Saturday, March 12, 2016


(Throwback post, Coron 2011)


Our quest for the next travel adventure, started in the Philtravel Mart 2011.  It was on the last day that we met Kuya Jojo Motin.  He gave us the lowest quotation for a 5d4n Coron trip.   We went to Philtravel Mart, ready with a confirmed booking -- Oct. 26 - 30.  So it was easier for us to haggle for packages.

Kuya Jojo didn't have his own booth.  He just had a small table in the area of DOT Palawan.  He said he cannot even afford a stand alone booth, but rest assured, he knows Coron by heart.  And he assured us of an enjoyable stay in the island.  Of course we were convinced.  Because we wanted to connect with a "true-blue-Palawenyo" who knows the ins and outs of Coron.... We also wanted to give "the job" to someone who is from Coron rather than hire a travel agency from Manila.  We believe that an authentic Palawenyo would promote his place of origin well.  

So after a series of email exchanges.... we finally decided on this itinerary:

DAY 1:  half day city tour
DAY 2:  enchanting Coron
DAY 3:  discover Sangat
DAY 4:  eco-island tour

Let the adventure begins!!!  



We arrived in Coron around quarter to 3pm.  We were welcomed by Ate Dahlia... the soft spoken better half of Kuya Jojo who will be our sea tour-wreck diving guide.  It was a 40-minute drive going to the town proper.  But the view, with cows grazing around, made the 40-minute drive fun.

We did the city tour in just a couple of hours.   We visited the  park and "boulevard" where you can have a view of the fishing village and the cross on top of Mt. Tapyas.  We passed by a souvenir shop.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016



Rewind to 1991, I was in 3rd year college in UST.   I was on my way to my 6-9 class in UST. I was there, waiting for the LRT train to arrive in Monumento.  When a stranger came up to me, all smiles, asking me casually for my name.  I didn't respond.  I just stared at him.  I taught, he just mistook me for someone else.  I walked away.  But when he followed me, that was when fear started to creep in.  He was still smiling, was trying to start a conversation, and before I knew it, his hands was on my shoulders.  I freaked out!  I gave him my nastiest dagger look, and I was ready to punch him in the face if he still continues with his advances.  He understood my body language.  And I walked away from him, as fast as I could.  I was frustrated.... because without turning my gaze back at him, I knew he was still smiling.  And I had to admit, I was really shaken with fear.  And there was no police nearby.  I took the train.  And instead of going to class that night... I went straight to my best friend Annalie's dorm in Sampaloc to tell her of my ordeal.  I just had to talk to someone....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Are you  in the hunt for unique gift ideas for your loved ones?  Or are you looking for a new hobby,  an art experience, or a bonding activity with your best friend or your child?  Or simply looking for that spark of inspiration on how to guide your child into achieving his full potential.  

Then its time to visit LOKAL:  Home + Art + Fashion in Lilac St. Marikina!

LOKAL opened last October 2015.  Its BIG concept is to feature local products that are beautifully crafted.  The owner and hands-on-mom Connie Macatuno, who is a true blue Marikenyo, wants to highlight her collection of hand painted clothes, chairs and lamp.  She calls it FUNC Art -- that is functional art, everyday items that you can use in your homes that continue to give you good vibes.  Wouldn't it be awesome to display these in your living room --- one of a kind items, and not by products of mass production?

SIT in your face stools

Mommy Connie started her business, by joining bazaars and weekend markets, specifically Legaspi weekend market.  It was then known as "Happy Star Child" -- which is a constant fave of the MaARTe Craft Food and and Design Fair.  It was a collaboration between Mommy Connie and 6 year old Cax, both having innate flair in painting and drawing. 

Mom and Son at work
the finished wall
If you want to know Cax more, his art is all over LOKAL.  The now 12 year old Cax, has already illustrated a book "PIP", wants to start his own "100-floor empire" and maybe.... LOKAL is his one big step towards this dream.  


1.  MOMMY PATCH products - all organic and fresh scented sanitizers and dust mite busters

2. Colorful BUKIDNON Banig by Etniko Pilipino  

3.  Pottery by Manila FAME, Joey de Castro and EJ Espiritu

4.  Ceramic accessories by Mia Casal

5.  Ipad holder by Marsse

6.  Banig Bags from Samar

7.  Cedar Blue wooden items

8.  And the pride of Marikina --- shoes!  Carmelletes has been making Marikina shoes 
since 1958.  


See the funkiest fitting room you will ever see in the metro!  


On weekends,  you might be lucky to jam with musicians on board.  Just bring an instrument and let the music take control!


LOKAL also gives art workshops.  Last February 13 and 14 -- they had SELFIE sessions. Singles and couples get to try a session of self expression proven the relieve stress and boredom.  Check out the awesome portraits drawn from the participants.  

Last February 20, Syke facilitated the "Art of Spoken Words".  Syke, whose real name is Michael Dolero is one of the most respected poetic rap artist in the Philippines.  

And last February 27, they had "Wet on Wet Painting".   

Cax artwork at age 5


This March, LOKAL will feature more art workshops.   Open to all enthusiasts and dreamers to explore a new form of art.  Fees inclusive of all art materials with free merienda and sangria for adults.

Hope to see you all in LOKAL --- 3/F 21 Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Marikina City.  

For Art Workshop you may contact  09399257053.  Or visit their FB page here