Wednesday, August 14, 2019


It has always been my goal to give my family the "healthy eating" option. Admittedly, I don't cook, so I make the extra effort to prepare healthy salads. I also started to immerse myself in urban gardening. It makes me so happy to prepare salads with ingredients coming from my garden. 


For me, it is about making sure where the ingredients come from. Eating what we grow in the garden is the most ideal. But because we live in Metro Manila, and the weather can get rough or harsh for my veggies, the next best option is to buy supplies from local farmers from Centris Weekend Market. 

But when I got a chance to visit Healthy Meals Ph., I learned another angle to healthy eating.  Managing Director Rad Pelayo explained, that healthy eating means "it is a lifestyle". It is not about diet fad. Or losing weight in a week's time. Eating healthy should be sustainable with the promise that what you are eating is tasty and healthy. It is about weight management, finding the ideal weight for an individual and how to sustain it.


Healthy eating is NOT about food that is "taste-less". We often have the misconception that healthy food is bland. It shouldn't be.

A lot of people equates healthy eating with expensive meals. Again, it shouldn't be.


I got to experience delicious food at Healthy Meals Ph. I tried two dishes, the Baked Chicken Hardinera (Php190) and Beef Salpicao (Php245).  Both were tasty, far from being bland. I enjoyed my Baked Chicken Hardinera with brown rice, and the Beef Salpicao was perfect with salad. It satisfied my hunger, but I did not feel full.  

Baked KareKare - (Php245)
Baked Fish and Tofu - (Php175)
Chicken Cucumber Boat - (Php190)

I also got curious with their delivery option. As I have stated before, my body problem is how to gain weight. So I asked Rad, if they offer a weight gain program. He said, that high calorie food is best for those who want to "bulk up" and live an active lifestyle. It is ideal for me also, because the high protein low carb will help me gain weight.

There are many High Protein Low Carbs choices according to calorie count, and I am eyeing the HP2000 cal at Php2900.  The price includes 3 meals + 1-2 snacks per day for 5 days. Which I think is a good price. 

Part of the store's advocacy of making Filipinos embrace the healthy lifestyle, they also sell local products that you will truly love. 


Kapeng Barako with Balicucha (hardened sugar syrup from the
Ilocos region that is similar to the tira-tira which I enjoyed as a kid)

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