Wednesday, March 24, 2021



I remember the shift that I made in 2013. From being a full time TV writer for the Philippines’ number one TV network, I decided to resign and focused my energy to freelancing. The pay is lower, the writing opportunities are very irregular, but somehow, I enjoyed the freedom that came with freelancing. The freedom to work from home; the freedom to accept assignments that truly matter to me; the freedom to work on based on my chosen schedule. And after eight years, I am still a freelance writer and still enjoying it.



In 2016, I wrote my very first blog article. I envisioned my blog to be my online journal. Just sharing with my readers different personal experiences and interests. 

But 20 blog articles later, I discovered, that I can actually earn from my blog!  From being a freelance TV and events writer to a lifestyle-travel blogger, I now consider myself an influencer. 


My background on TV production has given me an edge in terms of content creation. I have a great experience in writing scripts and witty captions for different brands. I can write, shoot and edit videos. I have the basic know-how in photography. So the shift from TV to digital content was not a major concern.

In the past five years, this is where my earnings come from. But I am trying to challenge myself to strengthen my grip on more than one platform to help myself and the businesses I collaborate target a broader audience.

  1. BLOG ARTICLES. I do write articles for different brands to create awareness for their products. Brands that believe in what I write and my advocacies as an urban gardener, mom, wife, traveller and entrepreneur reach out and we create a special collaboration. 
  2. BLOG ADVERTISEMENT PLACEMENT. This type of collaboration are for brands who want their logos to be featured on my blog site.
  3. FACEBOOK POSTS. This is the most rewarding, both financially and creatively. I enjoy doing content for facebook because I get instant gratification when my followers interact with me. I started by posting creative photos with witty captions, but slowly transitioned to video production.
  4. YOUTUBE. Another social media platform that I enjoy. Video production is really my cup of tea. As an added bonus, in a span of 6 months, I have monetized my youtube account, thus providing additional income for me as a content creator. Youtube also lets me do dual roles, as a host and interviewee.
  5. INSTAGRAM POST / STORY. Recently, I have proven that Instagram is a valuable platform for influencers like me. On a regular basis, I do research on photography to further enhance my creativity in taking pictures.


Partnerships related to travel are the best! I get to travel (sometimes with the entire family), explore places, and at the same time get paid. I will always be grateful to these travel opportunities!  And I love to read the stories of other influencers who make it big in the niche of travel and lifestyle!   


After the global pandemic, I hope to continue to travel more. My goal is to promote local Philippine destinations. To contribute to the development of Philippine tourism and in my own little way, local businesses bounce back from the negative impact of the pandemic. But for now, I will immerse myself on the latest travel trends.


  • Strong engagement. Connect with audience. It is not always about the followers. There are the nano influencer. According to market research, brands prefer to work with nano influencers (those with a following of less than 100k)  lesser followers but good engagement rate
  • Know the scope of work and deliverables and ALWAYS submit on time. Creates that trust in the brand-influencer relationship. If you are truly willing to help the brand grow, you should always respect deadlines
  • Accept brands / campaigns that are truly aligned with your advocacy, mission and values as an influencer. This is the only way a social media influencer can create relevant content.



It will continue to thrive as brands acknowledge the power of the social media influencers to push the popularity of products and brands. And with E-commerce taking center stage during this pandemic age, people are encouraged to become digital savvy and do online shopping. Content creators should continue to come up with articles, videos and posts that are geared towards building loyal customers.

With Zoom meetings and conferences getting popular, the pandemic ushered in the shift from LIVE to VIRTUAL events. What other platforms are getting the thumbs up from people globally? Live Streaming, live virtual events – as they offer real time connection and information.  




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