Tuesday, August 1, 2017


 A year and a half into blogging, I did not imagine myself to be writing an article about a cook-off experience.  Oh no!  Not me... I am not an expert in the kitchen.  

Mid July, I received an email from Alvin of PRC, Inc. inviting me to join their campaign, Mega Prime Mushroom's Rainy Day Souprise.  I will be in the category of mommy bloggers.  I am required to post an article (and promote it on Facebook using photos) of an original soup recipe using mushrooms.

And I thought:  "meron pa bang original mushroom recipe?  Na wala pa sa internet?"

I remember emailing Alvin back, asking if he is serious that an original recipe is a requirement.  Told him am not even a kitchen expert to start with. I also asked him what will happen on July 25, as stated in the email.  He replied "July 25 is the actual cook off during Mega Prime's event.  Hindi naman po kailangan na expert kayo sa kusina.

To this my reaction was:  A cook-off...serious?  Ano ito?  Iron Chef meets Masterchef meets Hell's Kitchen. Whoa!  

After 2 days, I emailed Alvin back, saying... Ok I will give it a try. My exact words, "Oh, I don't think I can reach naman the finals because I am not that expert as a cook. But I am interested in trying out the products." 

Fast forward to that day my husband shot my video (yes, it is a requirement too. that I include in the article a video of myself cooking the soup). Dilemna: what to cook?  Then I thought of Dulong, which I love to eat with steamed tomatoes.  How did I come up with the idea of including Dulong as a secret ingredient, read THE STORY HERE.


I thought shooting the video was the hardest requirement  (my husband is a professional video editor) and he won't settle for haphazard style of editing and shooting).  But no! There was editing, taking a photo of the finished product, and eventually, promoting on facebook my entry.

Slowly... what has started for me as mere "sige na nga try ko lang", became, hmm.... "ginusto ko ito I might as well be competetive.  I would have to admit, the prizes are big. Cash, GCs, and mega prime products. So push!

So I thought of making a stop animation to promote my blog article, which I personally shot and edited.  This is the end product, which generated 682 views, 74 likes, 25 shares and 25 comments.  Love ako ng mga friends ko at followers ni Mrs.Wise  :)

The first deadline posted on facebook was July 20, which was later moved to July 23. That Sunday, the finalists were announced!

Monday was SONA day, and I can't go out of the house. So I asked the hubby to buy me my ingredients that I will bring to the cook off.  

Tuesday - D-DAY!  Arrived at Enderun at around 11am (traffic in Eastwood was horrible. This was the time of that 19-vehicle collision at Ortigas Overpass)

Meeting my co-mommy blogger April, and Prime Moms, Des and Apple was memorable. We were like kids having fun in the kitchen.  I remember asking for kitchen napkins from Mommy Des and used Mommy April's cooking oil.  We were not at all competing.  We were just chatting and savoring the experience.  

After the cook-off and we have plated our dishes... we waited for the host to call us one by one, to present our dishes.  The judges for the day: Marian Rivera, Chef Nino Logarta and Mega Prime Executives.  

After much deliberation, Mommy Des was announced as the winner.  Which confused me a bit.  Because I thought, there were 2 categories:  Prime Moms and Mommy Bloggers. Everything happened so fast.  And when I approached the organizers, they said, that I also won.  I am the big winner for the Mommy Blogger category.  Awww, sayang di ako na-announce.  Sayang ang formal photo opportunity with Marian!  :)  

(video from FB live of Mega Prime)

A few minutes after the announcement of the winner, Marian told me... "kayong dalawa nung winner ang favorite ko. Tie score niyo sa akin eh. Panalo ang Dulong."  Oh my, at least it validated the taste of my Creamy Mushroom Soup with a twist  hahaha!

So I guess... I am no kitchen expert.  But I have two memorable experiences related to cooking this year.  First, was when I cooked for Coco Martin and then my super saya Mega Prime Cook-Off Experience.   

Looking forward to my 3rd cooking story!!!  

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