Saturday, October 27, 2018

5 Basic Things That You Need to Get Your Halloween Look Together

Halloween is not just a holiday for children. It is a fun time for you to rerun your childhood memories and enjoy the excuse to dress up. While the holiday has come far from its traditional roots, it has become a world-wide excuse to have a party. Even in parts of the world where you will not find children Trick-or-treating you will find adults throwing night long Halloween ragers. Whether you are planning your own Halloween party or attending one, you need to be dressed for the occasion. You do not have to book your costume months in advance. If you have a few simple things lying around the house, you can put together a passably good Halloween costume.


There are many websites where you can order your costume from. Amazon can speedily deliver your costume well in time for your party. But if you do not want to waste money on a costume that you will wear once a year, you can merely raid your closet. There are many costumes you can pull out of your closet. Even something as plain as a T-shirt can be the base of your costume. There are many wonderful DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can find online.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018



For mommies who have little kids, bento making is a fun activity to explore.  You get to teach your little one kitchen basics, and you have an opportunity to bond with them.

I don't have little kids anymore, but I had lotsa fun with bento making. I felt, that every little detail you put into cooking the food you will include in the bento plus the creativity you try to incorporate decorating it only means -- you are making the recipient feel special. In my kids, that would be Mr.Wise and the "teens"!

But I believe that there is more to bento making than "decorating" it!  As a mom, I would like to make sure, that the food I include in my bento are all HEALTHY.  A balance of carbs, fruits and veggies, and protein. 

Also, there is the concern of PACKING.  I suggest to include food that don't easily spoil. Nothing half cook.  Another basic tip for packing your bento -- don't pack food straight from the pan. You might need to move the food into a plate let the heat evaporate a little.

And of course, the container you will use for your Bento must be of good quality, has air-tight seal that keeps food fresh longer. The Tupperware Click To Go Double Deep SET is one excellent product for your Bento, especially with its 1.5L capacity.


So I was invited to the 2nd Blogger Tupperware Party, and for the afternoon, we were taught how to make Bento Creations.  Oh yes, I felt worried, because admittedly I am not a kitchen expert. Good thing, our chef did most of the cooking, and we were just asked how to make the Bento (sigh of relief hehehe)!

I was assigned to make the TEMPURA SUSHI.  Yey! My family have always loved tshrimp empura and sushi. Combining them... interesting!  And another yey, because I was kindda confident with my "sushi-maki-rolling" power!


The Chef Anna Rodrigo-Viado prepared our tempura. She made a simple tempura batter using all purpose flour and beer.  The carbon in beer makes the batter "airy", the results fluffier tempura. Important tip in making crispy tempura, is to maintain heat of oil to 260 degrees. To test, if you put the tempura into the oil, and then it floats immediately, then your oil is just right. 

Friday, October 19, 2018


My two kids (now both teens) studied and graduated from a non-traditional, progressive school, from first to sixth grade. There we learned about the importance of "unstructured play" in igniting children's curiosity and n turn, helping them excel.

As a mom, I let them play with pets, ask them to help me in gardening, get them involved in DIY weekend projects, and let them play in the dirt.  Oh yes, the playing (soccer practices) can become too DIRTY!

Unstructured play is an open-ended activity with no specific learning objectives. This category of play can range from playing with toys that can be used in various ways to an afternoon of digging in the garden. Materials with interesting textures, like sand, clay, soil or slime are often used.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


A few years back, December 2015 to be exact, I was commissioned to write for the very first RAWR Awards held at the Meralco Theatre. It was a special night as movie, TV stars, media personalities and fans of came together to celebrate the website's 7th anniversary. 

Fast forward to 2018 -- and guess what.  I am attending this year's RAWR Awards not as the event's writer anymore, but a proud partner blogger of the event. Yey!  This is so exciting!  To see the logo of my humble blog on the official poster is simply awesome!

RAWR Awards 2018 is all-set at Le Rêve on November 14 brings back #RAWRAwards2018 on November 14, Wednesday, 6pm at Le Rêve Pool Party Venue and Events Place. The annual award-giving body is backed up by the Filipino blogging community, particularly the entertainment blogs spearheaded by the aforementioned site.

A total of 25 awards are at stake in this year’s RAWR Awards. Dubbed as a spectacle of entertainment celebrities; apart from a 250-strong support from the new media practitioners (bloggers) across the country, PR groups are all in support as well as the respective fans of the listed nominees.

Monday, October 8, 2018


This is only the second time that I have been invited by this well loved Filipino brand - Mega Global -- makers of Mega tuna, sardines, and prime products.  For both events, I went home MEGA happy!  Last year, I was declared as the online winner for Mega Prime Cook-off Challenge.  And this year, I was the grand prize winner in their #MegaBarkada media launch -- where I went home with an overnight GC for 6 for a much awaited glamping experience.


But these are not the only reasons why I am MEGA happy with this brand. I learned from their recent event, that their tuna brand is something that they are truly proud of. Aside from the fact that it is proudly Filipino made, it is made with 100% pure tuna, with no extenders.  Which is a very important factor to consider for moms like me in choosing what's healthy for the family.


Youthful, dynamic, and brimming with fresh ideas, the Mega Barkada are the newest brand ambassadors of Mega Tuna, the country’s most exciting tuna brand. Made up of Deegee Razon, Ronan Domingo, Melissa Gohing, and Baninay Bautista, the MegaBarkada goes through life with a spirit of adventure and fun, exploring new things and learning from each other, while always staying true to themselves.

To bring their brand of fun and authenticity to more Filipinos, the Mega Barkada will be launching two webisodes, especially made to delight audiences across and beyond the country.

Thanks to their partnership with Mega Global, the MegaBarkada says they have become better consumers. Speaking for the group, Baninay says:  “Mega has taught us what being authentic is all about. Our togetherness has made us appreciate each other, at parati kaming tunay sa isa’t isa. Ganun din pagdating sa Mega Tuna. I now know that pag pure ang ingredients at walang halong fake, you won’t go wrong with its quality and taste.
Indeed, with Mega Tuna, you can live life fully without worrying about what you eat. And with 100% tuna, you’ll be sure to only have 100% pure experiences.
Mega Tuna comes in four variants, namely, Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Spicy, and Spanish-Style. All variants are available in supermarkets nationwide. For more information, please visit the website and Facebook page Sarap ng TUNAy webisodes will also be available on the Facebook for sharing!