Sunday, May 26, 2019


For a fact:  Everyday, I have been reading more and more people engaging in online businesses.  And most of them are happy with the income -- including perks of travel.  Did some research and I found out some of the reasons why online businesses are worth considering:

1.  We spend so much time online > browing the internet, chatting with friends, reacting on facebook and twitter, posting pictures on instagram > we literally spend most of our waking hours online.  Why not turn the "time and hours" spent n front of the computers and phone to do online business? That will make a lot of sense.

2.  Online selling is easy to do. You just have to be well informed of what you sell and sell it to the right market.  You don't have to have an office, you don't have to travel to go to work (and get annoyed with traffic).  You can do it in the comforts of your home.  

3.  With the acquired "expertise" on social media, it is very easy to promote your business. Flatlay a little, take good quality photos of your products, make enticing poster on canva or photoshop > and you can amplify your biz.

The icing on the cake > anyone can do this. Most specially, mommies who have children at home to take care of but wants to contribute to the family income;  


Diana Stalder, a face, body and skin care center established in 1996 is now venturing in making mommies become businesswomen. Yes!  Diana Stalder is giving you that opportunity to have extra income.


>>  For every minimum purchase of Diana Stalder products worth Php2,500 on first visit, client avails of 25% discount

>> The client can continue to avail of DS products and enjoy the 25% discount for every single purchase transaction. Once a client has reached Php100,000 worth of products, client will have an additional 15% rebate or equivalent to Php15,000 worth of products or cash

>> Should the product exceed Php15,000 from product rebate, client should pay exceeding amount via cash or card

>> Discount is exclusive for members only

>> Membership card must be presented every purchase of products

>> Bulk orders must be placed 2-3 days before pick-up

>> Promo period starts May 12, 2019 - December 31, 2019

>> Release of rebates will be extended until January 15, 2020

Please refer to the chart below for discounts and potential income for all resellers.

As a freelancer myself, I will always encourage my fellow mommies and young professionals, and even college students to start their own online business.  Not only it will teach you to be money savvy, the extra income will go a long way.