expectant mothers must have adequate nutrition to prepare their bodies to a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a well-nourished baby. It is also highly important that breastfeeding mothers get adequate nutrition in order to supply the needs of their babies throughout the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding journey. Exclusive breastfeeding from 0-6 months is recommended for babies to gain optimum nutrients perfect for their age. To prevent your child from having growth failure, it is important to address poor diet, inadequate calorie intake, poor quality of meal intake, and insufficient supply of macro nutrients like protein and micro nutrients like calcium specific for growth and development.

The Culinary Nutrition Team of Ajinomoto puts together a treat for kids to enjoy and for homemakers to conveniently prepare and serve. Try to make these 4 calcium-rich recipes using 4 ingredients done in 4 easy steps made with AJI SAVOR™ on Rice Topping Mix and 4 protein-rich recipes using 4 ingredients done in 4 easy steps made with Prottie® Soymilk Drink Mix.

AJI SAVOR™ Rice Topping Mix Chicken/Beef is available in leading supermarkets. Prottie® Soymilk Drink Mix is available on LazMart, an online store on LazMall. For more healthy and delicious recipes, visit and

Friday, July 24, 2020



For the past 5 years, our family's ONLY mode of transportation is our 5-year old motorcycle. Primarily, my husband uses it for work. Me and the teens back ride if we needed to go somewhere.   Before the pandemic, the hubby uses it to bring the teens simultaneously to the main road so they can get a public transportation to go to school.  

During the pandemic, we realized, this mode of transportation was a bit problematic. One, we can't do a major grocery-run. If we want to stock up on food, we needed at least 2 back and forth trips with the motorcycle. We can't back ride anymore - so its only the hubby who can go out on essential trips.

To be able to survive, we went back to using our bicycles, for short trips. With several bike related accidents reported during the pandemic, we constantly worry, because the streets of Metro Manila are not at all "bike-friendly"!   


I am quite sure, that our family's story is similar to the  majority of Filipinos. With the very limited mode of transportation, the regular Filipino workers resorted to motorcycles, e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles.  They needed to adjust to the new normal, just to survive.  Our dear front liners also use these modes of transportation to be able to continue giving medical services.

Furthermore, with the booming business of delivery services -- again, motorcycles are being used.  To augment the financial shock brought about by the pandemic, a lot of people are now engaging in delivery services, using motorcycles.

I interviewed some friends that are into this thriving business:


Remy del Rosario is the Business Development Manager of BizmoGo Delivery Service. She shared that since the pandemic happened, "business has become better. We had 56% increase in our usual deliveries."  And to ensure the safety of their riders, they operate up until 6pm only.

I also talked to one of the admins, Alvin Cefre, of a newly operated delivery business in Tuguegarao -- 2GUE2WHEELS.  Originally they wanted to set up a passenger transport business (habal-habal), but due to the pandemic, they shifted to an online delivery business.  To date, they have a total of 30 riders, and they service Tuguegarao and nearby towns. They operate 6am-5pm.  

I asked the group if there is an afforadable insurance available that will give accidental death and permanent disablement benefit for their riders - will they be amenable to it? Given that as of this writing, 2GUE2WHEELS riders only have their TPL insurance that does not cover personal injury or death of the insured. And their reply - YES!

Now that we have established that Delivery Services are now a necessity, and the numbers of riders doing this business is rising - we need to protect these riders. Especially now that my own family is engaging in the online business of delivering coffee - the hubby needs protection too!


To keep the front liners protected,  specifically the riders, Country Bankers also introduces the Riders Personal Accident (PA) insurance which covers riders of bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters—perfect for delivery riders who have been working tirelessly during the community quarantine.

At only Php 100 a year, Riders PA includes an accidental death and permanent disablement benefit and accidental medical reimbursement.

Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, CBIG senior vice president and general manager, assured that Country Bankers remains an able ally to Filipinos seeking security for themselves and their families during this pandemic.  "We will continue to serve the market and deliver our commitment of providing peace of mind especially during challenging times.  We may not be the biggest company in the industry, but we remain the relevant one." 

Kaya naman sa CBIG -- Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado!



For inquiries please visit us at Country Bankers Centre, 648 T.M. Kalaw, Manila or call at tel. nos. 8523-8611 for life insurance and 8524-0621 for nonlife insurance.

Learn more about Country Bankers, visit their website at 
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Friday, July 17, 2020


 It was just the beginning of 2020 -- we were all happy from the recent festivities of Christmas and New Year, when we were shocked by a series of negative events. We were caught off guard. We did not expect them to happen...


Made me think... "Hala... ano na nangyayari sa mundo? Bakit ganun? Sunod sunod na negative events! Grabe naman!"

And almost everyone on facebook, twitter and instagram posted - "Ang tagal naman matapos ng January."  And my mind told me, that negative things do happen. We cannot even predict where or when, and how grave the blow will be. But it is definitely one of life's realities - dumadating talaga ang mga pagsubok, problema, sakit, aksidente at iba pa -- ang tanong, handa ka ba? Handa ba ang iyong pamilya?"


Why is having an insurance important? If you are the breadwinner of the family, you must take good care of yourself. You must realize that having a life insurance is beneficial for your family. In case something happens to you, your beneficiary will at least get something.  If you get sick, you can get medical assistance and not burden your family on medical expenses. 

"Ang INSURANCE ang magiging kaagapay mo sa panahon ng pangangailangan, ang ALALAY MO SA BUHAY."


Most of you my dear readers would probably say... "ang mahal ng insurance. Di naman namin afford yan!"

My reply... just think about this:

 Huwag nang pag-isipan pa. Sa piso bawat araw o 365 bawat taon, insured ka na!
Ang mura di ba... 365 pesos lang ang halaga ng iyong PEACE OF MIND!

I know vthat a lot of people have been thinking twice about getting an insurace. Ang the reason - they cannot afford it. But there is an insurance that is affordable and simple to understand. And most importantly, an insurance company that is proudly Filipino!



Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) was established out of the need to cater to unserved segment of the insurance market. Founded by Jose E. Desiderio in 1965, CBLIC responded to the needs of small and medium business entrepreneurs, farmers, and public school teachers in the rural areas, a market that had been untapped in the 1960s.

Today with strong 55 years as a reliable insurer, CBLIC remains true to its promise to give Filipinos simple, straightforward and non-intimidating insurance options in the countryside through partner banks.

COVID-19 has revealed that insurance is important, more than ever.  Lives are on the line during times of uncertainty and these lives are a priority. It is best to be ready at all times,” said Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, CBIG senior vice president and general manager.  Indeed, CBIG’s slogan: Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado, remains relevant.

She added, "We are committed to the needs of our clients. We are proud to share our humble success with everyone who has contributed to the growth of CBLIC for over five decades, especially our clients in the countryside."  

CBLIC's management has been working hard to improve its products and sere their clients better, forging to solidify its position as the most affordable insurer-of-choice. Its micro-insurance products for instance, provide disadvantaged Fiipinos access to financial support during times of catastrophe and financial distress.

"We will continue to deliver what we promise to give by coming up with affordable, simple and relevant insurance products like CB Kalinga, our micro-insurance prodict. and Alalay sa Buhay, one of the most affordable term insurance packages in the market," says Ms. Garcia.


ASB or Alalay sa Buhay is an insurance plan designed for an individual or family. It provides renewable one-year insurance to individuals 13-70 years old for only Php365 pesos, with natural and accidental death benefits. Aba! 365 pesos ay katumbas ng piso kada araw na iipunin para makabili ng insurance!  

ASB is also available for families and seniors, with ASB family being renewable up to age 70 for principal insured and covers up to 3-5 family members for only Php750 for one unit. ASB for seniors covers individuals ages 71-80 and offers insurance for one year for only Php1,000 for one unit.


Everytime you say "no or next time" when life insurance is offered, it means protecting
yourself as the income provider/generator is not your priority. It means that no matter what happens to you is up to God or your family on how to help you and how everyone will get through the bad times. Or you may even be just "fatalistic" -- bahala na kung ano man ang mangyari sa pamilya ko kapag wala na ako....

It means that if something happens to you, whether you meet an accident, become critically ill, have to be hospitalized, become permanently disabled, or even leave through an untimel death, it is just okay.

How would you prepare yourself for that?
How would you want your family to continue their lives when it happens?

So my advice -- for your peace of mind, go get yourselves an insurance and live life without worries!   #CountryBankersKapagSiguradoHindiKabado #ItoAngAlalayKoSaBuhay

For inquiries on life and non life insurance products, visit Country Bankers Centre at 648 T.M. Kalaw Avenue, Ermita, Manila or call 8523-8611 for life and 8524-0621 for nonlife. 
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To all the Filipinos, continue the FIGHT! To stay healthy, to strengthen family ties and survive the pandemic!