Monday, August 24, 2020

Leia Valenciano takes the lead in inspiring children thru World Vision’s Give Hope campaign

World Vision in the Philippines welcomes to its family Leia Valenciano as its ambassador for Give Hope campaign.


Nataleia Martine, known to many as “Leia”, is the 3-year old daughter of Director Paolo Valenciano and wife Photographer/ Graphic Designer Samantha Godinez-Valenciano. Paolo and Sam are also World Vision ambassadors and actively supporting the organization thru various projects.


Give Hope is about letting children’s dreams live on


Based on World Vision’s rapid assessment in the Philippines on the impact of COVID-19 to children, their families and communities, learning opportunities or education for the young generation is one of the most critical problems in the country.


As a child-focused non-profit organization that is committed to ensuring that children are able to reach their full potential, World Vision launched Give Hope to challenge the nation to work together in making our homes and communities places where children’s dreams continue to be realized.


Through the help of generous partners, World Vision aims to reach 28,000 children in their partner communities nationwide through this initiative.


No one is too young to make a change


Aside from encouraging the public to contribute in raising funds that will assist the children in continuing their education, World Vision believes that anyone can make a difference and give hope no matter how young or old you are!


“We support this back to school campaign and the importance of still equipping kids with learning materials to give them hope and keep them driven to learn even if they're not in their usual school setting,” shared Sam Valenciano. “We as parents have experienced the anxiety of adjusting to the new normal. We believe that this program will help not only the children but the parents as well”


Just like her parents, Leia is excited that she is beginning her journey with World Vision where at the age of 3, she is able to make a long-lasting impact for the benefit of the most vulnerable children today.


“This World Vision campaign is made even sweeter with Leia, one of our newest and youngest ambassadors! As she brings big smiles to our hearts, we hope that you too will continue to give hope to children though education. Together with Leia, let’s give school kits to many students across the country”, said Mr. Rommel Fuerte, World Vision National Director.

Join Leia Valenciano in supporting World Vision’s Give Hope campaign! Click this link to donate:


To know more about World Vision and its programs for the most vulnerable children and communities in the Philippines, you may visit


Saturday, August 22, 2020

ADP Pharma Launches NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT


In line with NOVUHAIR's 10th year of fervent commitment to consumer health awareness on hair loss prevention and maintenance, plus a decade of partnership with Mercury Drug Corporation, ADP Pharma Corporation has launched the NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT.


Check out the promo video:

The NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT serves as a token of the company's appreciation and gratitude to the affirmative support of its loyal users and new trialists.

The continued consumer support, committed distributors and agency partners, dedicated brand ambassadors, passionate and hardworking marketing and sales teams spearheaded by Managing Director Mr. Bob Segovia, and the full support of ADP Pharma CEO Mr. Martin Pascual and executives.


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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


While everyone is still advised to stay at home, working out can be a challenge especially for fitness enthusiasts, (and couch potatoes), who need to stretch those muscles but has no equipment.  


For others, buying online can be a great option but, honestly, having these tools can be heavy on the budget. So, why not try these easy, no equipment workouts to get you moving and sweating?  


Sante Fitness Lab (SFL), a premier one-stop fitness center that offers holistic training programs, lists five clever ways you can turn your home space into a homemade gym that you can do every day and squeeze in your tight schedule. 


Stair Cardio 

This is an obvious one. When you’re at home, some house chores end being procrastinated since walking up and down the stairs can be bothersome, but it is the chance for people at home to get back on track with their cardio workouts. So, get your heart pumping and walk or run up and down the stairs, and get your cardio back on track. 




Work With Space You Have 

People tend to overcomplicate getting fit and think that the only to workout is with treadmills, workout benches, and other gym equipment. Sometimes, however, all you need is enough space to do simple workouts.  


Bodyweight workouts are some of the best routines you can do at home since it only needs your bodyweight. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and plenty more workouts are available for you to do with only enough space. 


Weights In Disguise 

Don’t single out barbells and dumbbells as the only weights to help you get buff, because there are plenty of other perfect alternatives for it.  


For instance, a 2-gallon water bottle is equivalent to a 17-pound dumbbell making it perfect for an arm workout. So, don’t pass up the chance to lift heavy sacks of rice or packs of groceries and get the strength workouts you need. 


Find Your Balance in the Bedroom 

Did you know that you can also use your bed for yoga? Your bed has enough space and good cushioning, just like your mat, making it perfect for yoga. The springs in the mattress can make it harder to balance but, that adds a little challenge to the routine.  


The Workout Chair 

Your chair can also help you in working out at home. You can do lower body moves like step-ups, Bulgarian split squats, and, if you're feeling brave, box jumps. These workouts are best executed using a bench or a simple chair at home.  


For the upper body, you can do core moves like v-sits, chair dips, or seated shoulder press using your bench. Don’t forget to grab your two-gallon water bottle as your weights.  


Take It to the Next Level 

If you want to have an even better approach for your home workout, try SFL’s “Live More, Do More 30-Day Program,” a total wellness solution that features an expertly designed athletic training-inspired fitness program plus the immune-system boosting benefits of Sante Pure Barley. 


The program lives up to SFL’s mission to help everyone become Champions In Life starting with adopting the right fitness regimen and proper nutrition. SFL Coaches believe that you’ll be sure to have better results, whether its for weight loss or exercising for your specific health condition and at the same time protect yourself from diseases with proper nutrition and fitness combined. Designed to be quick and easy-to-follow, you’ll also be able to easily adopt it into your busy lifestyle.  



Personal training, Physical Therapy and Nutrition Consultation services are also available if you have specific needs. Through SFL’s distinct programming system where baseline assessment and progress monitoring are critical and scientific principles and methods are applied by coaches, you can be assured that you can achieve your goals safely and effectively as everything is well thought of and planned for, whether it’s for jumpstarting your fitness, weight loss, recovering from an injury or training for your sports. 


To know more about Santé Fitness Lab, its training programs, facilities, and other upcoming events, visit its official Facebook Page at or its website at

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Cigarette smoking is highly addictive. It harms every organ inside the smoker’s body. Its smoke is dangerous and it leads to serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases, diabetes, and more. It also increases the risk of tuberculosis, eye diseases, and problems of the immune system.

Secondhand smoke, which is the smoke that has been exhaled by the smoker is even more harmful to the people around. It does not only affect adults, but it increases the risk for sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, and slowed lung growth; among children.

More and more smokers are realizing these negative effects which is why they want to quit. But quitting isn't that easy, so let me share you a few tips :

Find Your Reason

Motivation is the key to get anything started. A powerful personal reason is needed so you could quit. First, you have to think of the benefits to you and your family. Quitting means protecting your family from secondhand smoke and lowering your chance of getting sick. Health is wealth and that is a strong reason to outweigh the urge to light up.

Have a strong support system
You need to tell your friends, family, and other people you’re close to that you’re trying to quit. They are the ones who will encourage you to keep going, especially when you’re tempted to light up. Joining a support group can offer you emotional comfort and moral support as they share the same experience as yours. Having a counselor, whom you can talk to openly and share about your feelings honestly is also a very good option. 

Seek professional help

Smoking is an addiction that hooks the brain on nicotine. Without it, you’ll go through withdrawal which may affect your mood, deplete your energy or give you headaches. The craving for “just one drag” is tough, but nicotine replacement therapy can curb these urges. Nicotine Replacement Therapy which includes using smoking alternatives such as nicotine pouches improves your chances of success to stop smoking.

What are these nicotine pouches and how does it help people who wish to stop smoking? These are Smokeless nicotine products in white pre-portioned pouches that do not contain tobacco. A pouch is put between the upper lip and gum and leaves it there while the nicotine and taste are being released, thus no combustion is involved unlike in smoking. These pouches are legal in the UK, and it comes in different flavors and brands. Studies showed that using nicotine pouches can increase the chance of quitting smoking by 55%.


These are only a few tips that might help you stop smoking. Remember each time you would light up a stick, that it is not only your body that is ruined but the whole community and you would not want to be the reason for someone's misery. 


Saturday, August 15, 2020

NOVUHAIR® Officially Launches NOVU VIP CLUB

What a great way to celebrate NOVUHAIR’s 10 years of success in the Philippines. With the aim of highlighting further the brand’s advocacy campaign Nothing to lose, NOVUHAIR® introduces Go for the Perfect 10! with the launch of its NOVU VIP CLUB.

The NOVU VIP CLUB is designed to guide, inspire and at the same time to take the journey with the members through a wholistic approach in managing hair loss especially during this global health crisis.

Supported by a pool of VIP Coaches, the members are given the opportunity to engage directly with the experts and at the same time enjoy the exciting monthly perks.

The list of VIP Coaches include some of the country’s high-caliber professionals from different fields of expertise: Fanny Serrano (Salon & Beauty VIP Coach), Hon. Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso (Leadership VIP Coach), Jim and Toni Saret (Fitness & Nutrition VIP Coaches), Dr. Cecile Catapang (Aesthetic & Rejuvenation VIP Coach), Dr. Risa Caldoza-De Leon (Dermatology & Beauty Coach), Dr. Harris Acero (Wellness & Nutrition VIP Coach) and Alopecia Warrior Abby Asistio (Inspirational VIP Coach) to name a few.


Discover how to become an exclusive member:

NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion is a unique combination of 19 natural herbal extracts and essential oils that work in synergy to help remedy and prevent hair loss.


To know more about NOVUHAIR®, visit or follow the official Facebook page @NovuhairOfficial.

Want to try the NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 Pack (worth 5,280) for FREE?

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Thursday, August 6, 2020


She is known as the country’s Popstar Royalty with a very large and loyal fan base. Even if she is busy with her showbiz commitments, Sarah Geronimo-Gudicelli makes sure that she closely monitors her health and that she takes her Vitamin C every day.

Now that Sarah has settled down and is ready to start her own family, she knows that she has to prioritize her and her family’s immunity in these unprecedented times. Sarah has found a new partner in strengthening her immunity as she is the new celebrity endorser of Fern C.
“Inferness, Fern C is a big help for me because most of the time, I leave the house without eating breakfast,” Sarah related. “Fern C is sodium ascorbate, so I can take it even on an empty stomach without having to worry about getting the acidic side effect.”
Fern C is the number one sodium ascorbate brand that can up our immunity without the acidity caused by certain Vitamin C brands. It is an immune system booster, an anti-oxidant and increases resistance to infectious diseases without the acidic side effect. This non-acidic form of Vitamin C also means that more people can take Fern-C anytime even on an empty stomach.

“Sarah is the perfect celebrity endorser of Fern-C because she is the embodiment of a successful and busy person who wants to always boost her immunity by taking Fern-C,” said Sharmaine Abarientos, the General Manager of STADA. “Both Sarah and Fern-C are the best in their fields because they are both established and have the desire to help more people improve their health and well-being.”
In addition to having a new celebrity endorser, Fern-C is now being manufactured by STADA. STADA, a German pharmaceutical company, is a trusted and reliable partner in Europe for more than 120 years. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals with a long-standing heritage rooted in pharmacies. Its goal is to offer quality medicines at reasonable prices across all segments of healthcare – specialty, generics and consumer health.

As part of their aggressive expansion, the group acquired Fern-C, one of the leading brands in the local Vitamin C market. Worldwide, the STADA Group is represented in more than 30 countries in about 50 subsidiaries. In the Philippines, it is a strong player in the field of Ophthalmology and is poised to expand its footprint in the generics and consumer health business with brands like Oilatum and Zerochol.
“Fern-C will be better than ever under STADA because we will really give the brand the boost it needs in terms of heavier campaign support and greater brand accessibility,” Abarientos said. “Fern C has an established brand heritage and we will be able to develop a strong consumer healthcare platform to launch other quality product as well as to provide better health for all Filipinos.”