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For mommies who have little kids, bento making is a fun activity to explore.  You get to teach your little one kitchen basics, and you have an opportunity to bond with them.

I don't have little kids anymore, but I had lotsa fun with bento making. I felt, that every little detail you put into cooking the food you will include in the bento plus the creativity you try to incorporate decorating it only means -- you are making the recipient feel special. In my kids, that would be Mr.Wise and the "teens"!

But I believe that there is more to bento making than "decorating" it!  As a mom, I would like to make sure, that the food I include in my bento are all HEALTHY.  A balance of carbs, fruits and veggies, and protein. 

Also, there is the concern of PACKING.  I suggest to include food that don't easily spoil. Nothing half cook.  Another basic tip for packing your bento -- don't pack food straight from the pan. You might need to move the food into a plate let the heat evaporate a little.

And of course, the container you will use for your Bento must be of good quality, has air-tight seal that keeps food fresh longer. The Tupperware Click To Go Double Deep SET is one excellent product for your Bento, especially with its 1.5L capacity.


So I was invited to the 2nd Blogger Tupperware Party, and for the afternoon, we were taught how to make Bento Creations.  Oh yes, I felt worried, because admittedly I am not a kitchen expert. Good thing, our chef did most of the cooking, and we were just asked how to make the Bento (sigh of relief hehehe)!

I was assigned to make the TEMPURA SUSHI.  Yey! My family have always loved tshrimp empura and sushi. Combining them... interesting!  And another yey, because I was kindda confident with my "sushi-maki-rolling" power!


The Chef Anna Rodrigo-Viado prepared our tempura. She made a simple tempura batter using all purpose flour and beer.  The carbon in beer makes the batter "airy", the results fluffier tempura. Important tip in making crispy tempura, is to maintain heat of oil to 260 degrees. To test, if you put the tempura into the oil, and then it floats immediately, then your oil is just right. 


Using the Tupperware Easy Mando, Chef Anna asked us to set it at level 1 (thinnest slice). I used it to slice the cucumber.  I was very happy with how the Easy Mando worked -- resulting to perfect and even sliced cucumber. And it was so easy to use.  My mind was already imagining slicing other veggies and fruits -- for my salad making!  


Next, I arranged the rice on top of the nori sheet, put the tempura, cucumber and drizzled with Japanese Mayo. And then the fun part -- making the roll!  Another tip: before slicing, wet your knives so you can cut it neatly.


I put my finished tempura sushi inside the Tupperware Square rounds, put soy sauce inside the Tupperware Rainbow Cube, garnish a little and voila --- the cute #TupperwareBentoCreation of Mrs.Wise  :)

For the White Chocolate Mousse that was included in my Bento -- it was also prepared by Chef Anne.  The process: combine cream cheese and sugar.  Beat until smooth and no lumps. Set aside.  Melt white chocolate together with the cream.  Then combine with the cream cheese mixture. Whip the cream into soft peaks then incorporate the cream cheese mixture.  Pour into the Rainbow cube.  I added kiwi as garnish. 
I really was impressed with how the Mando Junior worked. I think its the perfect kitchen partner, specially for someone like me who loves salad :)


Upon coming home, I was so excited to show my hubby the gifts given to me by Tupperware Brands Ph. 


The hubby was particularly excited with the Tupperware Speedy Chopper.  He said, he can now chop conveniently, and at a faster rate.

Last year I gave you guys a peek of my basil garden. And how we make PESTO at home. Oh yes, we used the old fashion pandikdik (na minana ko pa sa nanay ko). We also used a manual stirrer, after we have chopped, crushed and mashed the ingredients.

With the Speedy Chopper, we put everything inside (basil leaves, salt, garlic, olive oil, peanuts) and in a few seconds, our Pesto sauce is ready!  Easy-peasy!

Me and the hubby have always believed that Tupperware Products really make cooking 
preparation so easy. Particularly the Speedy Chopper and the Easy Mando, cuts cooking time preparation big time, and both are easy to use.

So what are you waiting for momshies... and daddies too!  Try some Bento Making activities with your kids, using the Tupperware Products that I mentioned. Happy bonding with the kiddos and happy bento making!

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