Thursday, March 1, 2018


Very seldom that I attend 2 events in one day.  As an urban commuter, I find it too "taxing" to travel from one place to another on public transportation.  By public transpo, I mean -- jeepney, bus, mrt.  Now that the weather is getting hotter (summer is just around the corner)  its doubly tiring to commute!

But when I got the invite to SYNTHESIS -- I couldn't say no!


Why?  Because it will feature two of my favorite disciplines -- architecture and photography.  I love houses. I have the tendency to just stand in front of a building or a structure and just stare at it. Breathing in and enjoying the intricate details - or simply imagining what it feels like living everyday of my life in one awesome eco-friendly house!

I also love photography.  I am a struggling photographer.  I sometimes get lucky with my shots. But I am far from being an expert. I am always amazed how photographers can take the most amazing photos.


Is a design firm led by the visionary tandem of Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, who together conceived a total design approach where architecture, interior design, furniture, styling and landscaping would be planned into an integrated whole specifically for the unique needs of each project.  The partnership continues its advocacy of Modern Filipino Design -- that I really LOVE.  Imagine a modern take on our nipa hut. Or incorporating the idea of "bringing nature in" -- the Philippines being a tropical country.


A multi-awarded photographer who has won numerous competitions and completed many international commissions.  He has travelled the country, and the world, collaborating with the DOT for travel photography (Ok, I admit I am envious).  

Marc is a graduate of B.S. Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas and recently placed Top 1 in the January 2018 Architect Licensure Examination. So this exceptional artist knows Architectural Photography without a doubt.

His approach is a fusion of both professions, allowing him to interpret the essence of architectural masterpieces in his own extraordinary perspective. But what I liked most in his works -- the story that each photos tell.  As a writer, I can weave a story or two just by staring at his photographs  :)


SYNTHESIS is an exposition of the harmony between two arts -- architecture and photography.  A first of its kind demonstration of #ArtInAura, the evocative photos are set to indulge mall visitors with meaningful spatial experience of atmosphere and emotion through architectural photography.


Catch this wonderful exhibit from February 28-March8 at the Upper Ground Atrium of SM Aura Premier.  This is a part of SM's National Arts Month celebration.

So was it worthy that I had a very tiring two-event day yesterday?  A BIG YES!  Because I truly enjoyed Synthesis and meeting Budji and Royal -- artists that I truly respect!

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