Wednesday, June 26, 2019


All my life, I work as a freelancer. Meaning -- I don't have an eight to five job. My work hours can be as short as 2 hours, or can be nightmarishly 24 or 36 hours straight. I am not joking. When I was still working full time at a TV network, I worked for 36 hours straight. That was the time, when I requested my husband to install heavy curtains in our room, because a lot of times, I sleep during daytime and I work at night. Those were the days... thankful now that I am way past that lifestyle :)

But why am I telling you this. Because I am a firm believer that for our bodies to recuperate from illness, or bounce back from overworking - we need our well deserve SLEEP.  

In my experience, if I feel sluggish or slightly not feeling well, I will not force myself to work. I will just rest and sleep. I believe that our body has a way of communicating with us, if it needs to rest, or fine tune some parts. And it pays to listen to what our body is tellling us.


You may think that sleeping is just a way to relieve you off your tiredness and a reprieve for a long day. Research shows that people tend to overlook the way they sleep. Having a bed and using just any type of pillow might not get you the quality of sleep you need.

There’s a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a pillow but how do you choose the right pillow for your body type? An expert went out of his way to learn and develop a specialty pillow to address this concern.

Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, founder of Mr. Big Pillow is a physical therapist who spent years working in the ICU of a hospital’s respiratory unit and was in-charge of bedridden critical care patients and see to it that they are kept comfortable and could breathe properly. This led him to develop a brand of pillows that would benefit every individual.

Over the years, Chawakit hacked the right density of pillows as well as its best position to address your sleeping concerns. Every individual is different, thus, we cannot conform to just one type of pillow.

If you are going to visit Mr. Big Pillow, you can avail of body scaling. They will measure your height and determine your weight so that they can recommend the ideal Mr. Big Pillow for you.


1. You might think that waking up in the wrong side of the bed caused you that neck pain, wrong! Using incorrect pillow puts a strain in your neck, thus, causing that stiff and painful neck in the mornig.
2. Can’t sleep? Is it really because of your caffeine intake or you might think you develop a condition called insomnia. Think again, improper positioning and height of your pillow might be causing uneasiness that causes you to toss and turn throughout the night.
3. If your partner complains about your snore, then it might be time to change your pillow. Snoring is usually caused by blockage of nasal passages. By improving your sleep position, you can also alleviate your snoring.
4. Consistent Headache. This is such a nasty way to start your day especially if you have that important meeting ahead. Your frequent headache might be caused by wrong elevation of your pillow, tension headaches happen when your neck muscles are strained.
5. Mental Block. Sleep deprivation causes forgetfulness and lack of creativity. Improve your brain function by using the right pillow that can get you a good night’s rest.
By using the appropriate pillow according to your height and weight as well as each individual’s condition, you can maintain a good quality of sleep and overall health. Use this test to assess which type of pillow is right for you:


 this pillow not only support the entire body, it is also the ideal pillow
for expectant and breastfeeding moms


MrsWise enjoying her Mr.Big Pillow 

Mr. Big pillows are available in selected SM Homes. Visit Mr. Big Pillow Philippines FB page for more updates and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

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