Sunday, March 28, 2021


In 2004, my family invested in real estate. We bought a 240sqm lot in the heart of Quezon City. We thought it was the perfect timing, because the kids were just toddlers and were not enrolled in a school yet.


It took us four years, to have the courage to build our very first home. We used some of our savings, but a large part of the building expenses came from a bank loan. I remembered physically visiting several banks, personally inquired on their mortgage packages and installment interests. After several meetings with bank managers, we chose a mortgage package with this condition: 10 years to pay with a fixed rate of 10.5% per year for the first five years.  


We built our house in 2008. In 2018, we were thankful to have fully paid our bank mortgage. We are now on our third year of being debt-free and we are primed to think and plan for another investment. 



We are contemplating to purchase a small farm lot, where we can build our second home away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A small property where I can pursue my dream of becoming an organic farmer. A safe haven where the family can rest, unwind and bond at the same time.


But the question now: is it wise to invest in real estate when we are in the middle of fighting the Covid war? In an article in Lamudi, an online real estate marketplace, it is reported that when the pandemic happened, the real estate industry saw a big change in buyers’ preferences. More people are interested to buy house and lots than condominiums. The interest shifted from vertical to horizontal residential real estate now.


With this real estate trend, my husband and I think we are on the right track with our plan of investing in a farm lot and building a small house. Surprisingly, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to save. My second child got a college scholarship. And working from home eliminated expenses like eating out and commuting. 



The pandemic made us realize that our dream home must truly be our sanctuary. It is not just a house and a roof, it will also be our office (since we are both working from home since March 2020), a school for my teens (both of them are attending college online classes).  



Presently, I have a small garden in front of our house. But I plan to expand my hobby into something big scale. Would love to have my own farm with lots of veggies, fruit trees and a greenhouse for my herbs. We also, at present, have 2 dogs and 9 cats and they will be needing more space for them to roam around. We also plan for a bigger kitchen, as we want to aim for sustainability – the idea of farm to table living.



During the pandemic, people became busy with home renovations. With more time, they redesign spaces that will suit their needs. The ordinary bathroom was transformed into a home spa to create a relaxing ambience. Decks were added in the garden to fit all the plants grown during lockdown. A house and lot investment will let you do home improvements when your budget permits. You have to deal with certain restrictions in condominium improvements.



With horizontal real estate, properties are set apart. It is the perfect condition for social distancing. And with increasing infection cases in the city, the dream of breathing fresh air in a farmhouse will truly contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


Dream house design #1 on our future farm house
photo credit:

Dream house design #1 on our future farm house
photo credit:

After assessing what our dream home goals are, there is the financial side that we need to consider. When we applied for the mortgage of our first home, I remembered visiting different bank websites just to calculate how much will be our loan interest, given the loan amount that we are confident to borrow. Mortgage calculators are truly helpful in deciding the loan amount and the monthly amortization that would best fit your income. 


I know that we are still in the middle of a health crisis. 2020 was a challenging year for the property industry. But reports are pointing to signs of recovery. And while many people are getting interested in investing in houses and lots, as a potential buyer myself, I think it is still important to determine your needs and goals in choosing the types of real estate investments to pursue. Your property purchase should match your lifestyle and life goals.








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