Monday, November 18, 2019


Hello dear readers.  Us girls, we have the tendency to try out beauty products, one after the other. I am guilty of this! Why? Because I am constantly observing which product is super hiyang to my skin.  And when we try out products for the first time, it is either we fall in love with its effect OR stop using it because it does not suit you at all.

You wanna know the effect of the RED PEEL TINGLE SERUM by So Natural on my skin? Read on!


This red colored serum promises to remove dead skin cells and pore-clogging impurities. With regular use of 2-3 times a week, it can refine pore size, boost skin cell renewal, brightens and evens out skin tone and texture.


I love the texture Red Peel Tingle serum. Not too watery, but it is also not sticky. It glides well in the face. 


As I gently massaged it, within a minute, it is absorbed by the skin. I let it stay on my face for 5 minutes, then washed it off with water. Surprisingly, it is very easy to remove from the face. After patting my face dry, I can feel the effect instantly - soft skin, brighter skin tone.  I didn't feel any tingling sensation using the product. So I decided to use it 3 times a week. After a week's use, I achieved that pinkish glow, excess oil is now non existent, and pimple marks seem to lighten.


When you get to my age (nope and not telling hahaha), you really need an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and take away the dullness. Peeling lotions are just too harsh for my skin. It leaves my skin with red patches. I did not experience that with the Red Peel Tingle Serum. I have high hopes that if I continue to use this serum - it can give me that healthy, pinkish glow and will target my specific skin care concern like wrinkles! 

One word of caution though... different skin type may have different reaction to this serum. It is always recommended to do a skin patch test first!


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