Thursday, November 30, 2017


I was raised in a very traditional Filipino family... where words such as nakasanayan and hiyang were parts of raising children.

Case in point:  Nakasanayan ng paarawan ang bata sa umaga para palakasin ang resistensya.  Hiyang ang anak sa sabon, kaya huwag palitan.

This is the kind of environment where I grew up.  So I am not surprised when it was time for me to raise my kids, I also acquired the mindset.  I guess this rings true for most Filipino mommies.  If a product worked for you as a child, chances are, you will also let your child experience that product.

This is my Denenes story....


Back in high school, I became so extra conscious of how people see me.  That was when I tried experimenting on new hair styles, clothes, shoes, and yes... even cologne.  Putting on the scent that I love made me feel "attractive" to the opposite sex (don't laugh, that was how my brain worked in high school hahaha).  And then I discovered Denenes.  I would save a bit of my allowance to buy one.  I would ask a friend to buy it for me in Greenhills.

Pardon the evolution of highschool hairstyles!   Again, don't laugh! :)

Years later, got married and had my kids.  And because of nakasanayan and hiyang... I ended up using the same trusted brand to my eldest.  I just love its fresh scent that lasts extra long on my child.

So there... mother and daughter ended up using Denenes.

#ForBabesAtAnyAge.  Can you spot the Denenes cologne my baby
(in 2000 was using)


Denenes products have gentle formulations with zero colorants and parabens.  They contain ingredients that moisturize and strengthen the skin's defenses.  All their products are dermatologically tested. 

Experience the refreshing scent of
COLONIA SPRAY 200ml at Php380
NENES FELICES AGUA DE COLONIA (glass bottle)  200ml at Php495
COLONIA 600ml at Php560.65 is an ideal Christmas gift for everyone
COLONIA  15ml at Php157.80
Wake up fresh with the Denenes BODY WASH 650ml at Php495
start you baby's day right with the Denenes SHAMPOO 500ml at php375 

Denenes has been in the market since 1955.  It is a tried and tested product. The quality of the product speaks for itself.  While it is perceived to be expensive it is reasonably priced and one truly gets what he pays for.  Besides, the ergonomic and playful plastic bottles of Denenes are really big compared to its market competitors.

Denenes products are available now at:


Denenes is really for babies, mommies, daddies... and even the hyperactive millenials. Hence #ForBabesAtAnyAge!  Its your "go-to-cologne" if you need to freshen up anytime of the day!



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