Friday, November 15, 2019


As a blogger of four years, I am constantly in contact with my dear readers. Specially when I am sending them their prizes for my blog's giveaway.

This year, I started out a new venture. I joined a skincare brand, and started reselling Skin Can Tell mentholated lotion. I started by doing meet ups, but eventually, when the orders poured in, I had no choice but to deliver through couriers.

Sending blog giveaways and delivering orders on time - bring me to the subject of this article. What is the ideal delivery service for someone just like me, who is just starting it out as a reseller. I am looking for a delivery service that is efficient with good rates.

Thank you universe, I got invited to MrSpeedy blogcon - to learn more about their app and services.


Mr. Speedy is lowering down its rates. True to their motto of empowering the Filipino Entrepreneur, MrSpeedy aims to support small on-line sellers with a reliable and affordable service to help them be competitive in the current trend of instant delivery.

"We see that the trend right now for online selling is instant delivery, but it is hard for small online businesses to afford this service. By slashing down our prices, our goal is to arm our local businesses to be more competitive, especially against the dominating giants out there," said MrSpeedy’s Country Manager Jason Gaguan.

"We believe that this is the age of the Filipino Entrepreneur and we want to be part of that economic revolution. In everything we do, we always ask ourselves: Paano 'to makakatulong mag-palaki ng negosyo sa isang Instagram, Facebook o Carousell seller?"

MrSpeedy focuses on three things that they found out is most important for small online businesses: Delivery Price, Customer Support and seamless Cash on Delivery.

With MrSpeedy's pricing at PHP6/km, it is now the most affordable same-day delivery service as it is 40% cheaper than its competitors in Metro Manila. Alongside its affordable pricing, MrSpeedy has invested heavily in its customer support both in technology and headcount to ensure that their clients are heard and assisted in every step of their delivery- even going as far as  creating personal chat groups with their clients. Aside from this, the MrSpeedy Mobile App is very easy to use. Users just have to input the pick-up and delivery drop-off pin locations and input contact details for the said addresses, and they will be able to see the total delivery price – with no hidden charges. The simplicity of booking a delivery is what makes MrSpeedy’s service friendly to clients. To add to their online seller-centric approach is a Cash on Delivery service that boasts of a 12-24 hour remittance window. Since offering cash-on-delivery to their online stores, clients are pleased to note their businesses have gained an increase of up to 300%.

Asked about why online businesses should choose MrSpeedy versus other platforms, Gaguan answers, “Technology wise, we are very similar to our competitors, pero lumalamang kami in understanding what our customers need, nakikinig kasi kami. Very simple lang naman ang gusto namin, to give the cheapest price, mapadala ng mabilis ang package at sumagot kagad pag may concern ang customer at i-resolve instantly. We want things to be simple, we just want to be the best partner of small businesses in Manila.”

And speaking of small businesses, this is a shameless promotion too of my Skin Can Tell reselling business.  As of now, I cater to friends and colleagues who wants to order the product. I also ship to buyers in Metro Manila. And who knows... with Mr. Speedy same day delivery service which is very affordable - this small business might be big in the future!

the birthday set-up, SCT lotion ideal for giveaways

my host CJ Hirro (in my show Lutong Luto) is happy with her SCT lotion purchase
if you want to try Mr. Speedy, avail of the P50 off when you use my code :)

If you want to download the app and book online > here are the links:

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