Friday, March 31, 2017


I have worked with Kris Aquino in 2007 till 2009.  I have had lots of funny and interesting stories writing for the morning talk show Boy and Kris.  And most of them are related to Kris' straightforward and frank comments while I briefed her, or while she was on a chit-chat mood.  Some may hate her for her comments, but I find her just being herself.  And yes... she is one "generous" host.  Literally and figuratively.  She is every writer's dream host -- walang ka proble-problema sa briefing.  She does her own research, has an impeccable vocabulary, can come up with the wittiest questions.



Eight years after... she still hasn't change.  She is still the super host that I admire.

Working on her new TV special "TRIP NI KRIS", has led me to new discoveries about Kris which I find very very cute. 

Here's the detail of my travels with her... definitely worth blogging about!


We pulled out from Manila kindda late... around 8:30am, on our way to Nueva Ecija.  It was a sleepy 3-hour drive, but because I missed traveling, I immersed myself looking at the greeneries and taking some photos from inside the van  :)

We reached Harvest Hotel at around 11:30am.  Was so hungry, but before we were able to have lunch, we did some last minute changes in the script and research.  We were scheduled to roll at around 1pm.  Balik ngarag uli  :)

After lunch, we briefed Kris in her room.  And I felt her excitement going back to what she always loved -- hosting, meeting new people, discovering new things.  I am also excited to be working again on mainstream TV  :)

that's me and Direk Ricky before our very first segment
that's my super bait headwriter, Victor :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


In the fast paced world that we live today, we value information that we can access with just one click.  I believe that time is precious, time is money.  If you can get valuable information without leaving the comforts of your home, why not access it. added another first in the Country’s online E-Commerce industry with the launch of its online state-of-the-art, Real Estate Brokerage arm, BigBenta Prime, last March 29, 2017 at the Ridgewood Towers in C-5 at the Bonifacio Global City.  

BigBenta Prime, the first in the Philippines made by Filipinos for the Filipinos, will facilitate the complete cycle of the buying transaction --- from viewing the property, to knowing the places of interests nearby, to inquiries, to buying the specific property – not to mention reservation, financing and payment.

In the past, traditional real estate transactions focus on just the property itself.

Now, BigBenta prime will give buyers the 360 degree view of the area, nearby establishments and places of interest (nearby schools, churches, banks, police stations etc), flood hazard mapping and competition properties to help you make that “one great informed decision”.

BigBenta CEO and Founder Charlie Fong’s inspiration are the OFW's.  BigBenta Prime was conceptualized and developed for the online community, including professionals and millenials both here and abroad, to assist them in not just making informed decisions in buying properties amidst the noise and competition in the real estate industry.

“I was an OFW myself. I want to make sure that my hard-earned money does not go to waste, especially if it means realizing a dream home for the family. Now, BigBenta can help OFW’s search, view and decide for their property investment while they’re away just by logging into the BigBenta Prime Website”, Charlie Fong emphasized.’s first of its many Real Estate Development partners, ServeQuest Group, is expecting hastened and increased sales plus a widened customer base of its properties through the new BigBenta Prime Platform.  ServeQuest Group properties include Monte Carlo Residences and Ridgewood Towers Premier.

Mr. Bobby Alvarez, Chairman of ServeQuest Group mentioned one enticing information on real estate offerings in -- the properties being built and developed are very competitive in terms of prices. For example properties in Ridgewood Towers in C-5 sells at a lower price compared to the ones inside BGC.  But hey Ridgewood Towers is located in front of McKinley Hill, a few minutes walk to SM Aura and Market Market and is 15-30 minutes away from NAIA.

For more information on their other services such as Classified Ads, Online Store and Service Booking you can visit or get social on BigBenta Facebook Page.   You can also access BigBenta Prime for your dream properties. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I LOVE gardening.  I am obsessed by it.  I wake up in the morning and I go straight to my veggies and seedlings, I even talk to them.  During rainy season, they are like my babies, my little plants and seedlings... I carry them all inside the house if the rain gets too strong.  I carry them back, one by one, outside if the rain stops.

I LIKE to experiment on seeds.  I get seeds from kitchen scraps and tissue germinate them, one by one.  Proud to say, I have a 90% success rate in tissue germination.


I LOVE it when my hands get dirty with all the seed germinating, transplanting, getting rid of weeds and ants and eventually harvesting.  Harvesting is the most rewarding part of being an urban gardeneer.

If you go and visit my instagram, 80% of my posts are garden related.  

So when I heard that one of my favorite garden centers in Quezon City, CedarHills is looking for bloggers to cover their event, I volunteered!  I know that as an urban gardener I will learn a lot from the seminar.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It was over a decade ago when I last visited a baby store. I remember going crazy shopping for baby clothes, furniture, toys, toiletries, etc.  Yes... first time moms do splurge. I have to admit, I am guilty of this.  So much excitement to become a mom!

It was around that time that I realized, i have to stop shopping for my own shoes, clothes, gadgets -- because my childrens' needs have to come first. Tama nga ang kasabihan.... when you become a mother... makakalimutan mo sarili mo!  And the transformation has begun.  Every time I visit the mall... I always spent hours on the baby section.  

I also remember, going to different floors to get my needs.  The baby clothes/toiletries/toys were on a different area from where I get my diapers, milk and laundry detergent.  Just too tiring.

Last weekend, I was invited to the opening of the newest concept store for baby and mommy essentials --- MY BABY PLANET.  Located at the heart of Quezon City, in the compound of Puregold Qi Central... expectant and hands on mommies and daddies will have a grand time shopping for their little ones in this store.


I was a hands-on mom when I raised my two kids.  They were Irish twins, so for practicality, I used the same brands for the two of them.  And I was both nostalgic and happy to see the brands that I used before are still existing... and some have noteworthy upgrade that I really liked!