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Certain scents evoke happiness. Or memories.  Something similiar to Dr. Shaun Murphy's reaction to pine trees  :)   (Yes, Mrs.Wise is a big fan of The Good Doctor)

Its experiencing nostalgia when you smell your nanay's cooking.  Or excitement when you smell that scent your hubby was wearing when you first met him. Or you become teary-eyed when you smell the scent of babies -- makes you want to rewind the years back.  I swear --- all these three emotions I have experienced.  

This is the exact experience when I entered Naya Spa. The smell of peppermint felt very welcoming.  I've always associated peppermint scent to relaxation.  So right away I knew my Naya Boutique experience will be truly relaxing  :)


If you are a full time mommy-freelancer like me, I bet you feel tired most of the time. Because motherhood is a 24-7 job. And being a freelancer that works at home most of the time -- makes it doubly tiring. Imagine my day -- trying to concentrate on writing, but I see the dirty laundry, dishes and floors -- and my mind goes berserk.  

So when there is a chance to relax and rejuvenate, I will grab it!  The idea of a body scrub, foot rubs, face mask -- is an indulgence I cannot resist. And I found an ideal place where I can experience such an indulgence -- at Naya Boutique Spa, at the heart of Quezon City.


Julie Magno, one of the owners, brings a diverse experience of pampering by launching their online store  She provides an uplifting experience for her clients even if they are not physically present at the spa. She believes that pampering should be available anytime, anywhere.


I was treated to a lavender body scrub.  Lavender is known for its soothing and calming effect.  Not only did the lavender scent relaxed me, the mild scrubbing motion worked as a gentle massage on my body. 

Right after, I was given the gold facial mask.  The cooling mask stayed on my face for a good 30 minutes.  Very refreshing. I think its the ultimate way to pamper your face that is being exposed to the summer heat. 

After I showered, I loved the overall effect. My skin (face included) was soft to touch.  Dead skin cells are gone.  No itchiness and no red spots, so I can say that the products they used on me were of high quality.


Before my spa experience was over, they gave me what I call my relaxation-trio! Esencial by Naya Chamomile scented candle, Peppermint fragrance oil and Fresh Lavender room spray.  

As I have said, Lavender is known for its soothing and calming effect.  The chamomile candle is for a good night's sleep and to reduce restlessness.  The peppermint oil, is very ideal, because it is used for respiratory care.  It is a natural decongestant that can open your airways and unclog your sinuses.  I am often plagued by the nasty sinusitis.

So mommies and daddies.... if you are in dire need of some "me time" visit Naya Boutiue Spa and #RejuvenateFromSkinToSoul!  It is located at 128 Malakas Street, Brgy. Central Disrict, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines. If you are going between 1pm-5pm it is ok to just walk in. But Mrs.Wise advice is to book an appointment if you want to have a sure slot, specially in the evening. They are open until 1am. 


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