Saturday, October 28, 2017


I received a couple of days ago... a very intriguing pseudo-briefcase.  Thought it was an invite to "Deal or No Deal"!  Joke!   

But seriously... the briefcase brought 3 things to my mind:  One, I am pretty sure what is inside is very important that needs my utmost attention as a mom;  Two, the briefcase connotes "serious business" there is a sense of urgency!  And three, when you see the phrase "license to kill" on the briefcase -- you will automatically open it to find out what is inside!


Mommy-hood is a 24-7, round-the-clock job. If the tough gets going, you cannot really just quit. You just go on, work hard at it, for your family's sake.

One of the toughest issues a mom has to face is taking care of her family's health.  Yes, I admit.  I get too praning when I read about virus and bacteria and all those emerging illnesses.  If only I have mommy superpower to shield my family against all of these, I will do it.  But that's far from reality.

All I can do is somehow prevent these diseases and illnesses to penetrate our home.  This 
is my challenging mission as a mom.   


No mommy would want her family to be infected with Dengue, Zika or Chikungunya from mosquito bites.  But reality is, infected mosquitoes maybe hovering around our homes.  As moms, we need to do something urgent.  And fast!


And because I accepted this challenge of knocking down harmful insects and mosquitoes in Mrs.Wise's household... I vow to do the following:

  • Maintain a clean surrounding. Inside and outside the house.  Cockroaches thrive in dirty corners because they feed on crumbs, leftover food, dirt and trash.  They also like starchy materials that are left lying around like glue and paste.  Mosquitoes love stagnant water in uncovered containers.  I need to throw all the unused plastic ice cream containers in my garden, that I use in propagating seeds.  
  • Need to add some more  mosquito repelling plants in the garden. The basil seems to be working on one area. Pandan leaves left inside the cabinets are also proven to shoo away cockroaches.  
  • Use an aerosol insect spray to help eliminate problematic insects and mosquitoes. I like using Advanced Aerosol Multi-Insect Killer.  Why? Because it delivers 100% knockdown of cockroaches and mosquitoes that cause illnesses, especially dengue. Best of all it is 100% odorless so it has no irritating smell after spraying. 

  • I have been using Advanced for more than a year now... and I can vouch that it is really odorless. Of course I still practice precautionary measures -- I make sure that we leave the area that is to be sprayed. I close all windows and doors, for at least 30 minutes.  When we return, doors and windows are opened for proper ventilation.


I am an ADVANCED Aerosol Multi Insect Killer "hoarder".  Because last summer, the house was infested with ants.  Big. Red. Ants. They were everywhere.  So I used Advanced to at least shoo them away.  Then came a horrific discovery -- termite trail in one corner of the house, they destroyed my native box. And guess what -- termites were dead in just one spray of Advanced.  Hope they were eliminated for good.  But I am also doing a mental note -- maybe its time to call on the Termite Control experts next summer  :)

For more information on Advanced Insect Killer you may visit their website and be part of the concerned citizens against these harmful insects!  Be part of Knockdown Insects Liquidation League!  Lets go mommies!



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