Monday, December 4, 2017


As an advocate of healthy living and an urban gardener -- I always encourage my children to eat healthy. And that includes eating fresh fruits and veggies.  And to make fruits and veggies accessible to them, I grow them in my little backyard garden.

As of now -- I have full grown lemon, atis and guyabano.  Papaya trees come and go in the garden.  I am still waiting for my very first harvest of star apple and avocado  (crossing my fingers they will also bring sweet fresh fruits)!


According to a recent study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, fruit consumption in the Filipino households has decreased by as much as 50% since 1978.  This is sad. I also observed that prices of fruits in public markets and groceries have gone up in the last few years. This is also one of the reasons why I chose to grow my own fruits.


Recognizing this gap, Fruitas Holdings Inc. launched the "Fruitas Habit" -- a nutrition program which aims to improve the health of Filipinos, especially the children, by educating them on the benefits of daily fruit consumption, and the numerous ways to enjoy eating fruits.  

Here are some of the activities Fruitas started aimed in getting the Filipinos achieve a healthier lifestyle.

>>  KIDS FRESH ART is a nationwide inter-school art competition which invited students to creatively illustrate images of how proper fruit consumption can improve the balanced diet of Filipino families.  Last November 26 at the Fisher Mall, the winners were announced.

>> INSPIRING TALKS also happened last November 26 aimed to share knowledge and benefits of proper fruit consumption.

BOBBY AND ROBBY MORRIS, Moca Family Farm RLearning Center
sharing their insights on fruit and vegetable consumption among children

Registered Nutritionist/dietician and nurse ARMI MONTANO explaining
the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption in kids

KAYE BENTO of Bento Mommas taught participants
how to prepare a healthy bento snack

My family has been consuming and enjoying fruits for years now.  Mommy readers, you should also start supercharging your family's nutrition and enjoy better health by getting into the Fruitas Habit.  By adding a serving of fruit into your family's diet, amazing health benefits, improved well-being and a healthier lifestyle can be achieved!


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