Friday, March 31, 2023


As a blogger, I try to be as diverse as I can when choosing topics to write about.  For the past year, I have been writing a lot of finance-related articles. The reason behind, I am trying to learn more about investing, trading, and growing my money.  

A month ago, I was offered an online writing job related to anything and everything about cryptocurrency. Admittedly, I did some thorough research to learn more about this subject, together with topics on web 3.0, blockchain, the metaverse. The more I read about them, the more engrossed I became. Truly – this cryptocurrency is the “future of money.”  

This digital innovation has lots of potential. I am sure dear readers, that by now, you have read about the rise of bitcoin! And how its price has sky-rocketed over the years.  The increasing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is also driving demand for Bitcoin.  

Last March 27-28, I went to the Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay and networked with bitcoin maximalists and enthusiasts. I also learned that Boracay, as an island in the Philippines, has a hundred plus establishments accepting bitcoin as a payment.  

I am slowly expanding my knowledge on the subject of metaverse. I am not an expert, but writing scripts and articles related to it, my goal is to share this innovation with my readers. That there is a lot of investment potential in this technology. If you learn the ropes.  

Speaking of savings and investments, I always visit the website to help me manage my savings portfolio, retirement plan and mortgage goals.   

The last time I visited the website, I found out that there is a new section that I can truly enjoy: a GAMING section.  Games that are FUN, FREE and AD-FREE. Kids and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy playing. I highly recommend the games to younger kids, student age kids because there are lots of math problem solving games. If you can teach your kids about counting, business, saving and investing through games – grab that opportunity now! Tickle their minds!  

To date they have these following categories of games: 


And what made me very happy with this website. They have a couple of games featuring Bitcoin and NFTs. Was excited to try them.  Everything I researched about the subject is manifested in the game. So cool!

BITCOIN TAP TAP MINE > where players collect Bitcoin and use them to upgrade their Bitcoin mining.  This game can be used as an introduction to fiat currency, to explain how Cryptocurrencies work, discuss the nature of money, the growing power of computing over our economic systems, and how currencies fluctuate in value.

CASH BACK > definitely for the kids. They will learn how to give the correct change in this time pressured game. 

If you feel like playing money games just to relax, or use these money games to teach math to your kids, or learn a little bit about bitcoin and NFTs - just go to and I am sure you will find a game that will suit your gaming needs. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Uratex Mattresses Celebrates #TulogIsLife on World Sleep Day!

Uratex, the leading foam company in the Philippines, joins the world in celebrating all things sleep and explaining why #TulogIsLife during this year’s World Sleep Day (WSD). “WSD” is a special day happening this March 17 which hopes to reinforce the value of having a goodnight’s sleep for every person.

According to Milieu Insight and Intellect’s research on sleeping, many Filipino adults who are currently employed admitted to experiencing poor quality of life due to a variety of stressors.This has resulted in most of them having difficulty finding good sleep. The National Nutrition Council in the Philippines added that deficiency in sleep is linked to many health problems relating to brain functions and even depression. With this, a complete sleep of 7 to 8 hours, in a regular schedule each night, is necessary to boost our immune system.

To provide a sleep solution to every sleep problem, Uratex is committed to creating products that give every Filipino family the finest possible sleep experience. Uratex has spent more than five decades developing and innovating sleeping essentials to meet everyone's needs, making it a sleeping companion that’s trusted by every Filipino.

“A complete sleep can truly make a difference to a person in terms of one’s health and mood for the day. To aid us in getting a good night's sleep, one of the things we need to consider is having the right sleeping aids (mattress, pillows) which Uratex Mattresses addresses through its innovative products,” added Mr. Kurt Cheng, Brand Marketing Executive and Sleep Expert of Uratex Philippines.

Literally, #TulogIsLife and Uratex anchor this year’s World Sleep Day celebration with the World Sleep Society’s 2023 theme “Sleep is essential for health”, as sleep directly impacts multiple dimensions of health including fitness, nutrition, cardiovascular health, mental health and many more.

Great deals on Uratex sleeping products

Sleep is where dreams are made, and Uratex can help you to make the most of it – at an even more affordable rate!

In celebration of World Sleep Day, Uratex offers up to 10% discount on selected sleeping products from March 15-31, 2023. Promo is applicable and exclusive to Uratex Showrooms, Authorized Dealers Nationwide and official online store.

“Sleeping is not only important, it’s essential for a lot of reasons. We at Uratex always strive to ensure that every Filipino gets the best sleep through our products, and continue championing its value and impact in our daily lives,” said Mr. Christian Cheng, Brand Marketing Executive of Uratex Philippines.

You can join the World Sleep Day celebration with Uratex Mattresses by using the officialhashtags #UratexWSD2023 #WorldSleepDay #TulogIsLife

Uratex’s array of mattresses, among its other quality products for sleeping, made the brand consistently recognized as a Trusted Brand for Mattress category at the Reader’s Digest Awards. This recognition was consistently given to Uratex for 13 years, including the Awards’ 2022 edition.

To learn more about Uratex, its products, as well as upcoming promos, visit You may also visit their official Shopee page at and follow /UratexPhilippines on Facebook, and @uratex_ph on Instagram for updates and upcoming promos.

About Uratex 

Uratex is the leading foam company in the country, offering products that help enrich lives and create meaningful moments such as mattresses, pillows, toppers, etc. For more than 55 years, the brand is committed in providing comfort through its products and services.