Wednesday, April 17, 2019


In my Facebook page you will see that I wrote these words -- "Happiness is a choice. Write, Travel, Create."  3 years into blogging, I still believed in these words. Really, happiness is a choice every single day.

In my recent trip to Japan, I felt happy every single day. I celebrated little accomplishments -- such as not getting lost in the subway (google maps was my best friend), experiencing food and places for the very first time, meeting Japanese who were willing to help and smiling all the way. It was time to be more mindful in my day to day experiences. I need to be appreciative and enthusiastic about life. 

I was at my happiest when I was in the gardens of the Osaka Castle -- literally doing nothing. I just sat for a long time, reflected on things, enjoying the cold weather (I was freezing at 12nn), and tried to imprint on my mind the view of the gardens. 

And I realized, when I feel happy, I get motivated to do things (more travel), I get inspired to work more (felt energized by the new environment) and I just said to God "thank you for giving me this life. It isn't perfect, but I have lots to be grateful about."  My Japan experience really opened my heart to gratitude.

Another learning -- happiness is pleasure + purpose. Now I have a definite goal in mind. To work extra hard, save, and bring my family to different places. The happiness I felt, could reach maximum level, if I have my loved ones with me on my travels.


In Japan, I walked a lot. I am sure, plenty of ENDORPHINS were released, one of the hormones that triggers happiness. Because of the cold weather, I got exposed to sunlight. I had a dose of DOPAMINE too - the "chemical of reward". I was stressed at the start of my Japan journey because the train system was too confusing for me. But every time I reach my destination -- I felt extremely happy and accomplished -- that is DOPAMINE working for me. 

But now that I am at home, I get my dose of OXYTOCIN. If you want to get this, give your loved ones a big hug. Even your pet. Of you can stimulate your mind but exposing your senses to HAPPY scents!

When a smell travels through your nose into the brain, it can trigger the hormones I mentioned. Smell has the power to change your mood and ease tension.


I discovered Perfume Dessert London -- and you know what? It triggered some level of happiness and gives me that refreshing feeling in the midst of this summer heat.

What I love about Perfume Dessert London -- it is just 30ml. safe to bring on my flight abroad, no need to check in. I really liked the well thought of packaging - you wouldn't think that the perfume only costs Php250. The packaging suggests that it is an expensive brand :)  

As for the scent, I love the refreshing cucumber-melon cooler.  The other two variants, the raspberry smoothies and cake pops - I thought would be too "sweet" to wear.  But the smell in not that overpowering. Just a tiny tinge of sweetness in it. Perfect for daily use, even in this humidity and hot weather we are now experiencing. 

You can get more info and update on Perfume Dessert London by visiting their facebook page and instagram account  

Looking forward to share with you more of my happy stories on my recent Japan trip.  See yah!!!  


  1. saya talaga mag travel Mommy, dream destination namin yan. Happiness is a choice.
    Yang perfume London ka curious ng scents esp bagay this summer

  2. Dream ko din mommy makaPunta dyan sa Japan..grabe siguro ako sobrang saya ko lalo if one day makapunta ako diyan,sana talaga mangyari sya..and bout sa Perfume desert London parang gusto ko din syang matry if hindi ganun katapang yung amoy nya,naku super perfect po talaga this summer..thanks mommy for sharing this to us po...

  3. Wow kung may budget sana thats pur hobby naming mag aswa explore new places, dto s manila hilig namin n magpunta kung saan saan riding on our motorcycle like Tagaytay,Rixal,Antipolo,Etc. Dahil hilig din namin ang car racing one of our dream destination is Monaco 🇲🇨 dahila andunang pinaka maliit na bansa at ang Ferrari Cars. Love your new scent of perfume na aangkop this summer. Thanks for this opportunity to join and hoping to win

  4. Very well said po, I totally agree. Happiness is indeed a CHOICE and it's very important to keep a happy mental attitude because it energizes us and helps us to keep going everyday...It is also important for us to be thankful everyday for all the blessings we receive whether big or small...They say that gratitude is the greatest multiplier because being grateful makes us attract more things to be grateful for each day...I hope someday magkaroon din ako ng opportunity na makapag-travel, I will do my best to work hard para matupad ko rin ang pangarap kong yan...Thank you so much for this wonderful article...More power and God bless po sa inyo Mrs. Wise 😊
    #MrsWiseTips #MrsWiseBLog #MrsWiseAdventures
    FB: Imelda Jaylo Palad

  5. Wow swerte monaman momshie
    Kung may Budget lang sana ako
    Para maipasyal ko family ko sa ibat ibang lugar
    ..angsaya nun ..
    Kaso hirap kc manahon ngaun mahal ang bilihin

  6. big check po kayo dyan Mrs. Wise, I believe that Happiness is a daily choice. Make it our daily ritual because we have the ability to create real & lasting happiness for ourselves everyday. Choose happiness. Live it! 😍 I really want din po yung mga scent ng Perfume Dessert London, specially the sweet vanilla scent of Cake Pops 😊 & also yung super fresh na amoy ng Cucumber-Melon... such perfume has nice packaging, long-lasting effect & budget friendly. Each scent will kinda suits my mood to start a beautiful day! #MrsWiseBlog #MrsWiseAdventures
    FB: Jonalyn Mendoza Dungca
    IG: @jonalyndungca
    A big bunch of thanks! Bless your big & generous heart! ❤

  7. Super nakakahawa ang happiness nyo po Mommy, and I agree po Happiness indeed is a CHOICE and nagmumula talaga sya sa atin. Kaya naman I always choose to be happy, despite lifes trials and struggles marami paring magaganda at nakapagpapasaya is na doon ang GIFT OF FAMILY. ❤️❤️❤️

    WOW, super budget friendly naman ng perfume na yan and would love to try it ��

  8. True Momsh! I agree Happiness is a choice ❤ It's up to us kung paano natin ihahandle ang situation natin kung may problema or stress. Sarili lang natin makakagamot nun, pwede po natin libangin ang ating sarili kung saan tayo mg-eenjoy para makalimot sa problema para maging happy tayo like staycation, malling, vacation or simple food trip sa mall. That's what I did po kapag stressed ako atleast nababawasa nang konte. My family is my happiness... I love bonding with them! Anyway, Momsh love to try that Perfume Dessert London... Naccurius ako sa smell ganda ng review Momsh, perfect for summer season. Thanks for sharing Momsh! ❤ God Bless and Good day! #MrsWiseBlog #MrsWiseAdventure
    Fb: Reynalyn Boa Recio
    Ig: @reyianne28