Tuesday, September 14, 2021


With the recent awarding of the Safety Seal Certification, Century Park Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Manila, is pleased to announce that it has also been granted Multiple Use Hotel (MUH) status by the Department of Tourism (DOT). 


Under the operational provisions of MUH, Century Park Hotel will continue to accept essential stays for health and emergency front liners, OFWs, returning residents, foreign nationals and other individuals requiring quarantine.  The hotel can also offer accommodations for participants in essential meetings & social events, long-staying guests, business guests, and other APORs (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) in accordance with their official function or duty.  Operations under MUH are subject to the prevailing community classification status for the City of Manila.


In line with the MUH status, essential meetings and social events will also be accepted.


“This latest development is a ray of light not just for us but to the rest of our contemporaries in the hotel and tourism industry.  We look forward to the hustle and bustle of guests in our property once again.  The pandemic has been an opportunity to review and improve our processes as well as innovate the brand of hospitality that the hotel is known for. We are eager to apply our learnings in the MUH setting,” said Anthony Tan, Century Park Hotel’s General Manager.


Century Park Hotel was able to satisfy the stringent conditions set by the DOT and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) during their inspections. One can expect a hassle-free stay with the following measures in implementation: 


·      Proper ventilation in and around the property

·      Check-in and checkout procedures with contactless transactions

·      Supporting protocols in reporting and extraction of confirmed COVID-19 cases

·      Separate buildings with designated access points and multiple elevators for quarantine and            non-quarantine guests

·     Different sets of room/food attendants serving for each type of guest

·      Proper waste disposal, disinfection and decontamination systems in place


“As a DOT-accredited hotel and Safety Seal holder, we will further bolster our health and safety protocols so that guests are assured of a clean and safe space during their stay,” he further added.


Sunday, September 12, 2021


I have been a work from home momma since the pandemic has started. I have never left the house since April 2020. My world definitely became smaller – house, garden, park (for some exercise) and back.  

The biggest challenge so far of this work from home set up, is how to completely delineate the mommy chores from my writing tasks. Or shall I say, how to blend in the two without creating too much havoc in my mental wellbeing.  Mommy concerns can get too complicated  and overwhelming that I have to concentrate on resolving them, before I can even finish an article deadline.  

For any working mom like me, time is a valuable and something that never seems to be enough. When you think about all the things that needs to be accomplished within one day, sometimes, SELF CARE and personal priorities seem to at the bottom of the list. When a mom forgets how to take care of herself, this results to burnt out and stress.   

As mom, it is very important that we take good care of ourselves, physically and mentally so we can function well in our work, and in taking care of our family.   



As a working mom I play many roles: chef, shopper, nurse, cleaner, laundry woman, gardener… aside from being a mom, wife and freelance writer.  I want to be the BEST in all of these roles, but I need to accept that goal is impossible. And It is okay not to be perfect in all of those roles. That is the first step: acceptance.  I set boundaries, learned to say “yes” and “no” to different requests.  


There are specific days when I get too busy with work. Days before, I inform the family of this hectic schedule, and I always ask for their help and cooperation with other household chores. I don’t have to be a “supermom-getting-all-the-chores-done” every day. There are days that I become a manager, and designate tasks.   


With two teens glued on their computers most of the day for their online education, the husband editing on his computer, and I spent hours producing and writing content, there are times we don’t get to see and talk to each other.  We aim to have some focused time with each other. My husband and I start our day with important talks at breakfast. While dinner is connecting time with the teens.  


In a middle of a hectic schedule, I try to squeeze in activities that I truly enjoy. This includes gardening, playing with my pets and some DIY projects. In between virtual meetings, if I feel exhausted and drained, I just play online games to relax, take a breather, and at the same time, giving my mind its needed mental boost.  

Happy to have discovered https://www.solitaire.org where you can find of a collection of simple, well-loved online games that you can play on your spare time or while taking a breather from work.  



My personal favorites are the ZUMA BALL ONLINE and the DAILY WORD SEARCH. The former can be quite addicting. I can play it for hours!  I usually play Zuma just before I sleep, using the ipad, because I can easily target the colorful ball using my fingers rather than with the aid of a mouse.  While the latter is the perfect game if I want to give my brains a little exercise when it goes on the dozing off mode after working for several hours.  


The number of fun games you can play is huge, there is definitely one game that will best fit your mood.  And hey… it is also worth mentioning that word games have benefits too! Like improve your thinking, reduce the risks of dementia and stimulate new learning.

Some would think that working can add extra stress to a mother, but in actuality, it can benefit the household in so many ways. Now that we know how to relax after a long day of work, we can function more as a mom and wife, without sacrificing career and work.

Friday, September 10, 2021


My eldest daughter is in 3rd year college taking up Environmental Planning and Management.  In a year's time, she will be ready to take the next step - she will be graduating and looking for a job. Happy to have attended this webinar, because I learned a lot about job hunting and the right tools that can help you get that job you are aiming for!

More than 24,000 government job vacancies nationwide will be offered to jobseekers as the leading online job portal JobStreet hosts its Virtual Career Fair in partnership with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) happening on September 20 to 24.  

This is in line with the platform’s continued commitment to provide jobs that matter during these increasingly unpredictable times, empowering candidates that were affected by the pandemic and the recent strict implementation of community quarantine.

Over 160 government agencies are participating in the Virtual Career Fair, offering various specializations such as Security/Armed Forces/Protective Services, Education Clerical/Administrative Support, General Work (Housekeeper, Driver, Dispatch, Messenger, etc), Healthcare (Nurse, Medical Support, Assistant), among others.  

Central Visayas, CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon) and MIMAROPA (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan), Eastern Visayas, Zamboanga, and Cordillera Administrative Region are the top locations for the said government jobs.  

According to The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), around 90,000 workers were affected by the recent Enhanced Community Quarantine. They have either permanently lost their jobs or are under flexible work arrangements.  

Based on JobStreet’s Global Talent Survey, many jobseekers are now prioritizing job security over financial compensation due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, the government sector is one of the top employers in JobStreet, hence viewed as a more secure career option by Filipino workers at this time.  

With this, JobStreet and CSC offer employment opportunities in the public sector by bringing jobseekers and hiring government agencies together in the virtual career fair. 

The joint initiative is also in commemoration of the CSC’s 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, wherein they committed to holding an enjoyable, productive, and helpful virtual job fair this 2021. 

“It has always been JobStreet’s advocacy to provide every Filipino with jobs that matter, and it’s an honor that the Civil Service Commission trusted us again to be a part of this initiative to help candidates rebuild themselves and find an opportunity to be of service to our nation,” shared JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.  

Applicants during the Virtual Career Fair in partnership with CSC can explore the platform’s live chat feature and Facebook Live events, with the chance to be interviewed on-the-spot. 

To register for the Virtual Career Fair, visit http://jobstreet.com.ph/vcf-9

Talent empowerment with the right tools 

On top of this event, JobStreet has also amplified its valuable support for jobseekers with its newest feature in the platform⁠—Career Tools.  


Dedicated to uplift and empower candidates in their professional journey, JobStreet’s Career Tools is a convenient, one-stop-shop feature with helpful tools and information to guide jobseekers in making the right career decisions. It includes an Interview Practice Tool, Resume Templates, Cover Letter Templates, a Career Development Planner, and a Salary Calculator.  

The Interview Practice Tool contains the most commonly asked interview questions with actionable tips to help candidates prepare and respond positively for their next interview. Candidates can also utilize the downloadable Resume and Cover Letter Templates as a starting point to their online job hunting. The Career Tool also offers a Career Development Planner to help guide jobseekers towards their next step and a Salary Calculator for a quick way to find out their estimated take-home pay.

For easy access, Jobstreet created a landing page meant as a one stop destination for retrieving all career tools.  

“We’re very excited to introduce the Career Tool to our candidates and be of great help with their online job hunting. JobStreet is doing its best to support jobseekers more than ever and we hope that through this simple initiative, we can make their career journey a little bit more manageable and productive,” said JobStreet Senior Sales Manager Mr. Ryan Tordesillas.

Check out the Career Tools via https://bit.ly/JobStreetCareerTools.