Monday, April 23, 2018


A few years back, I had the chance to visit Sydney.  And yes, I somehow fell in love with the city.  Why?  It is now the home of most of my relatives from my mom's side. I liked the vibe urban-rural vibe... where there are several parks and greeneries within the city that you can just stroll and relax. I heard, government benefits are good, for permanent residents and citizens.  Honestly, I had a BIG dream back then to migrate.

Unfortunately, I have a job that is NOT in demand in Australia. So the dream slowly vanished. But it was rekindled lately -- with my two teens in senior high school. The new goal is to save up, and "fingers-crossed" give them the opportunity to study there.

I had the chance to attend this very informative seminar given by Global Negosyo. Its president Ms. Judity Mereria, organized an afternoon for OFW families and those interested in migrating to Australia.  Global Negosyo is a series of local and international event that aims to equip OFW with the information, resources and support to create their own business plan for their families here in the Philippines.  Find more info on Global Negosyo 


If you are a parent like me, who believes in the value of education, and would like to send their kids abroad to study --- or you are an OFW, who wants to further improve on your skills -- then its noteworthy to check on Queensland Academy of Technology.  It has a strong international profile with a proven reputation for creating careers and pathways for further education

I was very much interested to learn about the courses they offer, specifically:
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Diploma Leadership and Management

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


A live stream can be a great way to bring your unique ideas to the world. Starting a live stream, however, can be a bit intimidating and does take a bit of research and preparation. Fortunately, the process is simpler than you think. Here are five pro tips for getting started with your own live video streams:

1. Get Some Background Knowledge: There are different kinds of live streams. Before you begin creating your own, do a bit of research to see which other live streams have been successful, and which have not. Doing a bit of background research will help you avoid putting work into an idea that is not viable. You can also use streams for inspiration and format guidelines. For instance, the Swoo Live Stream offers hundreds of videos on a variety of topics.

2. Choose a Platform: There are plenty of platforms that allow for live streaming. In some cases, you may need to download a video live streaming app to your computer or mobile device to film videos in real time.

3. Plan Your Content: If you are going live, you should probably have something to talk about. While you can choose almost any topic for your live stream, you should be knowledgeable and passionate about that topic. While your first live stream is an exhilarating experience, you should also plan ahead and figure out subsequent topics or subtopics. 

4. Optimize Technology: Before you film, make sure that your setup is capable of creating high-quality videos. Many people will not watch your live stream if the video quality is poor- even if you have amazing content.

5. Stop Fearing Mistakes: Accept that you are going to make small mistakes during your live stream. These mistakes will help let your viewers know that you are human and that you are relatable- which can actually be a good thing.
While starting a live stream is challenging, you can definitely succeed with a bit of research, courage and commitment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We all know that tires is the most important feature for our vehicles and good quality tires contribute to the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users. Faulty tires are some of the contributors to road accidents. The parts of the vehicle that have contact with the road surface are the tires. The steering wheel, brake system, the gas pedal and the tires work together to produce smooth and safe driving and also to brake effective.

Monday, April 16, 2018


As a family, we LOVE to travel. We are keen on having fun and awesome memories!

What makes all our travels exciting? It is the discovery of new places and trying out extreme adventures. Not only the physical ones, but also the gustatory adventures!

You might catch us eating flower petals in Bohol, ensaladang Pako with Itlog ng Bayawak in Pampanga or Tamilok in Palawan.  

And yes.... we love Carinderia food. Aside from eating in public markets to get the authentic feel of every province we visit, Carinderia food is a must!

Speaking of Carinderia food -- I was invited to this event where Filipino cuisine was put in the spotlight, as well as Filipino culinary expertise.  Let's get to know Buhay Carinderia Redefine!

We got to taste some delicious streetfood at the venue. I particularly liked the balut :)


1.  What used to be Carinderia Fiesta is now Buhay Carinderia Redefined.  Supported by the Tourism Promotions Board of the DOT, this year's event is scheduled to scour the whole country, Luzon-Visayas-Mindanao, in search for the best of the best in the culinary scene.  It will kick off at the Vigan Convention Center from June 28-29, where culinary experts will not only share their talents to everyone but also interact with chosen students through mentoring partnership, so they can also pass on their skills and experiences.

Friday, April 13, 2018


There are many reasons why, as a family we go to the mall:

>> to buy stuffs that we need, especially things that they need for school
>> to discover new restaurants.  We are a foodie family!
>> to check the lastest in gadgets. Yes!  My teens are in that stage where they are "addicted to gadgets". And yes, we allow them look and check, but not necessarily buy  :)

And there is one more reason why we go to the mall -- if we want our teens to relax and have fun -- we bring them to TimeZone. And it never fails. Teen relaxation and fun unlocked for both of them!



Timezone is the best destination for families and friends seeking entertainment through interactive game play, ultimate bonding experience and wholesome fun. Their games consist of a variety of novelty machine, video simulator games, direct vending games and ticket vending games. Name a game, and Timezone probably has it!


At Timezone, nobody goes home empty handed as players can select and win cool prizes from its wide array of exciting ticket prizes.  Timezone strives to introduce a variety of prizes to choose from. With the opening of Timezone at Feliz Mall, it is also introducing the PRIZE SHOP.  You can now walk through the prizes redemption area for a complete fun experience of redeeming their prizes.  Look at the awesome prizes that you can win!


Timezone Ayala Mall Feliz opened last April 6, 2018 and introduced new and exciting attractions that caught the fancy of my teen.

TIMEZONE AIR is a 500 square meter Trampoline Park that follows world class safety standard.


TIMEZONE PLAY is a 4-level playground that is designed for children to have fun while enhancing their physical cognitive and social skills.

BOWLING - the first ever short lane bowling that was exclusively manufactured for Timezone.

And a bigger MUSICZONE, where you can sing your heart out with your family and friends.

So... do you think MrsWise and Kristan had a blast at the Timezone opening?  Well... check it out -- watch our video and see for yourselves!

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Sunday, April 1, 2018


Hello dear readers...

If you have been keenly following my blog, you know that I love minimalism, I love the simple life. This 2018, I aim to de-clutter the house.  To let go of the things that I don't use. To just stick to the basics. I know and I accept the fact that it is not an easy task. One step at a time to achieve it.

One of the steps I will try to implement is to try minimalism on skincare.  If you are like me, who are in constant search of what works well on your skin, chances are -- you have loads of skin care products in your cabinets. Or you might have tried the popular 10-step Korean skin care regimen, which is quite tedious to follow. 

Thank goodness for Althea Bare Essentials.  If you don't know what the specific steps and procedures to complete a good Korean skincare routine, you will love this products. Because this is just a 3-step regimen.  It fits my love for everything minimalist.   


Althea strips own to the bare essentials with this new skincare line in just 3 quick and easy steps -- cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  Althea Korea believes that all the other additional steps added to your routine are just that -- additional!



The main ingredient of this cleanser are Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extract. I find it so soothing on the skin.  I love the micro capsules that burst upon contact with water. Over-all it gently cleanse, exfoliate and really detoxify my skin.  I


This product boasts of being a hydrating toner and a primer in one. So it readies the skin for a whole day wear, or primes it for make-up application. Made with Snow Lotus extracts, I felt its effect on my skin in an instant -- smooth and silky texture without the sticky feeling. 


The problem I had with moisturizers before, they leave a heavy, sticky feeling when applied. Especially at daytime, when I have to go out. But the Fixer Cream, heals the skin without the "yucky" experience.  It is because, this product is non-oily and quickly absorbed by the skin. It has Trehalose, an ingredient found in the cactus plant that prevents its moisture loss.  What's great... my skin felt great and bouncy to the touch for an entire 24-hours. Simply wow!

Contour Cleanser 150g Php 300.00
 Fixer Cream 50g Php 640.00
Primer Water 200ml Php 550.00


Thumbs up for price. 3 products for less than P1500 is a wise investment for your skin. Its true to its promise of nourishing the skin, leaving it looking bright, glowing and beautiful. Minimum effort that delivers maximum results.

If you want to experience what Bare Essentials have to offer -- just visit for an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase.

You can also join my instagram contest here and stand the chance to get samplers for free.  Join HERE