Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hello there wisey momsies!!!

Are you like me who is perennially hooked on lifestyle shows?  Aside from the fact that I am a lifestyle blogger and I've handled and written several lifestyle TV shows before... I am a huge fan of lifestyle shows because I get up-to-date info on latest trends --  on beauty, health, fashion, food, travel, science, technology, and the arts that will inform, inspire, and engage people to live out their own life goals and aspirations.

That is why I was uber excited when I received an invite to the press launch of "TRENDING WITH KELLY"!  No lifestyle blogger would let this chance pass of meeting in person model and TV host Kelly Misa-Fernandez as she talks about her latest show.  Knowing the hottest trends is always a part of my list as a blogger :)

Kelly Misa-Fernandez is back to deliver the latest trends and topics concerning today’s generation with the launch of the new show starting July 2, Sunday at 9:30pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

During the press launch dubbed as #TWKMeetsThePress, I got a glimpse of what the lifestyle show has to offer.  Here is the highlight of our intimate talk with Kelly and Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou, who will be handling the show's segment entitled "Food Forward".

In the show’s first episode, Kelly will set sail and open her journey in search for the best things that life can offer. Join her as she takes a sip of the latest trends in wines from Ralph Joseph of Ralph's Wines and Spirits and help her find the latest style in fashion with no less than trending designer Albert Andrada. Also, believe in a healthy and long lasting love life with a romantic story delivered straight from the USA.  

Based from the show's teaser, this is one show worth watching every week.  Kelly, one of the Philippines’ most popular commercial models, who has also made a name as a beauty columnist and lifestyle blogger, will also introduce her co-host and resident food trend expert Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou, more popularly known as Chef Tatung, who is an author, celebrity chef and culinary heritage advocate. Together, they promise to give viewers more reasons to achieve and experience the best and the latest as they travel to our dream destinations, bask in the latest style, and taste our newest cravings.

Catch “Trending with Kelly” every Sunday, 9:30 pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel, with replays every Saturday at 11:30am. The show is also simulcast around the globe via The Filipino Channel (TFC). 

“Trending with Kelly” is produced by Takels Entertainment Productions in partnership with ANC.


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