Wednesday, May 15, 2019


As a mother of two teens, my greatest challenge in life right now is how to spend quality time with them. Monday to Friday, they devote their time to school. During weekends, they still go out to finish projects or hang out with friends. This is the time, when I feel that I don't see them anymore at home.  And that they have totally a "life" of their own. 

It is a struggle now how to "connect" with them. To share their interests. Unlike when they were small kids, we just bring them to the mall and playground areas, and they can be both happy as a bee!

Not anymore... especially when gadgets are winning their attention! 


I am no expert in dealing with teens. But I have some tips on how to at least achieve quality time with them. 

1.  Step into your teen's world. What do they like to do? What is interesting for them?
2.  If you cannot take away the gadgets and social media away from them, use it to make
     bonding more exciting
3.  Talk about random things while enjoying lunch/dinner

So last May 1, since it is a holiday, we had this idea of bringing the teens to the National Museum. They were excited about it. They learned a lot of things, while we bond.

And I tested my tips on them.

1.  While exploring, I randomly asked, what seems to be interesting for them in their museum experience.  Chatted with my eldest about nature and environment -- because she will soon take Environmental Planning and Management in college. I want her to be excited to study the Philippines' environment.

2.  Lately, my son was particularly interested in photography. So I urged him to take a lot of photos in the museum. And since I would also be needing photos for this article. So instead of taking away his gadget from him, I encouraged it to use his for his advantage.

3.  An awesome trip to the museum, is made more special, because we spent more quality time at Fantastic Chef.  My son is a big fan of unli Korean barbecue. Shall we say, he is the family's unli Korean barbecue expert!


Located at Remedios Circle Malate, Fantastic Chef is just one jeepney ride from the National Museum. You won't miss its bright yellow facade. And a lot of people waiting outside at 4pm  :)

I got excited when I saw the crowd outside, and lots of people inside enjoying -- proof that Fantastic Chef must be offering good quality meats.  

It is now time to experience it with the #BackPackSquad!

 Unli-side dishes
the Japchae was my favorite :) 

For Php449 you will get unli pork, chicken and beef plus side dishes. We enjoyed the  the thinly sliced pork and beef, perfectly seasoned for grilling. Altho I am not a big fan of spicy food -- the husband and the teens loved the slightly spicy meat.

At the start of the food trip, my son was in charge of grilling. But when he got busy eating, the husband took over the grilling. Before I knew it, my son has already devoured 3 cups of rice!!!  He was really satisfied with experience!


Mrs.Wise was mission accomplished. We had a good bonding experience. The museum tour was capped with the perfect unli Korean barbecue meal!  The #BackPackSquad was happy!  It was also a celebration of my daughter's graduation from senior high school.  It is officially vacation time for my two teens, yey!




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