Wednesday, April 17, 2019


In my Facebook page you will see that I wrote these words -- "Happiness is a choice. Write, Travel, Create."  3 years into blogging, I still believed in these words. Really, happiness is a choice every single day.

In my recent trip to Japan, I felt happy every single day. I celebrated little accomplishments -- such as not getting lost in the subway (google maps was my best friend), experiencing food and places for the very first time, meeting Japanese who were willing to help and smiling all the way. It was time to be more mindful in my day to day experiences. I need to be appreciative and enthusiastic about life. 

I was at my happiest when I was in the gardens of the Osaka Castle -- literally doing nothing. I just sat for a long time, reflected on things, enjoying the cold weather (I was freezing at 12nn), and tried to imprint on my mind the view of the gardens. 

And I realized, when I feel happy, I get motivated to do things (more travel), I get inspired to work more (felt energized by the new environment) and I just said to God "thank you for giving me this life. It isn't perfect, but I have lots to be grateful about."  My Japan experience really opened my heart to gratitude.

Another learning -- happiness is pleasure + purpose. Now I have a definite goal in mind. To work extra hard, save, and bring my family to different places. The happiness I felt, could reach maximum level, if I have my loved ones with me on my travels.


In Japan, I walked a lot. I am sure, plenty of ENDORPHINS were released, one of the hormones that triggers happiness. Because of the cold weather, I got exposed to sunlight. I had a dose of DOPAMINE too - the "chemical of reward". I was stressed at the start of my Japan journey because the train system was too confusing for me. But every time I reach my destination -- I felt extremely happy and accomplished -- that is DOPAMINE working for me. 

But now that I am at home, I get my dose of OXYTOCIN. If you want to get this, give your loved ones a big hug. Even your pet. Of you can stimulate your mind but exposing your senses to HAPPY scents!

When a smell travels through your nose into the brain, it can trigger the hormones I mentioned. Smell has the power to change your mood and ease tension.


I discovered Perfume Dessert London -- and you know what? It triggered some level of happiness and gives me that refreshing feeling in the midst of this summer heat.

What I love about Perfume Dessert London -- it is just 30ml. safe to bring on my flight abroad, no need to check in. I really liked the well thought of packaging - you wouldn't think that the perfume only costs Php250. The packaging suggests that it is an expensive brand :)  

As for the scent, I love the refreshing cucumber-melon cooler.  The other two variants, the raspberry smoothies and cake pops - I thought would be too "sweet" to wear.  But the smell in not that overpowering. Just a tiny tinge of sweetness in it. Perfect for daily use, even in this humidity and hot weather we are now experiencing. 

You can get more info and update on Perfume Dessert London by visiting their facebook page and instagram account  

Looking forward to share with you more of my happy stories on my recent Japan trip.  See yah!!!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


I have always dreamt of traveling to Japan. To see the temples, to drive to Mt. Fuji, to have a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. To immerse myself to their art and culture.  I would often stay in front of my computer, watch documentaries about the "land of the rising sun". I don't know how many times have I watched "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" - but I just really love anything and everything about Japan.

Until recently, Filipinos seemed to be frequenting this country. Last year, my Facebook feed were filled with friends, relatives and colleagues who spent Holy Week in Japan. I observed that the country is now a part of every Filipino traveler's bucket list. Including my own bucket list!


Yes, you read it right. The universe granted my wish. I am going to Japan and I am excited about it.  It will only be a short trip -- but what the heck!  Not everyone is given this kind of an opportunity. And I am going to a magical place - a world class entertainment theme park!  

But before I reach that dream destination, there are things to be prepared.


As I am writing this blog entry, I am awaiting for my Japan visa. I applied for a multiple entry (which I pray would be granted).  Sharing with you the step by step process.

First, know all the VISA REQUIREMENTS


Then, fill up the application form correctly. You will need to attach a 2 x 2 photo with white background.  You also need to provide information of hotel/s you are planning to stay in while in Japan.  Please see sample application form.   

Next, you need to sign an authorization letter, allowing a representative from an ACCREDITED travel agent. Unlike other visas, the Japanese embassy does not require applicants for a face to face interview. An accredited travel agent will lodge your Visa for you. During peak season, let's say, the Sakura festival, it may take up to 7 days for you to get your visa. Sometimes it only takes about 3-5 working days.

And because I am interested in applying for a multiple entry visa, I need to accomplish another form.  Since I am a tourist, and I did not travel to Japan in the last 3 years, I have to prove that I am financially capable, thus BANK Certificate/s are needed. Note banks certificates require minimal fee upon issuance from you bank.

Now that I have completed all the requirements and have submitted everything to my travel agent, HIS Philippines Travel Corporation -- I am just awaiting if I will be granted a single or multiple entry visa.


I got a call from His Philippines Travel Corporation saying --  I was granted MULTIPLE entry to Japan, valid for 5 years... yey!  

So now, I am so ready to embark on my first Japan adventure.  Scheduled to travel to Osaka for 3 days then transfer to Fukuoka to meet my relatives for a summer adventure!

Stay tune for the complete story on my Osaka-Fukuoka Adventure -- soon on the blog  :)