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I have worked with Kris Aquino in 2007 till 2009.  I have had lots of funny and interesting stories writing for the morning talk show Boy and Kris.  And most of them are related to Kris' straightforward and frank comments while I briefed her, or while she was on a chit-chat mood.  Some may hate her for her comments, but I find her just being herself.  And yes... she is one "generous" host.  Literally and figuratively.  She is every writer's dream host -- walang ka proble-problema sa briefing.  She does her own research, has an impeccable vocabulary, can come up with the wittiest questions.



Eight years after... she still hasn't change.  She is still the super host that I admire.

Working on her new TV special "TRIP NI KRIS", has led me to new discoveries about Kris which I find very very cute. 

Here's the detail of my travels with her... definitely worth blogging about!


We pulled out from Manila kindda late... around 8:30am, on our way to Nueva Ecija.  It was a sleepy 3-hour drive, but because I missed traveling, I immersed myself looking at the greeneries and taking some photos from inside the van  :)

We reached Harvest Hotel at around 11:30am.  Was so hungry, but before we were able to have lunch, we did some last minute changes in the script and research.  We were scheduled to roll at around 1pm.  Balik ngarag uli  :)

After lunch, we briefed Kris in her room.  And I felt her excitement going back to what she always loved -- hosting, meeting new people, discovering new things.  I am also excited to be working again on mainstream TV  :)

that's me and Direk Ricky before our very first segment
that's my super bait headwriter, Victor :)


1.  We visited Tita Chuchu Ballesteros Rivera, grand daughter of Fernando Amorsolo.  She showed us priceless sketches of the national artist, particularly of her mom  Virginia.  From the taping I discovered that Kris owns an original Amorsolo.  It  was her dad's gift to her mom before they were married.  And yes she asked for it... hiningi niya talaga sa mga sisters niya.

2.  We had a grand time eating the famous CakeLand Empanada.  And while chatting with Chef Ann, Kris complimented the chef super gandang fake eyelashes.  And while they are talking about make up Kris blurted out "kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin, wag lang ang kilay ko!"  Hahaha.... naka identify ako  :)

3.  Chef Ann's children are staying with her mom.  Her mom is happy taking care of her    grandchildren.  Kris said, she feels sad for BImby for missing out on Lola Cory while growing up.  Sa dadal daw ni Bimby, she's very sure matutuwa si Lola sa kanya.  Again, I felt the emotion. My kids' lost their lola too... my mom at an early age  :(

4.  Day 2, we explored Minalungao.  An instragram-worthy place.  Before my host arrived, I went crazy taking pictures. When she arrived, the first scene assigned to her was the hanging bridge.  She took the plunge but.... felt dizzy afterwards. 

5.  When in Nueva Ecija you should not miss buying pasalubong at Aying's.  The owner, Ariel "Aying" Vinas, was a drug addict when he was younger.  But love and marriage changed him.  Kris was inspired by their love story, especially when they said that they won't let a day end without patching things up when they fight.  O wifeys, alam  niyo na ang secret to forever hehehehe

6. The following day, we shot a road scene.  Kris and Nueva Ecija councilor Renan Morales took the expensive Rolls Royce going to Giron Botanics.  From the conversation  I learned that Kris is now into essential oils.  She puts JOY close to her heart to  experience healing; BELIEVE to strengthen her faith;  ABUNDANCE to attract  money; and WHITE ANGELICA so the angels will protect you for all negativities.  She gets her essential oils from an online store called here

7. Ever heard of Muddy Bears?  Oh well, for me, it is the first time I heard about it.  Muddy Bears are soft and chewy fruit flavored gummies covered in chocolate.  At ito  ang pampa happy ni Kris sa taping.  Including the large ones  :)

8. She has never seen a carabao up close.  So when the gate fell on her foot during the taping at the lettuce farm, she had to go back to Manila to have it checked.  We were schedued to shoot the carabao farm the day after.  So she missed the carabaos again.  One week after, she went back to Nueva Ecija and finally met the cuties  :)

9. She is a Cacnio fan.  When we visited the artist at his home in QC, she immediately  fell in love with a tall sculpture in the showroom.  She bought it right away.  How  much?

Hmmm.... secret.  Clue:  6 figures  :)

10. She asked Mike Cacnio if he did the very huge sculpture in the newly built house of a celebrity.  Mike quipped, "no"!   Oh my.... does this mean.... this celebrity is an owner of a FAKE Cacnio sculpture?  Lagot!  

"San kaya ako dadalhin ng new TRIP na ito?  Let's see... Exciting times ahead  :)

One week to go..... Trip Ni Kris airs on GMA 7 on April 9, Palm Sunday, at 10:30pm, right after Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

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