Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Every day we get updates about the pandemic and it mainly affects our mood and it is quite depressing to hear the news, nevertheless we find ways to brighten up our day and make us forget the effects of this pandemic for a while. 

Why, Hello There Flowers is here to perk us up! These flower arrangements are made by florists and floral designers who has decades of experience from Australia and Dubai. They create sophisticated and elegantly arranged bouquets and flower boxes.  Names used are personal choice of the founder according to the arrangements look and personality. Their flowers are carefully selected and handpicked to bring quality products and services backed up by competitive pricing. 


Why, Hello There Flowers is flower-shop that is always ready to cater to “I forgot” moments because they deliver within just a couple of hours. It is a very reliable flower shop because they will go out of their way to give you that specific flower you are looking for and they will make sure that every surprised moment of the receiver will always be present. Why, Hello There Flowers offers same day delivery of custom bouquet and it also offers free delivery within Metro Manila. They have a 24-hour ordering system on their website that will be very convenient for you. They are an all-around floristry that caters from thank you gift to a full event like weddings or even designing your very own personalized contemporary Christmas trees.

Time has not stopped and put even more relevance with the pandemic situation where the future is uncertain therefore every moment and every occasion has to be treasured and one way to keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intimacy is by sending flowers to loved ones without having to leave the house - for safety. Send them flowers and make them say - Why, Hello There!


Visit their website http://www.whyhellothereflowers.com/ or call 09179619994  and follow their Instagram account @WhyHelloThereFlowers.

The reason why their brand is premium is because they use mainly Ecuadorian and Holland flowers. 


Smallest flower is local rose, medium is China rose and the largest one is Ecuadorian rose

It is approximately the size of your fist which is pretty much the size of your heart. It still varies but Ecuadorian roses are always large and colors are always the most beautiful.

Friday, April 30, 2021


For decades, coffee had received a bad reputation. Besides allegedly triggering high blood pressure, insomnia, and hyperacidity, the Filipino habit of adding lots of sugar and cream to one’s cup has been said to aggravate diabetes.

While there’s no denying the Pinoy coffee fan his morning cup, there is concern over the amount of sugar present in commercial 3-in-1 coffee mixes. The leading brand has 14.6 grams of sugar in one 20-gram sachet alone. Imagine how much sugar you’re taking in if you drink an average of three cups of coffee a day.

What About Sugar-Free Coffee?

For health-conscious individuals, especially diabetics, turning to sugar-free coffee mixes seems to be the only option. This meant enduring tasteless cups of coffee just to satisfy their caffeine fix —until Stevia came along.
Stevia is the low calorie, zero sugar sweetener that tastes so much better than artificial sweeteners.
Stevia is an herb with a sweet-tasting extract that comes from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It has been enjoyed since pre-Columbian South America where indigenous people used the herb to sweeten their tea and other drinks.
The plant's taste stems from steviol glycosides, molecules which are 250–300 times sweeter than regular sugar.
It became popular among health-conscious individuals because stevia has a very low caloric content. This makes it perfect for dieters and people who are trying to lose weight.
Moreover, Stevia makes coffee and tea taste so much better without adding any calories.
Aside from beverages, Stevia is also used as an alternative sweetener when cooking or baking.

The Health Advantages of Stevia

Stevia is a safe, healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up food without the negative health effects of refined sugar. It’s also associated with several impressive benefits such as reduced calorie intake, managed blood sugar levels, and minimized risk of cavities.
Additionally, while other sugar substitutes like Aspartame have been linked with cancer, there's no evidence linking stevia to cancer since it is a natural ingredient.
This means you can add stevia to dishes and drinks without fear that you’re taking too much sugar, or that you’ll get sick a few years down the road.
For coffee lovers, it’s also good to note that locally-made Glorious Blend coffees and instant beverages have Stevia as its natural sweetener. The blend of natural and healthful ingredients make the drink not only refreshing and safe, but also good for one’s overall health.

The Glorious Blend boasts a full line of healthy drinks, including a 7-in-1 healthy coffee mix. This special blend is made with proven medicinal ingredients like Malunggay, Mangosteen, Calcium, Gotu Kola, and sweetened with Sweet & Fit Stevia. What’s even better is that the Glorious Blend 7in1 Coffee is non-acidic and promotes regular bowel movement.
The Glorious line-up also includes the 3-in-1 coffee mix with Stevia; 7-in-1 choco mix; 4-in-1 coffee with Malunggay; 5-in-1 coffee mix with Brown Rice; and the MaxiTrim coffee.

All Glorious Blend beverages use Stevia which has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic index. All of their instant drinks will keep you alert and energized throughout the day.
Also, Glorious Blend products are locally sourced and manufactured. Their company supports local farmers, stevia growers, and other agricultural communities.
So if you’ve been cutting back on drinking coffee because of health problems like diabetes or hyper acidity, Glorious Blend coffee mixes are here to help. You can enjoy all the aroma and flavor of freshly made coffee all day —without the guilt!
Now, you can drink coffee for better health! Glorious, isn’t it?
For more information about Glorious Blend coffee mixes, check out

Tuesday, April 27, 2021



I live in a third world country, the Philippines. It is a country badly hit by the pandemic. The country’s inflation rate hit a high 4.7% at the start of 2021. Money is hard to come by these days as many members of the work force were laid off. Businesses are closing left and right. And according to reports, 4 million Filipinos are unemployed as of January 2021. Many Filipinos are wondering, when the next paycheck will come.   In a climate of uncertainty and anxiety, one of the last things you want to worry about is finances.



With the pandemic, most people are working from home. This means that their spending habits have changed drastically. A decrease in dining out, attending concerts and shows, leisure travels and vacations and less money spent on commuting and shopping.  This could mean more money to save. Don’t splurge on online shopping just to reward yourselves for following protocols of staying at home. 


For most people the formula they follow when it comes to saving money is: 

INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS. But I find this risky. When you get tempted on spending a large part of your income, you may end up with no savings at all. The smarter formula to follow is: INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES. This formula prioritizes savings. 


Be a wise saver. If you want expert assistance on saving money you may want to check out a savings calculator that will help you to determine the future value of money investments at various compounding intervals. 




Budgets are the only practical way to control on spending, and to make sure your money is being used the way you want it to be. Every time an income or paycheck comes in, it is important to look first on FIXED EXPENSES that you cannot take for granted:  bills, allowance, insurance premium, debts, mortgage, tuition, tax payments, food and transportation expenses.


Keep track of your expenses. Don’t spend beyond your limits. Determine which expenses are necessities and which are just luxuries. Once you’ve set your budget goals, make sure the spending stays within the limits that you have set. If you need an extra help on making a practical budget that will suit your lifestyle, check out a budget planning calculator.





I always pay my credit card purchases on time.  I simply don't want to pay for credit card interests.  It is not WISE.   


What I teach my teens: If you want to buy something, buy it with cash.  If you don't have enough cash... SAVE.  You want that sneakers but you don't have enough money, wait until you have enough. This will also give you ample time to think if you really want to buy that sneakers. This also saves them from becoming impulsive shoppers.

When we applied for housing loan, we chose the 10-year plan versus the 15 or 20 year plan.  We paid for a higher amortization rate, but the shorter years spent paying, gave us more financial freedom.

Loans are ok if you are purchasing for a future investment. For example: house mortgage and real estate.  After you have paid it off, you will benefit from it.  You will reap financial rewards and security after you have paid it off.  




According to forbes.com, an emergency fund is a fund that should help you carry on with life and meet your obligatory expenses without opting for last-minute unplanned loans, overutilizing your credit card, or selling and mortgaging your existing assets. 


In building an emergency, you should keep a record of your monthly expenses. This will give you a bird’s eye view of how much to put into your emergency fund.


This is the computation that I personally follow. It is is based on my conservative estimate of my monthly expense, which is Php20,000.  Ideally, you should build an emergency fund good for 6 months which is around Php100,000.


It is also important to understand that an emergency fund is different from your savings. An added tip: place your emergency fund in another bank account, separate from your savings account so you will not be tempted to spend it. Lump sum money you might get from tax refunds, year end bonuses or investment gains should ideally go straight to your emergency fund.



If you have enough savings, you follow a strict budget and you have built an emergency fund, the next thing you should consider are investments. If there is one thing the ongoing pandemic has taught us, it is that an emergency can strike at any time and you can’t do anything about it other than being prepared. 


There are four main asset classes that people can invest in with the hopes of enjoying appreciation: stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.  


The pandemic also taught us that we should definitely invest in personal life  and health insurances because we should safeguard ourselves against medical emergencies, that may strike anytime.


Six years ago, I was diagnosed with an illness that required so many medical tests and expensive medicine. Good thing was, I was wise to invest in a health card.  Now, my husband, took on the responsibility of providing HMO plan for the entire family.


We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and no one is sure yet when this will end. Just hang in there, do not panic, take care of your health and your finances. Panicking solves nothing. The best strategy is to have an arsenal of financial tools and know how.