Friday, June 1, 2018


It is always a refreshing experience to do NEW things you haven't tried before.  And this blogger momma experienced Silent Clubbing at SM Fairview last June 1!  What can I say... it was surreal, and it was sooo fun!


Got to party to the beat of three cool DJ's >> Callum David, Angel Villaronte and Marvelous!

We were given this headset to use, wherein we can access three channels to the three DJ's. Its choose your own jam!  I listened to all three --- but found myself sticking to DJ Angel Villaronte more.  Girl power!!!

THe DJ's would know who are on their frequency, because of the color. Each person's headphones light up with the color of the station they are listening to.  See.. the red light on my headphones, same as DJ Angel's color!  


I know that silent clubbing or silent disco has been happening for years now. I have heard of an Ely Buendia concert using the same silent concept. But experiencing it for myself for the first time was a cool experience.

I liked it because:  I have 100% control of the music and the volume. If I don't like what one DJ is playing, I can just switch to another channel.  I also liked the idea that the concept lessens noise pollution. And hey... admit it... it was awesome to wear that headphones and party with the coolest DJ in town!

Thanks to SM City Fairview for the experience. Watch the highlights of the event!

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