Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Airtrav Philippines is a seaplane company that offer domestic and incentive flights anywhere in the country. With the Cessna Grand  Caravan Ex Amphibian, the company is able to deliver convenient flights with lesser travel time and little to no waiting. Airtrav offers flights from Clark to Manila, Coron, and Puerto Galera; charter flight to any destination in the country is also offered. Airtrav is proud to have flown to hard to reach areas like Tubbataha Reef, Apo Reef, and most recently, the Banwa Private Island, which is dubbed as the most expensive private island in the world!

Airtrav Philippines continues to expand the business by offering a scenic aerial tour around the beautiful island of Boracay! Airtrav Philippines will fly passengers on a 15-minute tour above the gorgeous white sand beaches of Boracay. This service will be having a soft launch on July 26 – 28, 2019, and will continue on weekends in August.

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Airtrav provides comfort and convenience. Book a flight now and experience a new way to fly.

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  1. I experienced flying via a Cessna plane going to Coron, Palawan before but hindi seaplane. It's scary and fun.