Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I don't really know if I qualify as a "good parent" (because there is no concrete checklist to tick; friends and relatives don't give feedbacks if I am a good one) -- but one thing is for sure -- me and my hubby are "involved parents".  We try as hard as we could to guide, mentor and support our two teens. Most especially, in education -- now that they are both senior high school students and will soon decide on the career path they will pursue in college.

Back in my high school days, I remember doing everything on my own. My parents did not guide me at all in choosing the course or school that I want to enroll in. They just said, "bahala ka na. Kung ano ang piliin mo, suportahan ka namin."  And I wanted to be a writer ever since.  Well, maybe my parents were of a different generation, and dear readers -- those of you who are in your 40's will agree with me, that parents of our age are very hands on with our children's affairs and decisions. Which I think is beneficial for our millennials  :)

True story >> when I asked my son what course would he like to take up in college, he said, he wanted to take up engineering. Then I asked, what kind? And his reply was a blank stare.  He wasn't sure what branch of engineering interests him. Which brought me a lot of stress. Because, I myself is not too familiar with the course. I know I can easily google the info -- but I really wanted to explain things to my son in the most effective manner.

So I was very very thankful, when this opportunity to write about Adamson University came. And when I learned that its flagship program is ENGINEERING, its just like MrsWise getting the jackpot!  This is the right exposure, for me and my hubby, and my 17 year old aspiring engineer!  So to Adamson University we go!!!


We travelled from Quezon City to Manila for 1.5 hours. But the good thing was, you can reach Adamson University by bus, van, jeepneys, and the LRT-1 route. Adamson University at San Marcelino St, Manila is highly accessible to all modes of transportation. 



Adamson University has 10 colleges offering various degrees >> Architecture, Business Administration, Education and Liberal Arts, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Science, Graduate School and Theology. Basic Education and Senior High Programs are also offered.

But since this is an immersion project too for my son -- I will focus on the Engineering degrees of this university.



For our immersion tour, we visited the College of Engineering, met some of their nice professors who toured and explained to us their facilities. Watch the highlight of our immersion tour plus know the 5 REASONS why you should consider Adamson University as a choice university for Engineering courses.


The university has one of the most affordable tuitions for a learning instution of its stature. 
The university offers various scholarship programs for deserving students.  

I talked to Maria Rose V. Mercado, head of Chemistry Lab, who has been working in Adamson University of more than 35 years. Her daughter also works in the university. She is very thankful that Adamson University takes care of their employees, by granting them full scholarship for their children.


Spending the day with my son at Adamson University really opened my eyes to what the institution can give as far as education is concerned. I was impressed with their engineering laboratories, workshop area and facilities. I also liked the university's attitude towards their students -- those who are not doing quite well academically are given the chance to make up, when professors give them their valuable time for consultation. Let's face it, not everyone is blessed with academic proficiency, but when an institution exert extra effort to help students, guide them well towards their goals, parents like me will consider that a big blessing.

Two years from now, when my son embarks on his journey towards his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer (which he finally decided after our immersion trip in Adamson), I will definitely consider enrolling him in Adamson University!  

If you want to learn more about Adamson University, or perhaps you might want to check out the courses they offer -- please visit their website

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