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Hola dear readers... don't be surprised if I am suddenly transformed into a "Spanish-speaking" blogger. Lol!  Whatever Spanish words were retained in my brain (from my 2nd year college Spanish professor in UST) -- they all came out when I attended the opening of FIERY STYLE Southwester Flaming Grill at Eton Centris.

Everything that I have tasted (and drank) were muy delicioso!  

For starters we were served the Fiery Nachos, Flaming Super Healthy Salad and Cheesy Quesadilla.

this tower of nacho goodness is made up of corn chips, cheese
sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, refried beans, black olives,
jalapenos and sour cream, mexican chili beef, BBQ pulled pork 
or barbecued beef brisket. At Php338, this can be shared by the 
family or barkada.  You won't be able to resist its perfect 
spicy-barbecue-cheesy combo - before I knew it, I have
already consumed a large portion of this serving :)

If you are like me, who is not that brave when it comes to spicy food, order some of this salad to neutralize some strong spices in your mouth. I liked the addition of the broccoli to the usual salad ingredients of tomatoes, mixed leaves and nuts.

another Mexican staple that I love -- Cheesy Quesadilla stuffed with mexican
cheese, ranchero sauce, shredded lettuce and our choice of filling - chicken.
came with guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa. I loved the guacamole -
and I tasted the freshness of the avocado. I enjoy doing homemade guacamole
when avocados are in season :)

The price of Fiery Style may be a bit steep, but I assure you that their servings are quite huge. The dishes that I have mentioned so far can be shared by 2-3 people. Which is kindda practical, given the authentic Mexican flavor that you would surely experience at every bite!

But if you are really on a budget -- Fiery Style has 8 COMBO-Meals that I encourage you to try. Presenting the muy delicioso combos!  These are meals with authentic Mexican flavors with a bit of American or Filipino twist. All Combo meals come with your choice of rice, plain, java or chorizo.

Combo Uno:  quartered fiery grilled jerk chicken with japalapeno salad at Php218.   
Combo Dos:  5 oz rump steak with crispy squid rings, half grilled tomato and your choice of rice (chorizo rice) at Php228.
I swear, the tenderness and flavor of the stea will not disappoint.

Combo Tres: grilled fiery porkchop with sauteed chunky tomatoes
and garlic in mango puree at Php238

Combo Quatro:  barbecued beef ribs with cajun fries, grilled corn at Php248. 

Combo Cinco:  grilled BBQ pork ribs with grilled corn and onion rings at Php258

Combo Seis: sizzling tender beef salpicao with baked bone marrow at Php268

Combo Siete: sizzling baja mixed seafood with southwest chips at Php278
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Combo Otso: sizzling sisig ala mexicana with chicken strips at Php288

Eton Centris is known as a lifestyle, dining and entertainment destination of the north, the opening of Fiery Style will surely hit the hungry tummies of families and barkadas who frequently visit this lifestyle hub. Me and my husband are regular visitors of the Centris Sunday Market, and now we have a place to go to whenever we crave for Mexican food after doing our marketing chores.  

Good news also for all the BPO workers in the area - they now have the ideal place to chill and relax after work, or just dine with friends and have cocktails after. That is why, the hardworking owners of Fiery Style Eton Centris Monciar Bautista and Vanni Sanchez really aimed at the resto's exact location to be of better service to all their customers. 

During the opening day, they had a band playing. The good food, the cool ambience, nice company of co-bloggers, plus the music amidst the rainfall - was perfect for Mrs.Wise chill night!

And yes... being a Mexican food lover, I did not end my Fiery Style dining experience without the booze  :)  While munching on the nachos and lord of the wings, I had the Classic Margarita.

MrsWise's Classic Margarita. Perfectly blended. Admittedly I consumed
two. Plus a glass of red wine.  Ang happy!  



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