Wednesday, February 21, 2018


When we bought a lot in QC and 5 years later, decided to build a house,  it was an informed decision.  I would like for my family to have a traditional 2-storey house, with a garden.  Of course, we were lucky, that we chose a spot that still has a view, even if it was situated in a highly congested city.  Ten years later, I am still happy with our decision. The single detached home with my organic garden enabled us to care for 2 dogs and 4 cats. The only downside to it -- without a helper, cleaning becomes tedious hahaha!

So I will be honest, when I tell you, that the idea of transferring to a condo passed by my thoughts.  The idea of a smaller space to clean seems to be very ideal.

As I see it, here are some of the things that condo dwellers enjoy:


>>  less space = less things to hoard. This is our family's weakness. Because we have such a large space, we hoard and hoard and hoard. We kept on holding on to things, that seriously, we can let go. Hays...
>>  if you have outgrown the condo, it easier for you to have it rented out. 
>>  accessibility to amenities:  swimming pool, gym, play area and places to EAT. 

Hey!  Did I just say, places to eat?  Where I live, its either, we cook (once a week we need to go to the market or go to the grocery 15 minutes away for ingredients), drive or commute to eat out or call for delivery.

But when you live in a condo -- chances are -- eateries could just be an elevator away. That is what I experienced when I was invited to SMDC-Eats!


We checked out two SM Development Corporation's projects in Quezon City -- M Place at South Triangle and Mezza 2 Residences in Aurora Blvd. We experienced 3 interesting dining spots to visit that satisfied our cravings. 


If you are a fan of Chinese food, then go visit HongKong Roasting at M Place.  We were treated for a late lunch of Lechon Macau, Peking Duck with Yangchow Fried Rice. Between the two, I enjoyed the Lechon Macau more.  Crispy to the bite and I liked that it is thinly sliced, so as not to overwhelm the palate with the flavor of pork.  To wash down the pork and the duck -- we were served the most refreshing Cucumber Lemon Drink.  This drink is worth another trip back to HongKong Roasting.  


Next stop -- Teresita's of San Fernando.  This is not a new eatery for me.  When I was still working in ABSCBN, I used to eat regularly in their Tomas Morato branch.  Visiting Teresita's in Mezza 2 Residences, has proven to me, that their "Lutong Bahay" dishes still taste good. They still serve awesome Pampanga dishes, that I miss. I grew up in Malabon, where most of our recipes are cooked the Kapampangan way!

They also sell Kapampangan Pasalubong!


Of the three eateries that we visited, this is my FAVE!  Because I love coffee and -- they sell KAKANIN!  Yes dear readers, akong' ako ang coffee place na ito!  I love Malabon kakanin with coffee.  Ihain na lahat ng cake sa harap ko, pipiliin ko pa rin ang kakanin!

I ordered their largest cappuccino and paired it with BIKO.  Solb na solb ang panlasang pinoy ko!  They only use local coffee beans that are roasted in their store.  

KARALETO:  Carabao Milk Soft Served Gelato 

So if you are an SMDC dweller, or if you are planning to buy a unit in the future, or maybe you have some relatives already occupying a unit -- then go ahead and visit these three eateries and enjoy an awesome food trip!

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