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Lifestyle bloggers like me are always excited to get pampered.  Especially a hands-on-mom like me.  But when you are told that you will be pampered for half a day, with three different beauty treatments -- whoa!  That's a real treat!  

Last July 14, I was invited to the opening of three premiere pampering and grooming destinations under the R2 Group of Companies-- Nailaholics, Ooh La Lash and Hey Sugar, Greenhills Unimart branch.

Nailaholics offers distinct nail and spa services performed by genuinely caring nail technicians with doors all over the country.

Ooh La Lash is in charge of elevating the standards of beautiful lashes using only FDA approved materials, free collagen treatments in all services performed by Expert Lash Technicians certified by Tesda.

Hey Sugar, the only one 100% sugar, all natural and organic waxing salon in the country.


"My sexy eyelash at Ooh La Lash" 

I started my day with a "first".  For the longest time I wanted to have eyelash extensions but I was afraid that it might hurt a lot.  Yes, I have heard horror stories of eye allergies and painful procedures.

Ooh La Lash staff greeted me with warmth and happy vibes.  The colorful interior of the salon exudes the same happy vibes.  They carefully explained to me what eyelash extensions are.  Lash extensions are individual strands of synthetic lashes attached to your natural lashes one by one using a special glue. The procedure may take a minimum of one hour.

So I finally chose my extensions. I opted for classic (51-85 lashes) at 10mm.  I would have wanted the diva  (86-130 lashes), but I thought it might not look good on me.  Plus, Ooh La Lash suggested to choose classic, because my eyelashes were not that long.  

Then they asked me the following questions:  Did you eye make-up? Did you have eye operation or surgery within the last 6 months?  Do I wear eyeglasses? I said NO to the first two questions, and I wear reading glasses as needed, and I showed them my glasses.

Then we proceeded to the procedure.  First I was given a facial massage. Then, a collagen eye patch were placed in both eyes. Then it was finally time to put the extensions one piece at a time.  It took me more than an hour to complete the procedure, and I really felt, the eyelash technician was really being extra careful with what she is doing.  I felt a tinge of pain in my left eye for a while.  The pain is similar to hilam. But it was tolerable.

nervous smile. First time eh!

cleaning of face
relaxing facial massage
hello collagen :)

And here is the result:  

Ooh La Lash gave me things of what to in the next 48 hours. Avoid wetting my lashes; avoid swimming; do not apply oil based creams and lotions on or around my eyes; do not apply eye or lash makeup;  After 48 hours: I should avoid rubbing my eyes and using oil based makeup remover; I should not use eyelash curlers;  

Would you like to have your eyelash extensions too? Some nail pampering and organic sugar waxing?  Head onto Ooh La Lash, Nailaholics, Hey Sugar at Unimart Greenhills, San Juan.  You can find them at the Mezzanine Level.

"Chic nails at Nailaholics"

I have a confession to make.  Whenever I go to the nail salon I always feel as if I just wasted money.  Due to my own fault.  I go to a nail salon, put some nail polish, then go straight to gardening.  The result:  the nail polish looks decent for just a day. After a day or two, its already chipped  :(  But I love my garden... and I love working using my bare hands.

So when I had my nails done at Nailaholics, was happy to be given these tips on how to take care of my nails, before and after a nail pampering experience:  

>> Make sure nails are moisturized before getting a manicure. Hydrated nail beds cause less nail breakage and chips. Especially for someone like me who is exposed to gardening elements.
>> Always use a base coat before painting color on.  This protects nails from staining and also acts as a great adhesive for the polish ensuring lasting color.
>> To extend the life and shine of your manicure, apply really thin coats of topcoat every other day
>> They said I should wear gloves while doing the dishes or laundry. Water expands the nail bed and causes nail polish to chip. Noted!
>> Be careful in applying skin care products. Some type can cause nail polish to dull and discolor like sunscreen and mosquito repellents. 

O di ba?  I got an awesome nail pampering, I was given tips pa.  You are really in good expert hands at Nailaholics!

"Organic Waxing at Hey Sugar"

 have always told my daughter... once you reach puberty, don't pluck nor shave your armpits. It will cause chicken skin. And exposing your pores may lead to infection. I 
should know, I developed sebaceous cyst twice in my life already.  Soon I will be bringing my daughter to a waxing salon too.  But first, I want to give it a try.  

Since hindi naman ako balbon... wala naman tatanggalin sa kilay ko. Hahaha!  So I opted for an underarm waxing.  I thought the sugar wax was extremely hot... hindi naman pala. Tamang tama lang sa skin, it was actually soothing.  Ang gaan din ng kamay ni ate. She got all the hair in just one motion.  

Hey Sugar uses all organic sugar wax.  Why go Organic?  Here's why!

Organic products pose less health risks.  Organic products may seem less effective compared to their chemical counterparts, but are gentler on the skin and has no side effects. Since they are plant based, they come with nourishing power; in the same way you are advised to eat fruits and veggies to keep the rest of your body healthy.  Putting all natural products on the skin will definitely help supply it with much needed vitamins and minerals to boost its health. 

So this happy momma was pampered to the max.  Thank you very much Nailaholics, Hey Sugar and Ooh La Lash!

hey sugar:  

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