Saturday, July 29, 2017


When it comes to food... there are perfect pairs. We Filipinos cannot eat dinuguan without puto;  Didn't Anthony Bourdain himself said... "hot, sizzling crispy, sticky, delicious sisig is the perfect match to beer?"  The TV chef and author recognizes food pairing as an exciting gastronomic experience.

Speaking of an exciting gastronomic experience... Burger King recently introduced the perfect pair -- the Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch with their Thick-Blend Milkshakes!

The Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch is made with Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno and 100% beef patty, bringing a cheesier, beefier, tastier and hotter burger experience.  Sharing the spotlight are its other ingredients, which include mozzarella, swiss cheese, american cheese and cheddar cheese sauce.  You should try this one in your favorite Burger King outlet.  Mrs.Wise doesn't recommend this for takeout, because the cheetos can get soggy. You should enjoy it while its hot  :)

A burger as tasty as this deserves the right partner -- introducing the Thick BLend Milkshake in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.  When I say thick -- it is REALLY thick.  You need to wait for a few minutes to sip it or if you can't wait to taste its creamy goodness, you can scoop it!

"Burger King is keen on implementing efforts to reinvent our products. One of the many ways is to add new variations to satisfy the cravings of our consumers. And as Burger King continues with these efforts, we hope to bring milkshake in the Philippines this year, to complete that indulgent American burger experience."  aid Jo Anne Tan, Marketing Head of Burger King Philippines. 

Burger King's Thick Blend Milkshakes will only be available to the market, if we want to. Do I think these milkshakes are great additions to Burger King's menu?  

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