Thursday, January 11, 2018


Hello dear readers! Let me ask you a question. When you are besieged with problems and difficulties  and problems in life... 
what do you usually do? How do you cope up?

Mrs.Wise acknowledges the fact that each and every person will face challenges, difficulties and temporary setbacks in life. They are inevitable part of living and being human.  I am not an expert, but these are what I have learned as far as coping is concerned:

1.  Be positive. Learn to accept the difficult situation, manage it if possible, then move on. Five years ago, I got sick and because of that sickness, I got terminated from work. It was my first and last job, a job I held for 20+ years. But can't do anything about it.  So instead of sulking, I tried as hard as I can to be positive. And here I am... found a new way to continue writing and express myself creatively -- through blog, and I am happy.

2.  Be thankful. Amidst the difficulties, if you wake up each day feeling grateful, you will feel great. There are so many things around you to be thankful for. You just have to face the world with a grateful heart.

3.  Prayer helps.  When all things fail, pray!

4.  Surround yourself with people that you trust. Friends and family that will continue to help and support you no matter what.

5.  Read inspirational books or watch movies that will inspire you to stay focused and motivated to be happy.  Through the years, books and movies helped me in coping with life's difficult situations.


positivity and inspiring self help book

#Bestmeever is more than just your regular inspirational book.  It’s your daily dose of positivity, that is not preachy, straight to the point and genuinely happy. Every quote is based on the author’s personal experience and how he was able to surpass all of those obstacles. Everyone will surely be able to relate to every single quote!  

What gave birth to #bestmeever? You might not believe it, someone as positive as Myke has been through hell and back.  For the author, 2014 was indeed a year to remember, from a traumatic break up to a betrayal of a long time friend that cost him millions. At that time, writing seemed to be one of the things that helped him cope up. He realized that after all that he has been through, he wanted to be the best version of himself. For Myke, #bestmeever is not just a quote that you would often use in your IG posts, it became his way of life. From being the best version of himself, he wanted to help others be the best version of themselves. This desire gave birth to the book #bestmeever. Every quote in the book is designed to uplift one’s mood, clear their minds and guide them to the path of positivity. As positive vibes set in, it can do wonders to one’s life. The author is a living testament to that.


1. Your #bestmeever is no one else’s business.
2. There is no exact timeline to follow when becoming your  #bestmeever
3. With self-love, comes self-worth. Nurture it.
4. You can’t please everyone. Don’t even try. But you can always please yourself by being your best.
5. Your positivity and integrity will bring you further in life. Never compromise them.
6. When doors close, other windows, doors and even the roof will open. If not, create your own door.
7. You define your own success. Don’t base it on someone else’s.
8. If you listen to each and every comment others have about you, you’ll never find your true self.
9. You have at least one thing to be grateful for daily. Don’t settle for the minimum.
10. You always have the choice. Don’t be afraid to go for what truly makes you happy and complete.

The second installation of #bestmeever is something to look forward to. Spiced with the same honest to goodness advice and relatable experiences, it is set to hit your favorite book stores on October 2018.

So if you are feeling down and alone, set an intention and randomly open a page of #bestmeever, who knows what wonders it can do for you! One positivity at a time:)


Myke Celis, M.A., C.M.P.
Proud U.P. Diliman Alumnus, Undergraduate and Graduate School
Marketing and Advertising Practitioner for 16 years and counting
Managing Director of PerCX Advertising, Events and Casting Agency
Part-Owner, Smell Chic Home, and Body Care Products
Part-Owner, The Hair Lounge Salon
Professional Speaker, SMI Philippines
Part-Time Lecturer, Ateneo and DLSU Graduate School of Business
Author: 100 Life Lessons For Success: Shout Outs for One’s Sensibilities

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