Thursday, December 23, 2021


For a couple of years now, since we moved into our new house, my husband and I always makes it a point to do some year end DIY, house cleaning and organizing.  This year, because we both worked from home, we had the chance of squeezing some hours into doing some minor home projects. We focused on our home office and garage. We both believed that an organized home will lessen the stress and will make our work from home set up more meaningful.





All these projects were painstakingly made by my husband. Truly a work-of-love!  We just have to finish it off with paint, and put doors to the storage boxes in the garage, and its complete!

To truly complete this organizing project, we browsed for some organizing essentials that will make our DIY projects a success. Check out what we have in

The 3-drawer office mobile cabinet is perfect for organizing important files like tax related stuff, bills, school papers, important office documents. As an added bonus, its on sale, with a whopping 50% discount.

For our home open storage, we chose these cute Brick Modular Storage Basket. We liked its "scandinavian" colors, giving us that relaxing vibe while working. 

For the garage, we wanted boxes that are transparent so we can easily scan and see the content. 

We also loved this Collapsible Crate with Lid. It looks very sturdy.  


If you also like to do your own home renovations and improvements or you have some DIY home projects in mind, I invite you to browse the large selection of All Home. It is your one stop shop for materials -- from building to furnishing. 

You can either shop online or visit their stores.  Check out their websites for exciting deals and Christmas sale, just before the year ends. 

Doing year-end projects and accomplishing it is very fulfilling. It motivates you in entering a New Year with positive and empowered thoughts. For me and my husband, we plan to stay organized as we move on to 2022. Its all about planning and willpower.  And finding the RIGHT partner to realize your goals! 

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Baby Clothing Brand St. Patrick opens its flagship store at Cedarhills Garden Center in Quezon City

After 36 years since its inception, St. Patrick, a local premium baby clothing brand, launched its first official flagship store at Cedarhills Garden Center, Quezon City.

Established in 1985, St. Patrick is one of the pioneers of infant garments in the Philippines. It used to be known as the brand for baptismal lines during the '80s until the '90s. But the brand shifted its gears during the 2000s and focused instead on layettes and basic newborn wears.

"As we are grateful for the continuous support, confidence, and trust in our products that we are receiving throughout the years, we are launching our first flagship store to cater to the needs of parents who are based in Quezon City and nearby places. We are forever grateful serving parents with excellence for years to come," said Gerald Sioco, CEO of St. Patrick.

Designed and created by a mother, St. Patrick brings warmth, comfort, and care to baby's wear. It started when its founder wanted to find clothes for her baby boy but could not find any easy to put on and made of 100% cotton. Back then, most infant garments were made from synthetic content like polyester, which can be hard and itchy for baby’s sensitive skin. Considering this, she decided to start her own company that can offer baby clothing with soft and luxe fabrics made of 100% organic and 100% USA cotton.

Made from certified organic cotton, grown and harvested without the use of harmful chemicals, St. Patrick's infant garments are soft on our baby's skin and gentle on our planet.

"St. Patrick truly understands the needs of newborns. Its softness calms our delicate babies, and its design-fit makes them feel all cuddled up and warm," Sioco shared. 

St. Patrick's baby clothing is also easy to wear and diaper-friendly as it provides an opening design at the bottom part area to make it easier for moms to change their baby's diaper. It also uses Flam Seam Technology, so there is enough room for diapers when worn without having the fabric stretched too much. And it does not easily stretch even after so many wears.

It also provides complete protection for the baby against insect bites and colic pain. It is made of see-through screen fabric that is very breathable and comfortable on babies' skin using Air Flow Technology. It also uses Waterproof Backing Technology to protect the baby's skin and clothes from unwanted liquid stains and wetness.

Aside from its physical store at Cedarhills Garden Center, St. Patrick baby clothes are available in all department stores’ baby section of SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, SM Makati, SM Aura, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall, Landmark Makati, KCC Mall Zamboanga city and Landmark Trinoma.

St. Patrick can also be purchased through their live selling and online e-commerce platforms:





For more information about St. Patrick, go to

Monday, November 29, 2021


Your U.S. potato cravings are about to be satisfied in the best way this season. Potatoes USA-Philippines has lined up some of the country’s finest chefs and their most sought-after dishes in a virtual kitchen of delights.

These Filipino master chefs are presenting a selection of their best potato dishes, using everything from U.S. fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, and dehydrated potatoes. If you aren’t among these chefs’ numerous followers, it’s time to get clicking and order your favorites for delivery.

Chef Kalel Chan, Corporate Chef of The Raintree Restaurant Group, presents Asian-inspired dishes Kimchi Potato Leeks Gyoza with Cheese, and Mapo Tofu Potato Cheese Fries. Whether appetizers or entrees, Chef Kalel will have these sumptuous innovations ready for your table.

Chef Victor Barangan, Executive Chef of the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, offers Potato Bibimbap for an elevated Korean dining experience; and Sushi Aburi. The renowned chef gets creative with his Korean bibimbap, and delectable flame-seared sushi. Both dishes are made extra special with U.S. potatoes.

Better be hungry before ordering as Chef Noel Mauricio of the Tasteless Food Group, in turn, has created Korokke and Crunchy Potato Shreds Donburi and Hayashi Beef Casserole. These filling and beautiful Japanese dishes raise the notch in flavor and pleasurable dining.

Searching for desserts? Look no further than Chef Sonny Mariano’s sweetly balanced creations. Chef Sonny is the Pastry Chef of the Tasteless Food Group and has been serving up baked goodness for years. Take your pick from his Potato Bombolini (delicious Italian-style doughnuts), Potato Carrot Cake, and Vegan Choco Lava.

Ready to get ordering? Simply follow these U.S. Potato Kitchen-appointed culinary masters and Potatoes USA-Philippines on social media, click on the order links or scan the codes, and voila, prepare for an unforgettable meal.





U.S. Potato Kitchen runs throughout the holiday season from October 1 to December 31, 2021. Let’s get ordering!

U.S. potato products are available in supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information on U.S. potatoes, visit or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.