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For some women, getting pregnant can be as easy as eating, whether they are trying to have their first baby or their third. While for other women, getting pregnant is an issue. An issue that requires them to revolve their life around ovulation kits, specific sexual positions, and various types of fertility testing to help in identifying the various issues stopping them from getting pregnant.
If you just started trying to become pregnant or have been trying it for a while, then it is important to heed to some common sense advice that is based on scientific research and can help you boost your fertility rate. Below are top tips outlined from fertility experts that will help you in getting pregnant.

Have frequent sex

Having regular sex with your partner might seem like a no-brainer, but given the hectic schedules of most couples, it's easy to overlook this one. If you are not tracking your ovulation or you have irregular periods, then having regular sex will cover your bases. Having sex two or three days is ideal because too much ejaculation or prolonged abstinence does affect the quantity and quality of the sperm. If you are struggling to get pregnant, then you might approach this tip differently. It is advisable to abstain from sex for as long as seven days before having ‘conception sex’ when you are in your fertile peak, as it allows the sperm count of your partner build up.

Get weight ready

According to fertility experts, women should get their weight ready before trying to get pregnant. If you need to reduce your weight, you should do this before trying to have a baby. Your fertility rate can be negatively affected when you are either overweight or underweight, but if you lose too much weight too fast when you are trying to get pregnant, then your body thinks you are not in the best shape to get pregnant

Look after your body

It is very essential to slow down and take care of your body when you are trying to get pregnant. It has been noticed that exercise routines placed on women are rigorous and intense. The body will then be flooded with adrenaline, which will notify the body that you are not in a good shape to get pregnant. If you have been struggling or trying to get pregnant for a while, then you should take a look at your exercise routine.

Focus on the present

When a woman is trying to get pregnant, it is difficult for her not to seem obsessed about becoming pregnant and having a beautiful baby. That’s why fertility experts recommend that women trying to get pregnant should avoid thinking about this and shift their focus from the end goal to the present- so try to relish your activities you’d usually rush through daily. Things will feel less stressful for you and your partner when you try to let live and enjoy the present.

Put down the bottle opener and ditch the cigarettes

If you can’t stop, then cut right down, as according to a study on fertility, women who drink five or less glasses of alcohol in a week are likely to get pregnant within six months or less than those drinking ten or more glasses of alcohol. Also, women who smoke at least ten cigarettes in a day are three times more likely to have difficulty when trying to get pregnant than non-smokers.

Balance your Diet

When you are trying to get pregnant, you should avoid fad diets. Cutting out processed foods from your diet is a good idea, but you shouldn’t be tempted to replace meals with juices or try ditching whole food groups. Also, you should go for foods that have high level of omega three oils, proteins, and antioxidants. It is also recommended by fertility experts to avoid eating raw foods after 5pm, as these foods can lower the basal body temperature and chill the digestion.

Maximize your nutrition

When you are trying to get pregnant, it is essential for you to take multivitamin and mineral supplements, especially those that are designed for pregnancy or conception. Fertility experts recommend multivitamin and mineral supplement that includes 400 mcg of folic acid daily, which will prevent some developmental disorders such as spina bifida in the fetus.

Letting gravity do the work

After having sex with your partner, you can increase your chance of getting pregnant by lying flat (or even propping up your bottom) for at least 30 minutes after sex. If you get up or move around immediately after sex, the sperm in the vagina will start leaking out without ever reaching the fertile cervical mucus. In order to help the sperm reach the cervical mucus, you should elevate your hips slightly by sliding a pillow under your bottom.
Trying to get pregnant can be very stressful and tiring. Don't forget to enjoy yourself! Try to keep these tips in mind, and your chances of success will be increased. You will also avoid losing hope, getting frustrated and stop spending a lot of money on different fertility treatments that are not needed. Also, if you are over 35 years old, it may be worth getting checked out by a health expert as soon as possible to see if your fertility problems can be treated.

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