Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear Mrs.Wise....

You are 6 months old now.  How time flies.  I remembered the very first post.  It was about my love for turmeric.  It was 6 months ago when your name was still “Happy Turmeric”. 

Oh wow, I can’t believe it.  You survived 6 months. When my other blogs became stagnant after a few posts, you are still here... alive and kicking!

You are slowly morphing into something....

I must admit, you started as a journal so I can preserve the memories of the BACKPACK SQUAD.  I just feel happy remembering and writing about the good times spent in the different parts of the country. 

But you Mrs.Wise has brought me to more destinations.  I re-visited Baguio and met Bencab.  It was a first time for me in Corregidor.   

You also introduced me to different events.  But you Mrs.Wise will never be content on just presenting the events.  You will always put in your two-cents worth, or relate everything into your varied experiences in parenting and raising millenial kids.  

You, Mrs. Wise rekindled my love for Pinoy Products.  SME’s will always have a spot on this blog. A big shoutout to Lokal, MNL Growkit, My Furry Baby and Cusina  :)

Mrs.Wise would loooove to review more Philippine made products and Pinoy businesses! 


And on my Mrs.Wise 6th month... there’s a new category on the blog. There will be regular blog posts about Celebrity WoWMoMs, that I have worked with through the years.  Find out what they learned about parenting and motherhood.

Thankful also for the friendship and

Here's to more travels, foodie discoveries, events, product reviews, celebrity features, gardening and DIY projects!  Life is not perfect, but it sure is exciting and happy when you are WISE about things :)


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