Saturday, February 20, 2016


HuGOT Your VOte?   WTF.... 

Wala Talagang Forever... sa Malacanang is the new Jon Santos political comedy.  Happy to have worked in this production last year, for 6 nights in Teatrino in Greenhills.  I handled the onsite editing and man-on-the-street interview of the audience. And yes, there are some nights that we almost didn't make it, photo finish editing.  But I survived!   Met some very interesting people while doing this work -- and they have the "weirdest" questions for President P-noy, when I told them he MIGHT be in the show.  

     "I want to ask P-noy, kailan siya magkaka-lovelife?"
     "From 1-10, puede niyo ba i-rate kung gaano niyo ka bestfriend si Mar Roxas?"
     "Gaano karami ang hairfall niyo kada araw?"

And every night this question never fails to pop up....

      "President P-noy, when will you get married?"

Interesting questions from different kinds of people.  That's how diverse the audience who went to the show.  Fast forward to 2016 -- the show now has a re-run at the Ceremonial Hall of the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila.  With just 3 months before the elections, you can expect a braver, more pointed, but still witty and hilarious script from Jon.   

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Lately, I have been constantly worrying about so many things.  Some present and future concerns.  That I always end up staring at blank spaces,trying to figure what  to do.  I have consulted my Friend upstairs on these concerns…  and He  sent  his reply  through this  inspiring conversation with Manong tricycle driver, as I backride my way out of the village.
TD  (tricycle driver):   Bilis ng panahon, Pebrero na pala.
ME:  oo  nga  ho.
TD:  tapos Valentines, tapos  halalan  na.
ME:   manong, bakasyon at summer po muna.
TD:  wala  naman  kaming bakasyon.  Kailangan kumayod,etong tricycle lang pinagkakakitaan ko.
ME:   wala  din naman ho akong bakasyon mga anak ko lang.
TD:  isa  na lang  ang anak kong nag aaral.  nasa  kolehiyo.
ME:  ilan ho anak niyo?
TD:  apat.  yung dalawa graduate na.  May trabaho.  Yung isa may trabaho pero huminto  sa pag-aaral, sayang  kasi  college  na.
ME:  wow  swerte niyo naman. Nakapagpatapos na kayo sa kolehiyo!
TD:   dalawa pa dun ma’am,  UP.
ME:   Wow!!!!
It  was truly an  inspiring story.   TD is  just  a simple father,  proud of his kids’  achievements. And  he never gets tired  to  work  for his family.  No bitterness  in his  voice. He is just  doing what  is expected of him.
I guess  it  was God’s way of telling  me, not to  worry  so much. That He has  my back.  That He will help  me  get through my concerns. Because that’s what  He  does  to people  like  TD  who never gets tired of working hard for his family.
I will never get tired of working for this wacky fam  :)