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As a mother, I was so obsessed recording my children’s milestones. In fact, On their first birthday party, I displayed photos of their monthly progress. 

Mommies like me remember their kids first word, first steps, etc.  Sometimes, we get so stressed when there are developmental delays in our kids.  We even compare our kids with other kids when in comes to physical and intellectual development. (Hey, I admit I was guilty of this).

But did you know, instead of stressing yourselves out, there is a place and there are experts to help you  and answer your concerns on children development?


TRUE STORY:  First time mom Cielo had a feeling that her baby had a developmental delay. She knew the developmental milestones by heart. At 9 months, a baby must be able to make a lot of different sounds like “mama” and must understand “no”.  Cielo said her son does not make any sound at all at 11 months. She was advised by her pediatrician to bring her child to a center that provides developmental screening.  A friend referred her to the Medical City Center Developmental Pediatrics.

I instilled in my children to always take care of their bodies.  If they feel some weird symptoms or pain, we always end up at the doctors clinic.  Better to catch diseases early on. Symptoms shouldn’t be ignored.  When it comes to developmental disorders, it is the same – experts say that early identification is very important To the well being of children and their families.  Early detection is the key to helping children develop their potential.  This is why the CDP offers routine screening to identify children at risk for developmental and behavioral problems using standardized tools.


The center’s other services include Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnosis, Multidisciplinary Team Conference, Neuropsychological Evaluation, Therapy Services, Feeding Clinic and Family Education and Support Service. 

The CDP is staffed by the following health care experts –General Pediatricians, Developmental Pediatricians, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Nutrition Consultants, Nutritionists and allied medical professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists.

Developmental Pediatricians lead this team since they have the expertise in the diagnosis and management of various developmental and behavioral conditions including autism, language disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning related disorders.

Recognizing that parents play an Important role in children’s learning and development, the CDP also offers Language Stimulation Class, Behavior Management Class, Basic Feeding Principles and Pediatric Caregiver Class recommended for both parents and caregivers.

Dr. Alfredo R.A. Bengzon, President and CEO
of the Medical City reiterated the important of treating
"Patients as Partners"


As I witnessed the blessing of the new and improved Center for Developmental Pediatrics, and listened to the key speakers that gave us valuable information about the center… I can say:

1.   Parents know their children best.  So dear parents, trust your instincts. Seek the advice of experts if you think there is something wrong with your children. Early detection leads to early intervention and produce better outcomes.

2.   One of key things in managing medical problems is by treating “patients as partners” and this is what Medical City believes in.

3.   Working and helping the kids at CDP is really a gift.  Seeing the smiles on the kids' faces on the video that we watched, made me realize what a rewarding job it is to be working on the pediatric field. So excited for my daughter who wants to be a speech pathologist someday 

4.   Lastly, as parents, we will do everything for our children. And nothing can stop us from giving them the best possible future. And help them realize their potential.

For more information about CDP you may call"
(632) 988-1000 / (632) 988-7000 ext. 6630

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