Saturday, May 19, 2018


A few days back, I was invited to the "Choose Natural: My Novuhair Salon Experience" held at the Fanny Serrano Salon and Boutique in Quezon City.

Was glad that I attended this event because aside from getting pampered, I also learned a lot about my hair.

First I experienced the hair and scalp analysis. My result --> I have conditioner residue on my scalp.  Which is actually not good because it clogs the pores, and when not removed properly will result to dandruffs. But generally, I have normal hair growth -- 2-3 strands per hair root. And even the bald spot at the back of my head due to alopecia, has hair growth.

After the hair and scalp analysis, came in my treat!  They gave me a thorough scalp massage using the Novuhair Lotion, which I also use daily at home.  But I have to admit, I am kindda lazy in doing scalp massage so I was really glad that someone has to do it for me  :)   I really liked that natural, organic smell of Novuhair, and its cool effect on my scalp.

After the massage, I was given a Novuhair shampoo and conditioning treatment.  It was close to 2pm, on a hot summer day.  I almost fell asleep while they were doing this.  So relaxing.

Then it was time for a well deserved haircut.  I told Ms. Lea Pilongo, my stylist, that I would want a hairstyle that would require minimal styling on a daily basis.  And I wanted to go back to a bob cut. So she suggested for a simple bob cut, with minimal layering at the back, just to achieve that "body".  TF was also there to supervise the haircut  :)

And this was the result:  


While Ms. Lea was giving me a haircut, I asked her for some summer hair care tips.

>> if you have hair color, its best to put hair conditioning products like argan oil before hitting the beach. It will protect you from the heat of the sun and the salty water.
>> if you plan to color your hair, you have to wait for a few days before exposing it to extreme heat of the outdoors and again... sea water, because there is a big chance that your color will fade upon early exposure.
>> because of the heat, you will have the tendency to always have your hair in ponytail. A word of caution, if you are prone to hair fall, put too much pressure on your strands by tying them tightly. This will also contribute to more hair fall.


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