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A lot of times, I crave for food from my hometown Malabon.  I've been living in Quezon City for nine years now, and there are certain food that I cannot find where I live: 

Tampalin - pork that we fry, like chicharon, that we put in veggie dishes
Seafood treats like paros (that we eat for meryenda, sold like taho) and balay.
Tahure - aged soybean that we crumble as an ingredient to tochong bangus;  or mash then fry with garlic and tomatoes as a side dish to pesa.

Ayan na naman.... I feel my taste buds craving for these.  And the only sure way to satisfy my cravings is to travel an hour or so to Malabon.  Which I cannot do often.

Wouldn't it be great if there is a place where you can order your favorite food, the way it is prepared in your hometown?

Then let's talk about SALU, the Filipino Restaurant owned by the celebrity couple, Romnick Sarments and Harlene Bautista. It opened its doors to the hungry Manilenyos to provide authentic treats from parts of the Philippines.  The couple did immersions in different provinces just to get the authenticity of certain dishes.

After one year, they thrive and is ready to offer more delectable and unique surprises for customers who deserve more when it comes to Pinoy food trip.

The restaurant opened their anniversary month with a blockbuster promo of buy one take one of their famous BLK (Binagoongang Lechon Kare Kare).  Last June 11, A Piso for Brazo de Kalabasa was enjoyed by the first 100 guests for every purchase of Php500.  Both of these promos were made to give thanks to all Ka-Salu/s who have dined and craved for the best of Salu Plates this past year.  

"Masarap at nakakataba ng puso ang aming unang taon. Wo we thought, why not give thanks and extend to our customers those blessings that we earned because of their trust through these simple promos.  These two dishes are on our top moving dish and dessert on our first year"  shared by Mr. Sarmenta

During the thanksgiving lunch that had happened last June 9, the celebrity couple also shared a colorful year that was for Salu.  These include gaining tie ups with some organizations such as Hashtag Philippines through Antoinette Taus where average of 300 kids are fed every event with Salu packed lunches that comes with love notes from volunteers.  Salu was also chosen to represent the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao for the biggest food convention in the world -- Madrid Fusion, where they showcased their best southern dishes that's available only at the restaurant.  Chefs, culinary experts and delegates of the congress were in awe with the taste of Mindanao cuisines that's unique and distinct due to special ingredients such as pampa.  Some of the featured dishes include Beef Kulma, Syagul Pagi, Utak Utak and Pyanggang.  

"We are grateful to be chosen by DOT-ARMM headed by Mrs. Ayesha Mangudadatu Dilangalen, to represent their region at the prestigious Madrid Fusion.  We have built this brand to be the culinary authority when it comes to all things Filipino. ANd being chosen to participate in such convention was an affirmation that indeed, we somehow are in the right path of meeting our mission. Hopfully on our second year, we can serve more authetic plates and continue to be a portal for all the flavors of this country, especially those that are still undiscovered", says Harlene Bautista.

On its second year, Salu also unveils their campaign #SarapMabuhay.  This showcases not just the exciting flavors that this country has to offer but also highlights the abundance of fresh ingredients that can make any kitchen push for magic.  

Hipon sa Aligue
Cochinillo.  Preordering required.
Taho Cheesecake
Durian Cake

It also refers to the kind of people that you dine with which ranges from family friends and even strangers and the overall experience of "salu-salo" in the Philippines which has always been distinct. The campaign would still highlight the adventures of the owners as they search for the next ultimate plates to bring back home to Salu, to be made available for all who wants to discover more.  Exciting products and experiences are also up for grabs for all diners.  The Pilipinas Platter, their version of a group feast, gives customers an opportunity to taste all the specialties in different parts of the Philippines.  All the cuisines are creatively plated on a special carved Pilipinas wooden plate.  

Luto ni Nanay gives moms a chance to cook with the talented chefs of Salu as the learn to prepare one of a kind dishes for the family.  All these starting this June.  


Sct. Torillo corner Sct. Fernandez, Barangay Sacred Heart Quezo City
Hotline:  (02) 2821512

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