Saturday, December 2, 2017


 I am an avid fan of apple cider vinegar.  Been using it for several years now.  Primarily, my husband uses it for cooking... and it is my favorite -- salad!

For my KANI SALAD, i just put in kani, orange, arugula from my urban garden.  Then drizzle it with my apple cider vinegar mixed with honey. Simply yum!

Or my MUSTARD CHICKEN SALAD.  Cooked chicken breast on mustard. Then toss in mango, feta cheese, lettuce harvested (again) from my backyard garden with my favorite dressing -- apple cider vinegar with honey!

Apple cider vinegar with honey is a perfect dressing, not too sweet, not too sour.  It complements whatever fruit you put in. Just add something salty, mustard chicken or feta cheese or kani and you will enjoy it for sure!


HEALTH BENEFITS.  It contains amino acids and antioxidants that are good for the body. Some studies have showed that daily intake can help lower blood sugar levels and fight diabetes.  But MrsWise believes that patients with diabetes need to consult first with their doctor before taking apple cider vinegar on a regular basis, especially if you are on medication.

HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS.  Although this is not a major concern for me hehehe... I think my dear readers, you will be interested in this. Apple cider vinegar intake may increase the feeling of "fullness" or feel more satiated and help people eat fewer calories, that may eventually lead to weight loss -- with proper exercise and balanced diet.

HEALING POWER.  It fights seasonal allergies because it helps break up mucous in the body and support lympathic drainage. It is good for the immune system and can clear sinuses.  I will try this because December to January I am plagued by the cold weather that I always catches cold.

Its all over the internet, that apple cider vinegar also has other uses like hair conditioning, pet care, as a cleaning agent, and as a weed cleaner (which I like because it becomes my partner in urban gardening). Very useful for a person like me who likes using things natural and chemical-free  :)

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