Sunday, May 24, 2020


This is one very "personal" post, one that is closest to my heart. As I type this entry, I am teary eyed for all the days I planned, dreamed and just like a happy movie, played each travel scene inside my dreamy head -- only to be stopped by one itsy-bitsy-tiny virus we now call Covid 19.


I call myself the practical planner. Especially when it comes to finances. Why? Because I wasn't born filthy rich. Everything I enjoy in life, comes from my hard earned money. I worked like a horse, starting 3 weeks after I graduated from college. And I never stopped working, until 2015.

I used to be a TV writer, from 1992 till 2015. I work 24-7, very long, tiring hours. Most of the times I miss some important family events. because of my hectic schedule. That is why in 2015, I started the shift, from a regular TV writer to a freelancer. I still accept writing jobs on the side, while maintaining my own lifestyle/travel blog.

What gave me that confidence to leave my network of 20+ years - now, me and my husband's energy is focused on my teens' college education.We already paid for our mortgage. We decided last year, 2019, that we will start to enjoy life. Explore more countries together. Travel the world. Revel in adventures. Because we deserve the good things in life!

And so, for our first major travel, we planned for Australia! We got our visas, booked our tickets. Having visited Sydney in 2008, I was pretty much excited for my husband. It is his first international travel. My relatives in Sydney were quite excited too. We were planning to do Mt. Kosciuszko because I wanted to see some snow. And there were adventures in Melbourne and Tasmania waiting for us.

Then Covid 19 struck!  Australia closed its borders on my third week of stay. My husband's flight was cancelled because of the ECQ in the Philippines.

And just like that, Covid 19, put a halt in all of our plans. I was devastated. I wanted to go home, but there were no flights. A part of my brain was telling me, just stay in Sydney where it will be safer. 

But really... what will life be, especially for someone who is desperately longing to travel, after the pandemic?


Just like any travel enthusiast, I know that travelling will be somewhat problematic in the future. Why?

>> People will be afraid to travel, especially long haul flights, if there is still no vaccine available
>> Even with a vaccine, or a possible cure, airlines will surely maintain the social distancing measure, and it will mean more expensive flight tickets

What will be positive though -- given the Philippines flattens the curve and contain the virus -- will be the shift to exploring more of local destinations.  This is our plan as a family.  We think that it is more practical, "to test the waters" first with local travel. With shorter flight hours, it won't be that stressful to be confined in airplanes with strangers.  This is also a way to support local tourism business to bounce back from the economic backlash Covid has brought all of us.


We plan to go back to that one place closest to our heart, Palawan. We were at our happiest when we visited Coron in 2011, Puerto Princesa in 2013 and El Nido in 2014. But this time, we would like to explore the country's longest white sand beach at 14.7km - San Vicente!  An emerging beach destination worth visiting.  Another major reason to visit Palawan -- the low incidence of Covid19 in the island.


To get to San VIcente, we plan to fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa and revisit some of our favorite spots in the capital of Palawan.  On top of out list is dining in Ka Lui's, yum!

Of course, we want a seamless and worry-free travel from Puerto Princesa to San Vicente which is roughly 4-5 hours land travel. What better way is, to find the perfect for a place to stay in Puerto Princesa, that is budget friendly and at the heart of the tourist spots that we want to visit. 

It is a must, that we have a good night's rest in Puerto Princesa, before heading off to San Vicente.. As early as now, I am checking virtually my choices to some hotels near me, at Red Doorz, Southeast Asia's largest and fastest growing, technology-driven hotel management and booking platform.

The mobile app, which you can download for free, allows users to book a room in just a few steps, providing a safe and hassle free experience while earning loyalty points for future stays too!  For example, you are looking for hotels in Cebu, you can check out a variety of choices.  There is also an ongoing Red Doorz sale you might want to check out.


As a travel enthusiast, I will never ever let go of my dream to explore places I have never been to. It my life's greatest passion. I believe that this pandemic is just a "pause". And soon, travel will slowly go back to normal. It may take time. It may require some effort. Some restrictions might be inconvenient at first. There are safety measures to be 

BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE.... we need the idea of travel and exploration for our mental health. For our own well being. To travel and bond with your family for surviving the pandemic. Life is indeed so short (as Covid19 made me realize), that we should enjoy meaningful trips to people we truly love and value!

And to help people in the travel and tourism businesses to bounce back.  Baby steps... one day at a time... 

With  #RedDoorzPH budget travel is possible. So guys, stay positive and #LetsTravelAgainSoon !

Thursday, May 21, 2020


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Friday, May 15, 2020


The Covid19 pandemic caught us all by surprise!  And everyone is affected negatively. As of this posting, we are now on Day61. 61 surreal days of staying at home, disinfecting everything, hooked up on every Covid19 news, especially cure.  Suddenly, all our travel plans are put into halt. 

Luckily, I am a work-at-home mom. It somehow lessens my anxiety knowing that I can still earn a little without going out for work. Same with my husband. But anxiety level escalates at night, when I think of what the "new normal" would be, especially for my teens who are college students.

Will it be safe to go out, once ECQ is lifted? 

Even when ECQ is lifted, there will definitely be certain safety measures that we will be practicing at home. Washing of hands, leaving shoes outside, wearing of face mask/shields and most importantly, go out ONLY when it is necessary.

But how about businesses that will open when ECQ is lifted? All of us are wondering how will they cope with the new normal?


"New Normal" Features in all branches for guests:

Uniforms of the hotel staff are redesigned to incorporate
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Temperature screening and disinfection mats upon entering the hotel

Social distancing in the front desk
 Social distancing with markers and limit of persons in elevators

Contactless hotel features (doors and elevators)

UVC light treatment is also modified in elevator consoles,  door handles, 
keycard cases, cash register, and food preparation

Use of UVC disinfection light array cart in cleaning and disinfection of rooms and bathrooms. Studies show that the use of UVC, with wavelengths between 200 and 270 nanometres (nm), can kill microbes, germs, bacteria, and viruses. This has been adopted since the use of UVC is done in recent years and is also used in disinfecting hospitals as UVC kills pathogens and microorganisms.

Constant disinfection in all amenities is also implemented

No-contact facilities from lobby doors to toilet fixtures thru 
installing foot door opener and foot-controlled dispenser.
Hotel Sogo has created newly designed giveaways for guests such as no contact keys and sanitizers. The no-contact key serves as a tool in touching common objects like door handles, elevator buttons, and ATMs.

     Hotel Sogo Mobile app is also up for contact tracing

In addition, Hotel Sogo also installed protective acrylic glass panel in the front desk and hand sanitizers in common areas.  


"New Normal" Features in the corporate office for employees:

Of course, not only are the hotel's guests are being protected, it is important to protect Hotel Sogo's valued employees through:  Temperature checks upon entering the office;

Hand sanitizers in common areas.  Limit to the number of people using the elevator. Social distancing in the workplace and in crowded areas like the canteen.  Provision of multivitamins to employees.  

  Hotel Sogo is also active in its Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Hotel Sogo is the first to provide free room accommodations that served as a temporary shelter to healthcare workers and frontliners
  • A total of P80-million worth of donation or more than 800 room accommodations were given to healthcare workers, OFWs, and seafarers repatriates for free
  • This is in coordination with 10 city mayors and 31 hospitals in the country
It is very important that we fight this pandemic as one!  And Hotel Sogo is doing its best to pursue business in these trying times, with the safety of its guests and employees in mind.
This is the gist of the video below:

For more info on Hotel Sogo:  visit their websitefacebook pageinstagramtwitter, and youtube