Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Hello momshies... let's talk about hair in this article once again.  If you remember, I started using hair products from HairFoodCo.  These products have NO sulfates, phthalates and paraben - chemical free that promise healthy, revitalized hair with every use.

As I've said, my major hair problems are hair fall, dryness and greying. After close to two months of use - I find my hair now easy to manage (without using any hair gadgets such as hair dryer). I just towel dry my hair and voila!  It feels soft and healthy, and event-ready!

I have also observed less hair fall and there are lots of baby hair growing on top. So I put the Tsubaki oil after shower, just to tame the baby hair a bit :)

This is my  Hair Journey part 1


I received the second batch of HairFoodCo products to review for my Hairfood Journey part 2. This time, the products target to make the hair healthier, smoother and frizz free.

I used the products right away -- because the last month has been a bit toxic (in a good way. being busy means work right? I will always thankful for work)

For consecutive days, I sleep late and I am always on the road for events and TV shoots (since I am a commuter, my hair is being subjected to air pollution). So I needed products that can take care of my tresses.

came from a taping the day before, and so puyat
despite the puyat, my hair is soft and manageable
(with Robi Domingo who used to be my host in PBB)
mahangin sa labas look but still no tangles
(with MMDA Edsa traffic chief Bong Nebrija on top of Edsa footbridge)


ARGAN GOLD REPAIR THERAPY SHAMPOO - with argan and abyssinian oil, it enriches the hair with anti-oxidants and revitalizes hair back to life. After shampooing, there is less tangle.  Hair is soft and manageable.

ARGAN GOLD INTENSE RESCUE MASQUE - I use this every other day to repair hair damage, combat dryness and feed my hair the moisture that it needs.

CACAI MOISTURE BOMB - this is really really awesome. My hair is straight, but  this product manages tangles and gives my straight hair the extra volume. This serum shields my hair from pollution. I use the Cacai moisture bomb when I have long day shooting or events.

ARGAN OIL - when I don't have work and I am just at home, this is the oil that I use. I specifically concentrate application on my "bleached" streak to protect it from dryness. 

for the short pre-Halloween break, I am not worried that I subjected my
 hair to sun and chlorine -- because the Argan Gold shampoo and Intense
Rescue Mask saved the day!

The combination of these HairFoodCo products will definitely do wonders for your hair. Specifically for bringing back the moisture and shine that your hair needs. If you want hair pampering, that you can do right in the comfort of your homes - I WISELY recommend these products. 

Stay tune... for the continuation of my HairFood Journey in part 3!

Friday, October 25, 2019


It was my first time to experience the skin care treatment of BioEssence. But the brand has been in the business for 25 years. This year, they are celebrating their silver anniversary. And for a brand to last that long -- I am sure they really care for their customers in all of their 32 branches.

I visited the re-launch of BioEssence SM Fairview branch. And I was pampered with the "Advanced Clarifying Facial with Eye Treatment" - which is one of the many anti-ageing facials.

The one hour and 30 minutes facial was truly relaxing. I did not feel any tingling sensation or itchiness when the BioEssence lady started to put on their beauty creams on my face. To clean my face, she used a facial milk, followed by a very cool cream with botanical enzyme with pineapple and papaya. Then a light moisturizer. To open the pores and get them ready for cleaning, my face was steamed. A little pricking and lastly, LED light therapy.


1. There is a one-on-one consultation to assess the condition of your skin. I think this is important and can help you decide which skin treatment is best suited for you.

that is my score. I need to drink more water for hydration

2.  The Mindanao/Balinese feel of the interiors makes it more relaxing.

3.  They carry excellent products, both local and international.

4.  With 32 branches nationwide, I am sure there is a BioEssence branch that is accessible to everyone.

5.  Celebrating 25 years, you are sure they you only get the best skin and body treatments from BioEssence. 

Please watch the interview I did with their vibrant COO, Joseph Feliciano. And find out what awaits the loyal customers of BioEssence in their 25th year anniversary.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Lately, there has been a conscious effort to start living a healthy lifestyle. I am sure that you have friends that have started a particular diet or workout. A healthy lifestyle revolves around food and being physically active.

In our family, we try as much as we could to follow a healthy lifestyle. And I tell you... it is not easy. The fruits, vegetables, pork, beef and chicken that you find in the grocery and the public market, are not always 100% healthy. With the news of the African swine flu reaching our country, I admit, we have not eaten any pork dish in record breaking 3 full weeks. Better be safe than sorry.

Same with the fruits and veggies. My husband and I are big fans of salad. But again, we are not sure if the supply that we get are truly 100% organic. That we always end up washing them thoroughly just to be safe.

As a WiseMom, I am always on the lookout for safe sources of 100% organic and natural ingredient. That is why, weekends are always reserved for Sunday Market hoarding. Hoarding because we need to buy our week's supply.  

But what if there is a place where you can buy fresh, organic and natural ingredients for your home cooked meals + cafe for you to just relax and enjoy healthy meals prepared by experts - then we don't have to wait for Sunday markets!


I first heard of this store back in 2017. I visited their store in Wilson and I have seen a large supply of fresh, organic produce. They also have natural home and body products. 

Its owner Mr. Rman Lorezo, turns out is my kababayan from Malabon. I have been living in Quezon City for ten years now, but I still get excited when I meet people from my beloved hometown.

But I have not met Rman in person. We are facebook friends, but I have seen his health transformation through the years. He regularly posts photos of how he lost weight - because of his discipline in following a healthy lifestyle.

So when I finally met him in person at the opening of the EarthOrigins Marketplace + Cafe in Mother Ignacia Quezon City - I knew that this person knows what his business is all about. I consider him an expert as far as healthy eating is concerned. When you want to lose weight (safe way), know more about organic produce, juicing, healthy meals -- Rman is definitely the person you should talk to! 

EarthOrigins Marketplace+Cafe Mother Ignacia QC

After the first branch in Wilson, Earth Origins opened in Westgate Alabang. Southern peeps get to enjoy the cafe as well as the marketplace. But as I have always told Rman "papano naman ang mga taga North"?  Good thing, Earth Origins Marketplace + Cafe is now here in Quezon City... in Mother Ignacia to be exact!


The Quezon City branch (just like the Westgate Alabang branch) is a one stop organic retail shop for fresh produce, organic meats, pantry essentials and other grocery items. And there is a cafe where you can enjoy your healthy organic food.

Some of the bestsellers are: 

Korean Style Fried Cauliflower (or KFC)

Black Bun Grass-fed Classic Beef Slider 

Chicken fingers (pinacolada dip for added twist)

Rman shared, that all of their vegetables and produce are fresh and sourced out daily in organic farms. All of their meats (pork, chicken and beef) are 100% organically grown and free from hormones and antibiotics, and it is free range. Their pork comes from Mindanao, in Gensan and South Cotabato and before they are butchered, there is a detox process for 2 weeks, to get rid of anything bad they have eaten since they are roam around freely.

They use activated charcoal bun, that helps your body to detoxify. They use unbleached flour, that they can only store for 3 months, because it has no preservatives. 


Earth Origins is introducing new dishes - and I am so lucky to be among the first ones to have a taste.

Whole Fried Chicken with their own sauce (yes they make their own sauces)  
Bellychon with Thyme Dip
Pico de Gallo with Chimichurri Sauce
Seafood Paella with sprouted brown rice, wild caught shrimp,
mussels, clams, squid, 
annatto oil, quail egg,
homemade organic vegetable broth, 
sea salt, organic herbs and spices
Mushroom Paella with sprouted brown rice, three kinds of mushroom,
chichasroom, annatto oil, quail egg, homemade organic vegetable broth,
sea salt, organic herbs and spices

What a healthy, yummy spread for your Noche Buena right?

there is a cafe, a market, and this cozy nook - will definitely
come back to Earth Origins Mother Ignacia :)

Please watch the video of Earth Origins QC opening that I attended,
with my interview of Mr. Rman Lorenzo  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last October 1, I braved the early morning traffic to go to SM San Lazaro, for Pink Ribbon for Breast Canceran event which aimed to learn more about this dreaded disease, how it can be managed, cured - and how to help women be informed on early detection. It was spearheaded by the Philippine Breast Cancer Society (PBCS) and SM Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, supported by the Department of Health (DOH).  


(L-R) DOH cancer control program manager Dr. Clar Cairo, PBCS president Dr. Victor Gozali,
breast cancer survivors Bibeth Orteza and Melissa de Leon, and host Suzie Entrata-Abrera discuss the importance of breast cancer prevention and intervention during the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer.

Sadly, the Philippines is one of the countries in Asia with a high incidence of breast cancer. But as cancer survivor Direk Bibeth Orteza has explained "breast cancer detection is not a death sentence". Early detection is in fact is the best way to manage it, and hopefully, defeat it in the long run.

Dr. Melanie T. Cruz, secretary of the Philippine Breast Cancer Society said, "Breast cancer cannot be prevented but the risk can be lowered by changing our lifestyle.  Despite this, it still affects a lot of people, young and old, male and female alike. Our best defense is still early detection. This is the goal of our Pink Ribbon Campaign - to promote breast cancer awareness and early detection.”

Attended by hundreds of women, advocates and volunteer doctors, this year’s Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer focused on educational talks and sharing of experiences by breast cancer warriors. DOH cancer program head Dr. Clarito Cairo conducted a talk on the importance of breast cancer awareness, and at the same time taught women how to detect and be protected against the risk. He also explained the importance of the new cancer bill and how it will benefit Filipino cancer patients.

“Every year, the number of patients suffering from breast cancer continues to rise. This is why we hold the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer yearly, to continue educating women that early detection and early intervention is very important,” said SM Cares Program on Women & Breastfeeding Program Director Bernadette Velasco.

Celebrity Suzi Entrata-Abrera hosted the event, and inspirational talks from film director Bibeth Orteza and actress Melissa de Leon, well-known breast cancer survivors, were featured. Both survivors stressed the importance of the support and understanding of families of the cancer patients, as well as the community and peer support. Both survivors have started volunteering and use their celebrity influence to disseminate information. Direk Bibeth is a volunteer of ICanServe, while Melissa leads StageZero.

Free clinical breast examination was also administered by volunteer health professionals.

Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer was also held at the event center of SM City Telabastagan.

The Philippine Breast Cancer Society, founded in 2009, is a medical organization dedicated solely to the management of breast cancer. Its members are made up of doctors under different specialties who are kept up-to-date on breast cancer management through annual Breast Cancer Symposium.
SM Cares aimed at supporting the communities where its malls are present. Other SM Cares initiatives for women include institutionalizing breastfeeding stations across all SM Supermalls nationwide as part of its program to provide breastfeeding mothers the convenience and privacy in nourishing their babies. Last August, SM Cares Program on Women supported Breastfeeding Pinays and DOH in the annual celebration of “Hakab Na!” in observance of Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

To know more about SM Cares, you may visit,, or e-mail