Friday, July 21, 2017



Let me start this article with this amazing video of the Tupperware Click Series Peeler Set.

I know what you are all thinking... it is an exciting product isn't it? It really is!  And here is my story....


Peeling and slicing are my kitchen tasks.  In our family, it is the hubby who cooks.  But I don't totally abandon him in the kitchen. I usually help in the pre and post food preparation. That is -- washing, peeling and slicing of ingredients, and washing the pots, pans and utensils after cooking.  Hey, that's real kitchen work, you can ask my hubby :)

I've always used knives in peeling.  Why?  Because I have worked with substandard peelers that have caused me numerous cuts in my hands. Because they usually have smooth metallic handles na delikado pag dumulas sa kamay. 

That is why I was super happy to receive the latest innovative product from one of my favorite brands... TUPPERWARE!  The Click Series Peeler Set.  



The Click Series Peeler Set came in a black stylish storage box.  I loved the fact that I can easily access each blade, by simply pressing the one-release button.  The storage box also include an anti-skid feet on each corner for counter stability. 

After using, you can put the blade with its handle on a standing position on the storage box so it can air-dry. See? Storage box pa lang, multifunctional na!    

The blades were also very impressive.  

The VERTICAL HEAD is for peeling hard fruits and vegetables, or for making shavings from chocolate of cheese. 

The UNIVERSAL HEAD has a straight blade for harder fruits and vegetables, and serrated blade for ofter foods and a small spur to remove "eyes" from potatoes.

And the WIDE HEAD for slicing.  Great for making thin slices of potato chips or zucchini for salad (both are my family's fave).  

Having said all that info, its time to road test this innovative kitchen product.  Let's do some peeling!



I made sure to use the product for several days and to use in in different fruits and veggies. I was amazed that the different blades were easy to use and really really peel well.  I just have to make a mental note to always clean the blade after use and dry it well -- para tumagal talaga siya sa akin.

The peelers were easy to use.  Doesn't slip from my grip.  And can easily be attached or detached from the handle. Saves time in the kichen because the peelers functions ver well.

The storage box is a genius of a design.  It serves its purpose as a storage, and if you are a bit OC like me, the box will ensure you that the peeler heads will never be misplaced.  

Over-all, the product blends well in my red kitchen motif.  So cool that I have several colorful items that make my kitchen exude a happy vibe :)

O di ba?  Even my teen daughter did not have a problem handling the Click Peeler Set. Now she can be a kitchen helper too. She told me, she'll not only be in charged with peeling fruits and veggie now... she can easily to garnishings too.   Eh di happy'ng happy si mommy!

Beef Stew for dinner  :)

SRP for the Click Peeler Set is P1699 but this month you can get it at a discounted price of P1299 this month. Panalo ito di ba?

Thank you very much Tupperware Brands Ph for giving me the opportunity to experience this awesome product.

Finally I got to try the Tupperware Spiralizer.  Super fun and easy to use. Now we can have twister fries at home anytime we want!  Yey!



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