Welcome to my happy place in the internet world... Mrs.Wise!

My name is Tina Perez... a freelance writer for TV, Events and Magazine.

This blog is all about my exciting adventure as a hands-on mom, traveling the country (and the world, later), getting my hands dirty in my garden, discovering interesting people, places and food and sharing awesome lifestyle discoveries!

I've been blogging since 2016, but my experience as a writer dates back to 1993 when I wrote my very first script for ABS-CBN  (oh no, this reveals so much about my age huh!)  

And what have I learned as a writer through the years?

1.  I know your target audience.  And I write for them.

2.  I always beat your deadline.  

3.  Research... research and research!  It pays to be well 
     informed.  Learning never ends.

4.  I make a living out of writing.  It's important that I am 
     happy with my output, but it is equally important that the      brand/client is happy with it too  :) 

These are the things that I can offer you... when you collaborate with me.

So far, these are the brands that have trusted me:

I also produced a campaign for UNILAB this year... View it HERE.  

Travel is one of my greatest passions. Went to Japan last April 2019 to feature Universal Studios :)  And also worked with AirtravPh and visited Puerto Galera!

By the way... am also an expert in writing and producing AVPs.  I write the script, I can shoot it if you want, and I edit too.  Yeah right... I am a certified multi-tasker!

You can watch some of the videos that I edited HERE


Monthly Visits:  10000

Monthly Pageviews:  10000

85% Female, 25 -44 Years Old, 60% Residing in the Philippines


>>   10000 Average Website Monthly Visits
>>   7837 Fans in Facebook
>>   15,400+ Followers in Instagram

That's about it... looking forward to collaborating with you!

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