Thursday, August 11, 2016


I am a BIG fan of Kulas... I As in picture lang ang katapat!  I have always wanted to meet him ever since I learned about #Becoming Filipino on social media.

And I was so happy to finally meet him, hear him talk about his advocacy, his interesting stories about his PH travels.  At one point, I even felt "guilty" -- I am a Filipino, and I have also a BIG goal of traveling the entire country, one province at a time, with the BackPack Squad.  But Kulas' innate love for the Philippines, the way he raves about every travel, kindda makes him more Filipino than I am.  I just felt he loves the Philippines more than I do.... 

And this is his story ----

Kyle is a 28-year old Canadian who has visited 29 enchanting countries in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific, but was totally smitten by our country’s special charm, that he has decided to stay here for good.  He is also known as “KULAS” to his legion of fans and followers, here and abroad – Filipinos and foreigners alike – who follow his journeys and visual storytelling, via social media through #BecomingFilipino.

Ranked number 1 on the list of “Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and the Filipinos”.  Last January, he was featured by Huffington Post a Top 5 of the World’s Best Male Travel Blogger. 

In 2013, he stayed with a very traditional Filipino family in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, where he learned several tagalog and Visayan worlds.  His favorite – kaligayahan and kalipay.  He finished health and recreation education in Canada. Worked in HongKong for a few years. He described his work there as an “excellent job”.  He is in charge of team building, outdoor adventure for different groups.  But he willingly left this job, to be here in the Philippines – a place he calls HOME.  He says, “Canada is where I am from.  I love Canada.  I love my family there.  But my heart belongs to my home, which is the Philippines. Actually, my biggest fear now, is having to leave the Philippines.  I would love to stay, for as long I am allowed.”


When asked what is his favorite food, “admittedly, before I was afraid to eat dried fish.  But now not anymore.  But my super favorite now, which I can easily prepare, Kinilaw.”

He was asked, if he was ever a victim of opportunists, con artists, or did he ever experience anything bad or negative in the country.  With such a positive outlook in life, he shared, “I’ve been to 29 countries.  My friends have been mugged in some of the places we’ve visited. I was punched in the face while walking on the street one night.  Negative things happen, anywhere in the world, not just in the Philippines.  Why do we need to concentrate in what is negative in the Philippines. Let’s concentrate on what’s positive. There is so much beauty to share in the Philippines. Beautiful places, culture, delicious food, real inspiring people, those are the things that I want to share.  Not the negative experiences.”

Currently, Kulas hosts a new travel show “BECOMING FILIPINO, YOUR TRAVEL BLOG” set to air on ANC  (ABS-CBN News Channel) on August 14 at7:30 pm with replays every Saturdays at 4:30 pm.  It will also be shown o TFC (The Filipino Channel).  In his new media platform, Kulas wil continue to be his real self – contagiously happy, well meaning and positiv in featuring the stunning landscapes and endearing Filipino culture that many of us take for granted.  It will showcase not just our national treasures but the compelling stories of the people he meets – their sentiments and aspirations, as well as their unique value and traditions that are adorably Filipino


Kulas has visited several provinces already.  And these are some of his pictures, his thoughts, his own words about his travels....


there is a lot of it to be shared here in the Philippines and around the world. There are a lot of beautiful things the world can pull from Filipino culture and I am happy to have dedicated my life to showing those things to the world around me. All I have ever wanted to do since I was 18 was inspire positive moments in the lives of others, and help others appreciate and enjoy life. I honestly believe if I can encourage people to connect with Filipino culture, and experience this country...

It can have that effect. It can have a positive effect on the world around us. 

"In this photo you will see the "It's More Fun In The Philippines" Department of Tourism Logo on the side of an Indian Rickshaw. Well back in December 2013 (even before #BecomingFilipino existed in my life) I had already experienced so many things in the Philippines. My love and admiration for this country had already blossomed. I had come and gone from the country staying roughly 5 months in 2013. There were so many little beautiful amazing things about the culture that I had witnessed and experienced... Things that had inspired so much happiness in my life, and inspired me to appreciate things around me more. I couldn't get the Philippines off my mind. I was on a trip for one month driving a Rickshaw across India with two foreign friends, but I knew I wanted to share this country and culture with others around the world...

So I got this logo professionally painted on the side of our Rickshaw. Hoping everyone would see it, and maybe ask me about it. Hoping it might intrigue people to talk to me about the Philippines or trigger them to want to go there. 

So why am I sharing this with you!? Simple...

Sharing Happiness, Inspires Happiness"

It makes you want to cry when you first see it... It is that beautiful here. Wow. Overwhelmed. #ifugao#banaue ... Just a perfect #BecomingFilipinoadventure. — at Banaue, Ifugao Province

Don't forget... When in the #philippines make sure you take a moment to "Relax Lang".#BecomingFilipino #superapir #palawan

Wow! What a place! Camping in pine trees but rolling out onto the beach!! Amazing! #CamNorte#Bicol #BecomingFilipino ... This place is worth a stay-over for sure! Just awesome! #superapir — at Apuao Island Mercedes, Camarines Norte.

On top of Ayoke Island! #surigao #mindanao#philippines ... So cool going up this old lighthouse! Crazy beautiful view! Standing on a sea of coconuts! Adventure pa More! #BecomingFilipino #superapir— at Ayoke Island.
Amazing how life gives us opportunities to look at the simplest things, and find the most beauty.#becomingfilipino #superayus #philippines — in Philippines.

The Philippines is the kind of country that will reward you for being outgoing and spontaneous. From inspiration, to happiness, to just pure bliss... 

But what really inspires me about the Philippines is the PEOPLE.  If you are Filipino and you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for being Filipino. Thank you for being part of a culture where family isn't the only family, but friends and even strangers are family.  Where smiling is genuine, giving is natural and sharing is a part of everyday life.  A culture that goes through a lot of really tough times and suffering, but still shares a great big SMILE - Kulas  :)

What did I tell you?  Isn't he exceptionally awesome?   Nakakatuwa, nakakatawa na may puso!



Kyle Jennermann



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